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  1. Hi all, Im doing a simple math like 5/2 and the result it returns its 2.000000 default { touch_start(integer total_number) { float Test=5/2; llSay(0,(string)Test); } } What am I doing wrong? 😵
  2. So guys, its not only me? lol how relieving, its been at least the last 2 weeks
  3. Hello, suddenly my viewer stopped receiving group messages even though I didnt change anything in preferences. I also checked each group's window to see if the "Receive group instant messages" is unchecked. Any ideas?
  4. SubZeroWins


    If Im to detach it then why should I be looking for a kitchen with adult animations 😆😆😐
  5. SubZeroWins


    Alright, good idea, do you know where I can find crotchless ones?
  6. SubZeroWins


    Moreover, my butt cant stand the sink's wet surface.
  7. SubZeroWins


    This one looks promising. I will check it out in world Thanks
  8. SubZeroWins


    Yes, it says "The sinks are animated"
  9. SubZeroWins


    Hello, thanks for the link, do you know if they come with animations?
  10. SubZeroWins


    Hello, Im looking to set up a kitchen with adult animations. I found some which sets are one piece and cant fit, for that Im looking to buy each piece individually. Anyone to suggest me where to look at? Thanks
  11. Thank you both, will take a look!
  12. Hello all Im looking for both male and female adult bento face expressions. I found some for female ones but they are a little expensive. Can someone suggest me? Thank you.
  13. Unfortunately it doesnt work. The problem is when I click this button https://gyazo.com/40909aab10712cd71c3e1d01d4f81657 to open the log inside the viewer. It points to the old username and not to the new one.
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