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  1. Look up Kuso (inworld), there's a few in their store that you might like. That and if you are willing to put in a bit of work, you can buy just the animations you like and stick them in a custom AO, (cheaper would be to buy a few AO's from there and rip them apart and piece together a custom AO :3
  2. I had a similar problem once, I was building some things for a friend and suddenly I had a crashing issue. Much like your friends, I couldn't pinpoint it at first, but then I could go to each crash point and it would reliably do it. FS support chat peoples helped me figure out that it was a texture that had become corrupted somehow despite everything. Is there something around the places that your friend crashes that has similar textures to other crash points? That's the only thing that tickles my brain cells. I don't remember what I did to fix it. And sadly my bf doesn't either x3 I think It's a long shot but maybe what happened to me helps you figure out the issue.
  3. Yep, you can delete it. It doesn't do anything with any other viewers and if you use the firestorm viewer, it'll get recreated. It doesn't do anything unless you're wearing it anyway.
  4. Glad I could help out in a small way, can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  5. The way I'd see it is the profits should be the same on every item created equally. You all worked your hardest at some point to create something and that's that. By a couple scenarios I've read here already, : Say mesh maker doesn't recreate a piece but reuses it, and the animator reuses x animations, but the artist created all new textures. Does that mean the artist gets 100% of the profits? Now, switch the names around and do it again, sounds like a fight is going to come of that in fair short order. Now, also by these scenarios I've read, that means that people who reuse their textures/animations/meshes or what have you in a new product should CUT costs based on reused items, not make that corset or couch (that's a different color/texture but the same exact model) the same cost as the first brand new corset/couch. Doesn't make much sense. There's tons of items I have that have exact models (boots/corsets/skirts/shirts///etc) but in a myriad of colors. I paid the same price, the creator got the same price they were asking for from item #34 as they did item #1. My point is, do it fair, at some point, all of you are going to work harder than the other. 33% even split seems like the best way to keep all 3 of you happy. Otherwise, someone is going to get undies in a wad when they think they did harder work than what they're being paid, and people are going to start getting angry. Unless of course you 3 have the most amazing demographic on the planet and will always deem weird splits in earnings as fair.
  6. Well, my bf and I both thought it looked similar to Lelutka's messy styles. I combed that mp store though and didn't find a match. It's really neat looking hair though! This is what I found at Lelutka that was kind of similar Not even close to what you showed in the picture. x3 What I normally do now days if I'm curious as to where someone purchased something, I try and rightclick and inspect. Some people are really intent on keeping where they found something a secret. Guess it's because they think they might be copied or something. I'm interested in what else the stores have to sell most of the time because I love creating new outfit sets all the time. It's how I've discovered most of my favorite stores.
  7. People make mods for the M3 utilizator head to make a boyish look, (I own the m3 head and lovelove it) and there's some Luddy Lamb mods out there to make a boyish anime style, but they've got some feminine hips https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Powder-Lamb-Boy-Texture-Mod-For-Luddi-Lamb-and-M3-Head/5460487 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Powder-Kitty-Boy-Texture-Mod-For-Luddi-Lamb-and-M3-Head/5513449 This next one says it's the Riku body but it might be the old Riku m3 tester head that comes with the Rikugou body. . Pay attention to which head it calls for, because they don't interchange. This one in fact also uses the luddy lamb body as well https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DatSasu-chibi-boy-Rikugou-A/5127971 M3 mesh anime head Luddy Lamb by Orange Nova It's not gonna be cheap to get the look you're going for, and even more interesting to find clothes, -which- you'll be able to do with that luddy lamb, lots of people make clothing mods for that body. Or used to. As for hair, you'll have to look around, Utilizator makes mesh hairs for their heads, and personally I like the M3 head the best, it's got animations and the most customization out there. The hud and things will take some getting used to lol, but to me that's part of the fun. There's TONS of mods out there for that head. It's going to take time to make a decent male anime, and a little expensive depending on which body you use, and how many mods you look through before you find the right one for you. It takes a bit of mod skills to use both of those avatars in combination, but that's the fun part, making something unique to you! Good luck and happy customizing!~ __Edited 'cause I forgot, --- Look up Kuso in world for animations. They've got some pretty neat animations. You can buy them singly or in huds, You'll definitely be able to find some animations in there no matter what you are deciding to run around as!
