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  1. Utilizator came out with the new Kemono avi recently. It's got a hybrid of his classic 2.0 avatar body and the M3 mesh head. It's got a huge range for hiding body parts via the hud. It's the only other one I know of that's extremely well made. Though you'll be hard pressed to find clothing for it right now as it's rigged very differently from the 2.0 and anything else on the market currently; however that's changing by the day as he finished with his dummy rig and released it so clothes could be made. He's also updating his own clothing line for the 2.0 for the Kemono.
  2. DrD (Death Row Designs), RO (Remarkable Oblivion), Etchaflesh, Avid (expensive, some very cool but starting to look very dated stuff), Bare Rose (B@R), Razorblade Jacket, Envious... just to name a few :3
  3. Pretty much whatever strikes my fancy for the day, or if I've picked up something new, it sparks ideas. Fantasy, dark, chibi, cutsie, gothic, period... anything. Really. I mod the heck out of my avatars, so, no day is the same!
  4. It was fun, especially remembering all the basics one takes for granted after a couple of years of modding. With mesh, which I hadn't gotten to because of time :3 You want to select face when editing mesh, several reasons, a single mesh item can have up to 8 'faces' on it. Giving the ability for seperate textures/colors/transparencies. That's part of the problem you were having with the body, you were selecting body parts and not the face. Easily remedied however as you saw, and the 2.0 Beta also has a hud that can fix the messups and restore the mesh to original. Which I learned last night too :3
  5. 3 yrs and a couple months, over 43k items. Granted it's about 70/30% split, Sim/object building items to avatar clothing/modifying items x3 And that's with me cleaning out the junk. :://Just hit the first reply button I saw >.<
  6. As long as you read the instructions, all the clothes should work. I'm not sure about the chibi avatar It looks to be some sort of 'base' which I'm guessing is being used with the 2.0 Beta, it uses the M2 head though which has gotten a facelift in the M3 version and is much, -much- better in the way of expressions, facial modicifation and such. I dont' think the M2 head is even supported anymore. I believe the 2.0 Beta comes with boxes that you need to open to get all the goodies that come with it (breast options and whatnot) And even then, if the alpha layer didn't come with it, you can open your library at the bottom of your inventory and look for the alpha layers that would work. Those are accessible to everyone free. I don't personally have the 2.0 Beta body but I've got 3 different Riku avatar parts, the M3 head and have looked at many others. People I do know get the clothes to work just fine on the 2.0 Beta. I'd be more than happy to help in getting your friend all sorted out, feel free to message me.
  7. Then it indeed sounds like an issue with your slider settings since you hadn't mentioned the first time that others were in the same area as you without the problems. That's just going to take a lot of trial and error/tinkering.
  8. Might be your windlight. Some tend to give rather unflattering lines/shades in areas. Try something like AvatarOptWhiter2 See if that doesn't help :3
  9. You're using the template given to you in the developers kit right? Sandi gives you all the tools needed when you purchase a set. I don't know if the new fitmesh Dalinq's are any different in the tango/mirage templates as I haven't bought any yet. But she's got the instructions for you in reguards to configuration and the templates are in 1024x1024 so that the texture looks its best. As for the size of the pattern, you'll have to play that before you slap it under the template layer and figure out what looks good by trial and error. ::I see now that you're taking pictures of the developers kit, you can save those to your pc so you can open them in your photoshop/gimp/whatever. open the template and down at the bottom click the arrow next to the 'save' button and save as PNG. Note where it's going and open it up. That's why you're having distortion issues.
  10. I wasn't knocking the fact that you're picky, I'm pretty picky myself, just ask my bf lol. I was just trying to give ideas based on skins that I had personal knowledge with. Hope you do find that perfect skin for you! :3
  11. I don't doubt it. every single bit of layer/mesh/prim has its uses and when done well, it can create stunning effects. Tis why I don't want to throw away the good things I've collected over the years. I can't just restrict myself to one type and toss everything else.
  12. That's a very good example of 'glitch pants' lol! Whenever I think of those pantlayers I think of the horrible way it can go wrong lol. Or, old, OLD style skirts where the pantlayer was the waist bit and a few coned prims stuck out like fanblades.
  13. Best thing you could probably do for yourself is pick up the standard sizing kit that was already pointed out and then tinker with it. Especially if you want to wear a lot of mesh. That way you won't be going nuts over yourself trying to fit things. That's not to say that you won't find the oddball hip placement that squashes your waist like a boys and bulges out your rearend like no tomorrow but that's what Demos are for! I've never bought a shape. My first skin purchases had shapes inside them and when I learned about tinkering I started to individualize my own look. I went from a nearly 8ft tall amazon to a more curvy 5'6 in the last 3 years. I am -still- tinkering with my shape to this day, though not so much anymore, just little things here and there depending on what find I've stumbled across. It surprises me to look through old outfits and shapes that I've tinkered with to see the changes I've wrought on my poor Lumi lol.
