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  1. What is one thing you like or love about second life and what is one thing you wish you could change or make better? I'll start: One thing I like about second life is that it give people the freedom to express there creativity, while in the process will let you be able to make real money and or earn linden to play to your hearts content. One thing I wish for would a redeliver button in the marketplace. Sometimes takes creators months just to get back with you especially if they are really busy. ? Your Turn.
  2. What would you do if you blocked someone, but then you didn't say anything to them you just blocked them? The following day you receive messages from other accounts you don't know if it's his alternate or his friends, but they bring up the fact that you ignored someone or blocked them. So they are threatening you and bad mouthing you and you didn't do anything, but block the person.
  3. I understand that, that is why I said there would be a meeting following up with it. I have social media and Skype, and very many others that could have been used to help, but don't worry about it. The option for that has been terminated since based of the first few threads it's very controversial. I am sorry to take up your time to look into that.
  4. It doesn't have to be me it can be them & I could advice along the way while there doing there own thing, but for those who don't they don't have to do anything really, but just ask. If needed. I will gladly take it down if TOS has a problem with it.
  5. Modeling: Looking for a model for your store? Well I'm your girl, I have experience being a stand model at store, which had to do with greeting people, helping others figure out where to find clothing as well as information about the store as a whole, solved problems pertaining to the clothing, and was very attentive to the customers. Not only do I model, but so does my partner we are both Asian model avatars, but can change our appearance to what the owner desires. We are both mesh users as well if that is a requirement. So if you are looking for a Male or Female model please scroll down
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