  8. She did say if the OP was using firestorm that was the way to get to it. :3
  9. lol I got off work yesterday 5pm central time and went to check forums/market and log in and I was greeted with DNS and how Secondlife.com couldn't be found! I even tried the LL website and that was even gone. I had to find some random ping checker site that kept saying it was working, but saw people there too saying the same thing. I gave up somewhere around midnight. The thought had crossed my mind that the Lindens finally just packed up and shut down without a word x3 There were some nasty storms affecting the east coast that barrelled through here on Monday. Though I thought the servers were in Cali and Dallas. :\
  10. Everyone has already said it, but I'll chime in only because I spent years being stubborn and not adding Adblock to my pc. Google chrome has the app, I got it, and I keep doing the forehead slap because I went so long without it. Now I see which pages throw the most spam at me. *huggles adblock* tis awesome.
  11. Most skin makers have cleavage and non-cleavage option skins sold together. Maybe you could ask the creator to see if it happened to get left out of your pack? (don't know what brand it was, but it's worth a try) My collection of skins has doubles (and some triples depending on brand (high cleavage, low cleavage and no cleavage)) of skins in each folder lol. My troubles with skins usually run to ' do they come with appliers and if not, which of my many appliers most closely matches the newest of my collection' :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  12. The only time this happens to me (And to my bf too) is when we're editing on a pose stand, and then hop off, then suddenly we're in quicksand and just the head is poking out of the ground lol. Doesn't happen all the time, it's very sketchy on the reproduction, but we've just learned to live with it and do a quick relog when nothing else seemed to work
  13. I don't know much about the Werehouse dire, but I own the mesh TWI and it's fantastic. The HUD is rather easy to get use to, the customization ease, amount of mods, excellent animations (there's even someone who creates extra animations in one of the side shops at the sim) The base package comes with lots of modding abilities, and the creator recently came out with 3 other body sizes that you can purchase seperately due to customer request. I think it's just an all around fun quad.
  14. I started noticing it yesterday too. I was hoping it was an isolated incident but, seeing as you're getting it too, and very probably lots and lots of others... Well, just don't rez out anything important... or buy anything important.
  15. It'll work with any shape, the appliers are different from the actual Tango/Phat Azz product themselves. The appliers drop the texture of the outfit you're wishing to wear (as long as they come with appliers) onto the breast implant/butt implants(mesh bits) The trick is time. Time to get these things looking just right with your chosen shape, and always make sure you have a modifiable shape. That way, well, hover now sits inside the shape, which is handy for those pesky platforms that just don't quite have your awesome heels out of the ground. Some people just slap on the mesh bits and call it good, they don't take the time to really fit it to their body. And sometimes you have to tweak it a bit too depending on how the creator of the appliers created the clothing texture. That said, I freakin' love my Tangos. Have had them over a year now and my appliers folder is almost as large as my regular clothes x3 I do tons of mixing and matching, and have my favorite stores to go to that I can reliably find appliers that don't make me look like a two bit hooker :3 (forgot to add) --- Also, what the panda punx shapes are referring to, is to get the breast shape that's advertised. You'll have to pay out the 1700L for the mesh breasts (1750? can';t remember) at the Lola store for the Tangos style, Tango and Mirage at Lola's uses the same applier system that most clothing/skin shops use now. The pushup and naturals that are also at Lola's are older and don't. Those are getting progressively more difficult to find as products evolve.
