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  1. Unfortunately it doesnt work. The problem is when I click this button https://gyazo.com/40909aab10712cd71c3e1d01d4f81657 to open the log inside the viewer. It points to the old username and not to the new one.
  2. Right after she changed it and I got the first message from her, a new chat log created using the new username. I had to copy the whole old log and paste it in the new one so I wont lose the latest messages. Thank you both.
  3. Hello, my wife changed her username (not her displayed name) but I noticed something wrong. When I click the Conversation's past transcripts in our IM window, it opens the one linked with her old username. Is this a bug or I need to change something in my firestorm? Thanks
  4. Thanks all, I think Niran is right, looks like there isnt anything to do with such a graphic card.
  5. Thank you Lyssa, I set it like this so I will keep an eye.
  6. Hello its GeForce GT 710/PCIe/SSE2 with 1Gb
  7. Hello all, could someone tell me why sometimes the textures when are fully loaded, after some time get blurred and then back to fully loaded again? Thank you https://gyazo.com/3561723470c3d66406431f5bfcda1e50 https://gyazo.com/3409ec225a1a7164caf058dadc06caa6
  8. Its good to help others (and I always appreciate this), I do the same with the first chance, even when Im pissed off and my opinion is not nicely given. But you know opinions are like this glass Being have half empty or half filled, the point is the same and thats what matters. Have a nice day too pal.
  9. Thanks for that but I wasnt looking for help hehe
  10. You may be right but like I said is my personal opinion, that head suck. If you are interested I can show you in world 2 pics, my catwa (before) and my lelutka (now).
  11. What about the eyelids as they look like someone is pulling them and cause that stupid shadow on the eyes...
  12. I tried the demo, I bought it and I hate it, thats my personal opinion of course. My wife pushed me too much for this. I only can tell you to also get the demo but test it very much.
  13. SubZeroWins

    Women bags

    Hello all, Im looking for a bag like the following one, having of course bento poses https://asset1.cxnmarksandspencer.com/is/image/mands/SD_01_T01_1105Y_PM_X_EC_0?$PDP_INT_IMAGEGRID_1_LG$ Im desperate lol Thank you
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