  14. Well, the 'best' is quite subjective. My personal favorites are PixiStix and WoW(Though admittedly I haven't bought WoW in over a year). I've got collections from Pinkfuel, 7Deadlyskins, PandaPunx and a few others that are in the more fantasy realm like FallenGods (who is beginning to make appliers <3) I have more skins than I'll ever have a use for lol. But that's just me, I love coming up with different avi combinations and challenging myself to create new looks that are both dramatic and individual. Essences has some really, really beautiful skins but I'll never justify paying the 1500L for the same type of quality with the appliers that I need for the price (usually ranging around 800L-1000L) I've collected some really interesting skins over the past 3 yrs and have found that some of my favorite skins I haven't paid a dime for, whether it be group gifts, finds at festivals or what have you. My favorite Pink Fuel and PixiStix was a token freebie at the skin fair this year lol My advise to you is have fun and don't be so picky you miss out on that one beautiful skin because it happens to be sitting in the 'freebie section'
  15. From the image, it looks like you may have the mesh sitting too high on your avi's chest (maybe it's just the angle but the collarbone doesn't seem to be lining up right), looks like we're seeing double, the mesh of the dress below the lola's themselves? Mesh is usually more difficult to seat with lolas, especially if the mesh outfit itself is larger than the lolas and designed to have an applier. It sometimes gives the issues that you're looking at. As for blending, I sometimes find that putting the opacity of the layer that's being shown (top or bra) at 1% works for lots of things in bringing out the detail. Lace, some tattoos, blending that odd line at the edges sometimes smoothes itself out. It all just depends and how long you're willing to tinker with it.
  16. WoW skins, pixistix, pandapunks (punx?) also have really nice skins and appliers. As for fitting, that takes time and patience. I've had the lola tango's for going on 2 yrs now, and my bf bought both the tango and mirage for when he feels like upstaging me as a female rofl. Essentially they both fit the same, you're going to have to play with the sizing and placement, rotation to get it fit right. If you've got a good skin that defines the collarbone, you can use that as a guide. And as for getting rid of the system breasts, I think there's some alphas out there that hide them now, but, I just made two different shapes, one flat chested for when I'm wearing my lola's and one that's an exact copy of that, but with system breasts for when I go without. Which is very, very rare nowdays. As pointed out in the other thread, it's going to take lots and lots of patience, I still tweak the placement on mine depending on the skins. I've currently got about 7 or 8 copies depending on brands lol
  17. I seem to remember a story, with some pictures and heard it still exists... The tallest structure in SL is a beanstalk that someone created long, long ago (My brain wants to say the first year of SL) And that it was kept alive by the lindens. Somewhere on mainland anyway. I've never been but it was a pretty cool story. As for the tallest building? I dunno. There's some pretty tall buildings in a cyber-city. That place lagged me out just looking at it on my bf's screen! lol. Was very, very cool though, spanned several sims. (not insilico) The bf says Meridian City, though don't quote him or me on it lol
  18. The paws look like they might be a Grymmy mod(Or Hoo)? The tail doesn't make any sense with the rest of it, so maybe they didn't like the original tail? You should definitely ask, some people will act like it's a huge HUGE secret but you'll find that one that'll point you the way to where to purchase it. *my spelling sucks this morning... Doesn't look to be Grymmy
  19. I've had one stuck in processing for a year now. It's been a problem for a long time that they know about. Dunno if they're ever going to fix it.
  20. When you post, there's a little tree symbol just above the typing box, that's where you put in an image. :3 You've tried everything else, did you try windlight settings? I'm not sure what viewer you're using but it's something similar that happened to my favorite windlight at one time. It got corrupted somehow and everything showed up very, very strange myriad of colors. A sim you visited could have switched your windlights. If switching your windlights doesn't produce favorable results (I suggest something neutral like avataroptwhiter 2) What about your screen settings? It sounds like it's all washed out, like your gamma has been fiddled with... more likely your windlights though. I dunno, it's a shot though. Hope you get it fixed. The built-in gc's aren't too friendly with SL sometimes.
  21. There used to be a tool inside firestorms viewer. But LL changed a few things in this past year and it doesn't work anymore. As a workaround, they made the hover height editable in the shape.
  22. That really sucks. I don't know why people seem to think they're one in a million got to love special snowflakes. I love sending people off to the store I found a particular piece at. I put together no less than 5 designers pieces at a time so no one look is the same anyway x3 Well, while looking for those shoes to help you, I found quite a few in market that you might like. Just search "platform sneakers" (with the quotes) And it brings up nearly 2 full pages of stuffs. Still, hope you can find the ones you want.
  23. The hair looks like something ploom, or Lelutka would make. There's one other I'm thinking of but my brain isn't working and I'm not in SL at the moment to look through my hairs. The skin... (there's tons of new skins out there x3) maybe mother goose? She does really well with those innocent looks. And some of them already come with the lip tint that way on the skin. But then again, the cheeks... maybe pink fuel? *stumbles off to get some coffee*
  24. It's possible they were part of a whole outfit. I've come across that many times with certain pairs of shoes I've wanted. Did you message the person who owned the flickr and ask them?
  25. awesome! I never could get the hang of FS's ao system x3 I never could seem to get it to work. I'd stick all the anims in and be delighted with myself and my bf said I was standing like a newb; looked over at his screen and sure enough... awkward stands x3
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