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  1. When I first discovered SL, I was lost for a week inside a newbie college. I quit and about 4 months later I had a car accident that very nearly killed me. In a frustration born of the inability to move, a fear of driving (I love to drive, so this was horrible) and feeling absolutely isolated, I dug my account back up and decided to actually look at it. I found freedom, and the ability to smile again despite everything that was happening to me in first life. Nearly a year after my accident, I met this crazy, goofy person and we instantly became best friends and nearly inseparable. Everything felt better with this person around and they were with me through every obstacle I had to overcome and a few curveballs that life was giving me as well. I'd never opened up to anyone like I did this person. So, several months after we met, I drove 12 and a half hours (Yes! You have no idea how terrifying that was) to meet them in person. We spent a fantastic two weeks together and a year later, I moved up here because I couldn't see myself being anywhere else but next to this amazing person who had the ability to make me smile despite everything. Who sat beside me in the dark and held me, didn't judge, and cried with me. We're going to be celebrating our 7th year together this November. We don't even know when our friendship became this bond, so we celebrate the day we met, because every day together is confirmation that good things do come from a determination to at least smile if you can't do anything else. Yes, Second life has vastly improved my life. It's still hard, I have bad days, we live paycheck to paycheck but we're happy, because we're together. And things will continue to get better.
  2. It used to be a whole network of systems. It permenantly died a few months back. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Alteran-Stargate-Network-ASN-Shut-Down/td-p/2749732 https://my.secondlife.com/groups/7472ca34-ac0a-7e76-ebd7-4ec18b94adfc
  3. I have the same avatar, I've had the m3 head for almost 2 years and combining it with different styles and avatars to no end to create different characters. I've never, ever been banned from a sim or even accused of looking childlike with that head even with her running around with a lollipop in her mouth on several occasions. You can't call somene a child avatar just due to the physique. Hell my boyfriends sister is 23 years old and she has no chest, no hips and built like a 12 year old boy. She's also a head shorter than I am; and I'm 5'4" in reality. All my avatars are around 5'6" in the game because any shorter and they look too short porportionally to me. However, my boyfriend and I next to eachother, the tip of my head is barely up to his shoulders, just like in reality. He's 6'4". We certainly couldn't be mistaken for child avatars just due to our heights, and I regularly run around wearing the kemono avatar now. It's all in where you go and how you conduct yourself and your characters persona. Your avatar doesn't look childlike, yeah it looks youngish but then again, everyone with an m3 yead looks like an anime character. That's the point of it. Those toodledoo or whatever they are baby avatars that I see running around everywhere are what I would consider actual child avatars. To me, I don't consider someone a 'child avatar' unless their profile says they are or they act like it. It's all in how you act.
  4. Aeromia

    Bling Items

    I still see oldbies wearing bling from time to time. I see that flashing spark from across the sim and think 'newbie found an old freebie sim' and look at the profile only to find they're 8+yrs old :catlol:
  5. Manticore finally got busted huh? There were tons of rips from Tera from that guy.
  6. That entire mess of a promotion popped up in my inbox yesterday (Guess they were really missing my membership fee) I hadn't gotten one of those emails... ever... So there I was, suspiciously hovering over the links to see what came up in the hint box and it was a weird link 'click.me.secondlifeblahblahblah' or something like that. the click.me weirded me out so I came here looking and sure enough they're holding this stinky promotion with that huge boat (how big is it size wise? that picture makes it look massive) for incentive. I just had to smh at it. Neat but how many people are actually going to be able to use it? And now that one of ya have given the LI, that's just insane. That thing hits a sim border it's going to explode >.<
  7. Crux is no longer being sold, and those 'books' on the MP (3 versions one for free, and the two versions that got posted) are stolen content. Any avatars/skins/whatever being sold in this 'book format' are copybotted items.
  8. Anything that you uploaded is automatically copy/mod/transfer. so then it makes sense that it will be greyed out. (I haven't checked recently but I don't think you can change anything in your inventory) You can only change the next person. You'll be able to share it just fine with the person you intend. You can change the permissions to them any way you like. Notecards are weird and have certain restrictions (I always forget what they are) which can actually make them unviewable to the next person if you're not mindful.