  16. Happens to me from time to time, mostly it's a couple certain skirts I used to love wearing. And a jeweled belt that I love too. I see it, but it's 'broken' Noone else can see it and I can't detatch. Mostly happens when I've hopped several different sims that exchange servers (eg) main to letigre/bluesteel/youget the idea and back. Mostly what fixes it for me is just a quick relog. My bf has been my saving grace several times when we're club hopping or sim hopping for hunts. I'll lean over and look at his screen to see if all my stuff rezzed in and he does the same to me. I really don't like running around in just my undies. It's just something we've gotten used to over time. Here's a horror story for you x3 Back when my bf and I first met, I had my own small parcel, I took over my neighbors parcel, and she came by to see what had been done to merge the two. Well she wasn't around for long, just kinda short and sweet 'yup, mmhmm' and was gone. I thought it a little strange, since we would usually yammer on to eachother for hours. Well, my bf got online and hopped over and immediately said 'Uhh, you're stark naked..' When to me I had this adorable outfit going on! .. I was mortified... >.< Just so you feel better about running around hairless
  17. That stinks about your graphics card. I hate being dropped in at safe hubs, there is always the max amount of people loitering and griefing and all sorts of awful things going on which is .. well ugh. That and it lags out my older computer significantly, simply because the sheer amount of people and the gawd awful 200+ ancient listening scripts that shoot the cpu usage and kb sky high. I saw someone once with 938 scripts and somewhere in the 18k kb area. I was baffled. How does someone get that much scripting on them without lagging themselves to death with the usage? Anyway, enough of my babbling. I hope you get to replace your gc soon. It'd be nice if LL did something more to deal with griefers and their ilk, but it's just easier to find those quiet places that rarely do deal with them than it is to hope LL can finally start protecting the users. I have quite a few quite places I like to rez into on my favorites list. I'm not sure how the SL viewer does it or anything else, but with firestorm, you can choose to rez into one of your favorited locations, it's just a setting in the preferences tab that allows the areas to show on the login screen; then I can choose between last location, 'home' or one of my favorites.
  18. Object detail fixes that I believe. Put it up to 3 or 4, depending on your computers abilities. You can find that in the Phototools button > General tab. (Phototools is accessible by rightclicking your icon bar and opening the tools window; then click and move the phototools button to either side bar or lower bar and then opening it.. If you don't have it already) I use that when I need to do anything with graphics preferences because it's much faster than going into ctrl+p and whatnot.
  19. Emotions has a style really similar to that. It's prim, and moves really well. Lelutka has a mesh style which I thought was really neat. My mate wears those styles quite often so I'm always keeping my eye out lol
  20. Another nifty trick if you want to keep the lossless png as apposed to the jpg, make sure you get rid of the alpha channel in the layer. (channels tab in your design program)
  21. LOL! You're right. I missed the part where it just brushed over the avi's brow in the ad and where it doesn't in the pink flamingo. They're both extremely similar. I was roaming Clawtooths store last night and noticed that quite a few of the products have minor differences here and there that are just like that.
  22. Found it! I was roaming marketplace looking for mesh hair places I hadn't seen before, and there it was, 4th page haha Someone I had never heard of named Clawtooth. Time to go check out a new place!! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Clawtooth-Pink-Flamingos-Strawberry-cream-DEMO/5803163 --They seem to run the same as most other hair creators as well, here seems to be the pack that contains that specific hair you're looking for. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Clawtooth-Pink-Flamingos-Fancy-Mix-Pack/5803462
  23. I thought it looked like Exile or maybe Ploom. ~ I searched both Exile and Ploom, didn't find this one. I did see one similar at Ploom, but it is on the right shoulder rather than the left and a little bit curled on the ends. It might have been an exclusive? Best bet is to send a NC to the merchant and find out lol. Let us know who it is because that looks nice!
  24. It all depends on how you want them to look. Personally I chose Lola tangos after trying out every single one available. It had the shape I liked the best and it was the easiest to work with, even back before the newer updates. I even like the Mirages for certain outfits. It does however take time for placement, lots and lots of adjusting where it sits on your chest, and yeah, sometimes things don't match up quite right but that's where you, the wearer gets creative in hiding the little spots that just don't look quite right. But that's with everything. I'm waiting on the fitted mesh til more makers come out so I can get a better idea how they're going to look. It's all about personal preference. They are a big investment, and you have to be creative in clothing if you want to keep wearing some things. I find it pretty simple to mix and match my tangos with other things. I really love corsets to create the transition from top to midsection then again to bottom. I probably have as many seperate underbust corsets as I do clothes x3 but I mix and match a -lot- and rarely ever wear anything straight out of the packaging. I did that before the implants so it wasn't that big a shift for me. -- You most definitely can adjust the size of the lolas. It takes lots of patience though. I have adjusted them down to where they look more normal sized, and even had a copy that fits my petite avatar. You don't have to have giant knockers to wear mesh implants. It just takes patience and perserverance. :3
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