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  1. It's started up again just so everyone's aware.
  2. I can't figure them out. I can make a preset but then it'll just go back to that low butt view, IF it decides to behave. This camera is super frustrating now and I've had firestorm for nearly 10 years, figuring out how things work isn't a stranger to me. But I've been battling these controls since I downloaded this update and I'm about to toss everything in the dumpster. I also can't figure out how to raise the follow camera. It stays focused on my butt no matter what I try to change and save.
  3. The Evo heads accept regular lelutka/omega lashes, as well as eyes. Which also can be BOM (skin too but limited because of the intention for BOM).Just need to use the omega installer for lelutka. As for HD makeup, if you're part of the group, or part of the discord you can see all the creators producing makeup for these heads. There's lots of crossover with genus creators as well. Lots of people making BOM makeup and places that have always had layer makeup that looks fantastic on it. You can clear the texture layer of the HD makeup, and leave blend all the way up to use the materials of that HD section to make the BOM makeup, pop so to speak. As for the HUD, personal opinions aside it looks much cleaner than the magazine look they had before which also confused (and still does) a bunch of people. And in the demos is a ton of information, as well as on their website which they list like crazy, and always help available in the aforementioned discord channel which is in their group and in notecards that come with demos and heads. They take customer input to heart. The next updates to the Evolution options and abilities when the newest head releases is pretty exciting, and takes into account a lot of customer input.
  4. I know this post is a couple of days late, but they are BOM, s'why I mentioned them specifically. Glad you found something that made you happy. It's an adorable look!
  5. I love them, personally. I've got a wide range of heads from several creators and the Evolution heads are up there in my favorites of shape versatility. I will find the breaking point of a shape if I'm able. So far they're the only heads I can start from a new shape and it not look absolutely crunched. It's great! As for makeup. I have dug out my stuffed box of makeups/tattoos and various stuff and have had a blast mixing and matching and general experimentation to see what still works. So far I haven't been that disappointed. Izzie's has a lot of 'fixer' layer stuff that helps adjust things here and there and it's really easy to bring an older skin/makeup back from the dead now. As with all heads, the shape and mesh starting shape is going to have a big influence on how something looks. All I can say is experiment, demo and decide for yourself.
  6. Enfer Sombre has 3 (4?) skins made specifically for Evolution heads, Elena, Fairy both in the paler range that you're looking at there and Megan, I think there's another new one at an event but I haven't got it yet.
  7. Here's more info on the whole thing https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/g5gyms/midwest_internet_outage/
  8. Yes, there does need to be a whole lot less people scamming others, but that isn't what I focused on in that particular bit. Thank you for attempting to 'fix' what I said, you didn't need to.
  9. -Any- store that does this would quickly lose business. There are a lot of people out there on rural connections, slow/high ping connections and it can take a long time and multiple logins to load the entire store (And all their decorations!) on a good day. I have been on a rural DSL connection (Try less than 2MB DL on for size) for the last two years and lemme tell you, how frustrating it is to have to stand there, waiting for stuff to load and then get griped at by a fellow customer because you've been standing there too long. That particular scenario has never happened to me personally, but I see it all the time in groups, impatient people complaining about people 'standing around, afk' while shopping in a large/busy store or events and how they should be tossed out after 10, 15, 20 minutes. An individual has no idea if another is cam shopping or anxiously waiting for things to load and it's nigh indistinguishable from being 'afk'. It's part of the reason I wait until any and all events have cleared out of their busy times (usually a week or more) because it's just that much more difficult to load a region with that many people (even with show friends only, because each connection) or even to fight the mass of people trying to TP in. It just isn't fun. Any store that banned people based on window shopping/their opinion of 'spending too much time (wat?)' at said store would lose my business, my partner's business and potential business of friends, because why should I waste 30+ minutes of my time trying to get their decorated store to load when they obviously don't value my linden. There really needs to be a whole lot less impatient people in the world.
  10. I miss living somewhere that had the food diversity that I grew up with. I'm currently stuck in the middle of 'white bread America' and it's literally as exciting as that. There were a couple of places that pop up every now and then, but never stick around for long because what the demographic finds as good food here in this area doesn't consider flavorful food as -good-. Or something. I can't even begin to guess why they'd choose the 'Asian-American' oversauced with teriyaki flavoring to the real thing. (There is about 6 different 'Chinese buffets' within an hour drive every direction though :/) The Ethnic section in the haphazard grocery stores isn't even big enough to shake a stick at. That said, there is this tiny Vietnamese restaurant about an hours drive away from me that we try to get to once a week. (For some reason an hour rural drive is a lot longer than an hour in the city?) The best noodles and Pho on the planet. I'm afraid it's going to go under soon and then I'll be left with nothing but my own cooking again. I'm not a bad cook, but I can't hold a candle to real Ethnic foods.