  9. A couple of my favorite places are Myanimations and Henmations.
  10. Also, what avatar you're attempting to use would be a big help to :3
  11. If you're unwilling to ask the person, if you happen to see them again and they're wearing it, right click and inspect. Hit the button called "Creator Profile" 50/50 chance you'll get the person who sold it if it's mesh. Coming to the forums, people will tell you: 1) ask the person who was wearing it or 2) ask the creator (if it's MP or vendor related) Before they begin to truly help out. We all do the legwork when we want to know where something came from. It'd help if you didn't immediately start out with an assinine temper.
  12. The guy who came up with that 'investment kit' is going to be laughing all the way to the linden bank because of gullible people.
  13. Same here hair looks fine, but if your system is telling you that you're wearing the alpha layer for that blouse, then try to relog? What is it about the hair that's bugging you exactly?
  14. I checked mine this morning and so far they seem to be staying (Only re-edited the rating, nothing else). However I'll be checking every few hours because I'm paranoid that way x3 ::This was in response to the posting as a whole, I guess the green reply button just liked your post best Hayley
  15. I saw your post on the Jira when I woke up this morning. My email was bugging me about all the new posts lol. Glad I helped out! :3
  16. I had checked earlier today when the first post showed up about it. Everything had been fine. I checked just 5 minutes ago seeing as more posts were popping up; and every single item that had a general rating had been flagged as adult. So strange. I had to manually set them back. Chimed in on the jira. hopefully this'll be resolved quickly. I feel bad for the people who have many multiples to fix. I only had a few.
  17. People have been talking about it all evening here (Marketplace forum) Seems MP is being naughty. There's a link in there to the Jira as well.
  18. Depends on which t ype of mesh you're talking about. But, in general, you have the ability to resize/reposition/edit linked parts. You can also reposition on different parts of your body that you can't do with rigged mesh (you can however with unrigged mesh), say that headband makes a really cool belt, or those bracelets work on the ankles as well, or necklace. All depends on your creative viewpoint. If the quality of the prim part is really good, it can stand up with and surpass most mesh. I have many sculpt clothing pieces that I still get compliments on and I'll normally be wearing one of my full mesh bodies as well. With mesh has come the advent of restriction again in the way of rigged and fitted. It seems that with some rigged mesh your outfits are painted on again (Body parts) It needs augmentation with unrigged pieces or really good sculpts, which in my opinion are just as viable if well done. Its rare that I am in just mesh, Usually I've got some concoction of mesh/sculpt/layer going on that creates a whole new look that initially began as 3-5(and as many as 10 sometimes) different boxed outfits. So yeah, I see quite a few advantages to some of those sculpt and twisted prims that I just can't get sometimes with mesh.
  19. Closest I've seen of a fit to Lola's is Sinful Needs fitted mesh. The shape is definitely different, but it's as closer to a demo for the Lola than Vstrings would be. (I own lola's and have tested both SN and Vstrings ) Dunno anything about the Wowmeh body but it's worth a shot?
  20. If you're having any sort of lag at all, it'll cause that when the avatar blinks or any other facial movement until everything loads. Try going to a quiet sim (empty sandbox, something where not many scripts are running, very few objects to impede your loading) See if everything loads properly. Other than that, if you've got a mod that used png instead of jpeg, it'll happen just like the poster above said. It's got an alpha blending going on. edit faces in the texture tab and see if any NONtransparent pieces still show alpha blending. Change it to "None". Only do this for solid textures that have alpha blending. You'll get some unhappy results on any textures that are supposed to have some transparency to them (eye shines and the like) Make sure you're selecting faces and not just editing linked parts. :3 Mesh is a hassle sometimes lol
  21. You're welcome! :matte-motes-little-laugh: Modding tutorials? I've no idea lol. There's pretty much anything goes with your imagination and capability :3 Really all there is to it is trial and error, I'm always learning new things (even 3 years later) and it applies to just about everything to do with SL. Most modkits you get will actually tell you how to do something specific to the design that they went for, helping you to recreate it; also, getting into avatar groups like KzK, DsD, Utilizator, maybe Hello Grymmy, I think the Chimera group you can find some help in also (that's a mall you can go to specifically for purchasing mod pieces and whatnot) Though I'm not a fan, Symbiotic also has a mod mall, though I don't know about their group. You'll also get more help in goups like those than you would in these forums. While I don't label myself as a furry, (more a shape changer) I love getting info and learning new things as new avatars come out.
