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  1. Currently I have Aeros, SKNK, and Cheerno's Nexus. I love using them all but to be honest, Cheerno is my favourite because it match flawlessly with my stray dog's skintone. SKNK has nice animation like, when you become the "bottom", you can put it like up and down and adjust the speed of it. I like aeros but I hate how big the complexity is. EDIT: Adding Birth as well but i kinda dislike it.
  2. Yeah any viewer have those framerate dropped significanly when trying to right click those body, or even, plenty of mesh right clicked (Except black dragon).
  3. The difference is, one has bubble butts one has flat butt (Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni) 👀
  4. Oh I didn't know there's forum hangout group Might interested to join soon
  5. Currently I really love Lelutka Guy with Filippo's Skin. Love me manly asian look ❤️❤️
  6. Hello, just wondering if any of you like playing SL alone, like you just login, dressing up your avi and stuff, continue decorate your parcel, go shopping, and then log off? For me, since my old friends and lover mostly gone and dunno where to met, I ended up staying at my parcel all time and playing like The Sims How about you guys?
  7. It looks pretty good compared with old version, but really need profile viewer and shortcut of teleport history
  8. Currently I combine the stray dog's head applier with clef de peau's body applier. Yeah the neck is not blending, but I cover it with collar and it looks good mostly.
  9. I prefer lelutka andrea now, because of the natural animation and nice HUD.
  10. Oh my god, I forgot to mention that how bad the neck is. It makes your neck like < > and i ended up reducing it till it's "fine" 😱😱
  11. I do love belleza jake now after i ditched to gianni all day cuz 2 years not leaving beta. Can tattoo the arm separately, improved neck, hand pose, and more alpha on ankle. The minus is just the alpha hud using dark color instead green that makes me quite hard to alpha sometimes. Overall I'm happy with how jake leave beta state. 😄😄
  12. the price is same with catwa, L$5000, but for me I gonna use it entire time. But of course go demo it with the shapes, skin, etc.
  13. Currently I love Lelutka Andrea more than Catwa. I just love how natural the animation is and the HUD is pretty nice.
  14. Vale Koer has bento Smartphone that really great. You can customize the phone case as well and it plays bento animation like scrolling and texting (I think talking when doing voice).
  15. I got myself geralt but I'm kinda disappointed on the crotch area that the skin got stretch out when i increase the slider of saddle bags. Also some AO especially when my avi stretch out his legs, the stretched skin become really noticable. So I think it's not really suited for using bare undies.
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