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  1. Just looking for some directions on where to start earning L$ with a quite good looking male avatar. Thank you very much!♥
  2. DMTLC

    Men wear

    Anyone know any cheap and fashionable men's clothing, legacy ^^
  3. DMTLC


    This helped a tone, already got blender and looking for some tutorials, will make sure to check out the blender benders for sure, once again thank you😍
  4. DMTLC


    I'm quite new to this life and i was wondering where to start with models. I was asked to Model a Credit card and Wallet, any tips where to start. I really want to get into it ^^
  5. Well i realistically wont do it, i also agree that 100k is alot, but i also dont know the proper way to make an agreement with her, i think she is worth it, but not 100k
  6. Well, i was just curious and in the need of L$ i owe someone and was wondering if anyone could help me find a job or some other way to get money, my goal is 100k i know its a lot so i need to start somewhere. If anyone has anyway please contact me or Second life IM or even on this. Thank you -Tomas M.
  7. I'm looking for a Domme/Mistress in second life, iv'e been searching for decades and talking to everyone but it just isn't working out...so i'm trying this, i'm quite shy i like it rough and have no limits its up to what my Mistress wants Well i hope this works.
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