  22. When editing anything that has multiple parts, you need to make sure you're selecting the correct part when retexturing an object. With those chinchilla heads, there is multiple pieces that need to be edited with the textures. You'll probably want to take out a new head since you most likely just slapped the texture on there (gathered from the fact that you have not removed or at least made the cheek fur transparent, as well as overwriting the transparent eye shine :3) Take out a new head, Edit> select Face> and put the textures on those. You have the nose/muzzle Left/muzzle Right/ and the jaw which is loose, you don't want to overwrite the texture that has the teeth and tongue or the transparent eye shine texture. With the cheek fuzz, you'll want to select faces and put them transparent, in the texture tab put the transparency to 100% (easiest method especially since you're new and don't understand the intricacies of editing linked yet) Or, edit linked, select each cheek fuzz and unlink. make sure before you unlink each time that 'edit linked' is ticked and you're selecting the correct part to unlink otherwise you'll just end up making a mess and have to pull out a new head and start over :3
  23. If you're talking about camera controls, you can get those by opening the toolbar options (right click any button and choose toolbar buttons on the menu that pops up) and look for the camera controls (has an eye) drag that new button to the bottom/right/left of your viewer and drop the new button. Then you can open the camera controls and get the view you want. :: Freya's fast x3 But, in that top menu its: Avatar> Camera controls in the newest Firestorm viewer. (I forgot about that way)
  24. I said maintenence. I didn't say advances. If it was all bad I wouldn't have stayed. Please don't skew what I said.
  25. I think... the point of these dooms day posts isn't the fact that SL has the real chance of disappearing and taking 'investments/stuff' with it. Maybe... And this is just me, but it's not the 'stuff' it's memories. I have tons of good memories. I've got things that I never paid a dime for that have memories attached to them. I can scroll through my inventory and see an item and go 'That came from the very first hunt that I met my now bf of 2 years.' We live together now, but we love going through inventory and picking out those special little things. The first bear he got me, the guitar I got him. The builds we built together. 90% of my inventory is dispensable, but there is that handful that I'd probably cry if I lost, simply because of the memory attached to it, and the fact that I couldn't just go and pick up another in a new grid because it was an item that isn't made anymore. It's memories. Precious and warm. Yeah, they're just a bunch of pixels, but so is that photo album sitting on the shelf that have the only remaining pictures of my deceased parents in existance. People are afraid of losing what's familiar and attached, and unique. I know SL isn't going anywhere for at least 2 years. Hell I just bought the new UTI avatar yesterday and created a new skin for my bf so we could recreate a favorite picture of ours. SL is our fun and entertainment. It's also the reason we're together in the first place. I am wondering though -why- Ebbe let it 'slip' this early. Sure he says it's not going anywhere, but what's the quickest way to get people to quit investing something that you -want- to die. Same thing with the stock market. Rumors govern money. If investors pull out because they're afraid. The cash cow is suddenly gone... why keep it open. 'You're going to WANT to go, it'll be SL but BETTER!!' If enough people quit spending 'hobby/entertainment money' because they're afraid it'll be shut down, then it WILL be. If it was a calculated slip, it was a pretty low move. But, I'm a cynical **bleep** anyway. That's just me. Hopeful... but cynical. I'm going to be in SL until it shuts down, I'll keep spending my little hobby money until there is no more SL. Because this is where I love to be when the outside world is too painful; here I can run, jump, climb mountains, fly if I want to. I'll keep making memories until they pull the plug. But at least now we know why the last 2 years has gotten steadily worse in the way of maintenence. They've had a big new toy hidden behind the scenes. 'SL, but better!'
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