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  1. So basically I decided to go ahead and make my own AO with poses I bought. I found this tutorial: I followed it word for word, but I am having trouble for some reason. I get an error saying, "[13:46] Could not find animation ''. I don't know what to do because I know I did it correctly. I know she did it with a Vista AO hud, does it not actually work with a BodyLanguage AO hud? Because that's the only thing that I think is the problem here. This was the code I put for the poses I wanted in the AO: "[ Standing ]:Z.S: Pose Me #4 (Bento Hands)|:Z.S: Ira animation 4|:Z.S: Bev Anima
  2. A club I work at is hiring, DJs, Managers, Hosts, and Dancers! And if you don't have any experience that's fine! We can train you. Message me inworld, euphiedesu. I'll give you an application if your interested.
  3. Wanted to let you guys know I finally found a skin i'm happy with, I'm a tad darker, but I still love how it looks. Had to play a gacha a few times over at epiphany. Got lucky that I got the one I wanted in 6 tries, LOL. Thank you all for the help, I appreciate it.
  4. So i've been told that there is a way to put BOM items on top of an applier skin on Lelutka. But they forgot how to do it, does anyone know how?
  5. Yeah, I mentioned that I went there and yes they did have cute stuff, but the problem was the skin wasn't BOM, and i'm looking for BOM skins, haha.
  6. Made some changes. It's doable for now, but I still I want to find a cute BOM skin for this head.
  7. So I have found some cute stuff for Lelutka at Mudskin and Enfersombre. But now my problem is anything I find that's in my style, isn't BOM. That includes Mudskin and Enfersombre. Enfersombre had BOM for the eyebrows and lipgloss, but not the skin itself which was really disappointing. So I need help finding a skin that's actually BOM. I tried on the BOM skin I was using before from my Genus, and it looks kinda weird to me.
  8. So i'm finally considering getting the Lelutka Nova head and i'm trying to find a skin that suits my style and is similar to what I have currently on my Genus head. Does anyone know any good stores I can look into? I'm having trouble, haha. This is my style currently with my Genus head.
  9. Asked people in the group of the store I bought it from. I just had to edit my ear size, it looks normal now. Thank you for helping though!
  10. No. They are wonky. They aren't supposed to be small and stretched out like that. And yes I am aware that you can't edit rigged items. This is a picture of the non-rigged ones and what they are supposed to look like.
  11. So i'm trying to make a deer avatar and my ears just don't look right. This is the rigged version. I tried the non-rigged, they look fine, but I can't use them because the hud that changes the ears's colors won't recognize the non-rigged ones. How do I fix this problem?
  12. Found a solution, it seems to only work when someone sits at the base of the pole.
  13. I've recently encountered an issue with my avatar when I sit on furniture. It started the other day when I sat on a stool, it was fine at first, but then I got up and sat back down, and the issues began there. I was just frozen in one postion, standing through the chair. I have tried taking off all my animation huds that I had on and it didn't work. I've tried everything with no luck. I've relogged a couple of times too.
  14. I looked at shapes as well, but still not quite sure. This is what I got so far, with the steffi head and the anne shape for the head:
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