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  1. Can you recommend for male system skin that fits nice with BoM body such as gianni or geralt?
  2. It happens on my male legacy as well and i thought am i doing the alpha wrong or something?
  3. I use between Lelutka Andrea and Lelutka Guy now and left my Catwa Daniel covered with dust. EDIT: Also the neck seam sometimes happens because of the skin creator. Recently I use Birth skin and I barely see any seams on my neck (maybe darker skin makes it barely seen?). So yeah, skin is one of the factor you saw neck seam.
  4. The one who made big profit is the land baron like Anshe Chung of course 😆
  5. You could blame on the creator who made a mesh with million of vertex and 1024x1024 texture, also Linden Lab as well for not restrict the limit amount of vertex you can upload as well. Example of the amount of the vertex of the bag some creator made: Maybe this is why i prefer alone at my parcel because I hate the lag outside...
  6. I tried to love Legacy... But I can't... Belleza Jake still winning on my avi...
  7. I just online to dress up my avi with the mood i have. Only goes outside when it's about shopping or redelivery.
  8. I never knew Eve's Adam is popular, but Male Legacy one that supported by creator.
  9. elixdude


    can't relate
  10. I planned to buy for alt, is this body gonna be as mainstream as Maitreya or Belleza soon? Are any clothes designer gonna make their clothes compatible with this body? Are any skin creator gonna made for this body? Thank you!
  11. I don't know why you should teach anyone about height while... Second Life gives freedom to put any height you want, from dwarf size to giraffe size. It's up to us to decide whatever our height should be.
  12. For head, Utilizator is the most popular for anime avatar.
  13. Actually, Belleza Jake does bouncy pecs, butts, and bellies as well with proper physics 😆 (Signature Gianni does as well, but not as much as Belleza Jake).
  14. There's genital from Birth that does wiggle animation for more realism when you walking, or any animation that looks... pretty neat. Go try the demo.
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