  11. -No you can't remove your brows, they're painted on. -You'll have to replace your teeth with the ones in the box. -Your nipples are poking through your shirt. -Did my hair come off again? -My clothes are right there, what do you mean I'm naked? -No, your brows aren't gone forever, you just need to put the eyeshadow on a different face. -If you want to smile, you have to buy the expression.
  12. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Big things go boom sometimes.
  13. I made it in! Sweet, sweet ocean sounds. Seems it's beginning to connect again slowly. https://gyazo.com/2ba562ab1595c0fa8ca1fc3c7ad42891
  14. I have had a couple of friends able to log in. They're on east coast mostly. I still can't get in (midwest)
  15. Might want to keep an eye on the Status page. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  16. I'm sure that it's been said somewhere, but I'm not quite awake enough yet to have cognitively read every post. Please, furniture creators, quit using ancient animations and charging a premium for your furniture. Getting a nice looking couch, sitting on it and having my hip twist inside my body is not what I like to see after I spent a mint. And if it's no mod? I'm not buying anything of that product, ever again. If I have to rebuild the animations myself out of stuff that I already have, (Thanks AVSitter!) I better not be paying premium for a prop I put together myself.
  17. When I first discovered SL, I was lost for a week inside a newbie college. I quit and about 4 months later I had a car accident that very nearly killed me. In a frustration born of the inability to move, a fear of driving (I love to drive, so this was horrible) and feeling absolutely isolated, I dug my account back up and decided to actually look at it. I found freedom, and the ability to smile again despite everything that was happening to me in first life. Nearly a year after my accident, I met this crazy, goofy person and we instantly became best friends and nearly inseparable. Everything felt better with this person around and they were with me through every obstacle I had to overcome and a few curveballs that life was giving me as well. I'd never opened up to anyone like I did this person. So, several months after we met, I drove 12 and a half hours (Yes! You have no idea how terrifying that was) to meet them in person. We spent a fantastic two weeks together and a year later, I moved up here because I couldn't see myself being anywhere else but next to this amazing person who had the ability to make me smile despite everything. Who sat beside me in the dark and held me, didn't judge, and cried with me. We're going to be celebrating our 7th year together this November. We don't even know when our friendship became this bond, so we celebrate the day we met, because every day together is confirmation that good things do come from a determination to at least smile if you can't do anything else. Yes, Second life has vastly improved my life. It's still hard, I have bad days, we live paycheck to paycheck but we're happy, because we're together. And things will continue to get better.
  18. It used to be a whole network of systems. It permenantly died a few months back. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Alteran-Stargate-Network-ASN-Shut-Down/td-p/2749732 https://my.secondlife.com/groups/7472ca34-ac0a-7e76-ebd7-4ec18b94adfc
  19. I have the same avatar, I've had the m3 head for almost 2 years and combining it with different styles and avatars to no end to create different characters. I've never, ever been banned from a sim or even accused of looking childlike with that head even with her running around with a lollipop in her mouth on several occasions. You can't call somene a child avatar just due to the physique. Hell my boyfriends sister is 23 years old and she has no chest, no hips and built like a 12 year old boy. She's also a head shorter than I am; and I'm 5'4" in reality. All my avatars are around 5'6" in the game because any shorter and they look too short porportionally to me. However, my boyfriend and I next to eachother, the tip of my head is barely up to his shoulders, just like in reality. He's 6'4". We certainly couldn't be mistaken for child avatars just due to our heights, and I regularly run around wearing the kemono avatar now. It's all in where you go and how you conduct yourself and your characters persona. Your avatar doesn't look childlike, yeah it looks youngish but then again, everyone with an m3 yead looks like an anime character. That's the point of it. Those toodledoo or whatever they are baby avatars that I see running around everywhere are what I would consider actual child avatars. To me, I don't consider someone a 'child avatar' unless their profile says they are or they act like it. It's all in how you act.
  20. Aeromia

    Bling Items

    I still see oldbies wearing bling from time to time. I see that flashing spark from across the sim and think 'newbie found an old freebie sim' and look at the profile only to find they're 8+yrs old :catlol:
  21. Manticore finally got busted huh? There were tons of rips from Tera from that guy.
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