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  1. Simple after 15 years in this place I get the log in message to check my clock ...ha ha . The environment refuses to load and seems to be a never ending experience here. One would think after 16 years someone might check the one's and zero's before launching something that does not function. Other than that this is still the most interesting event offered on the net...
  2. well yeah I submitted a report and sent marine a whine )) and why do we have a store here our first and got really tired of supporting 3 islands duh!!!
  3. Well Pak has been down for over 8 hours no idea why but it is my main store oh and Marines main location do these people maintain any type of error board, I doubt it I have been here a long time paid them ridiculous amounts of real life cash to have to live with this idiocy... I really do not care the back up staff is enforce for the holiday there is no excuse for this ignorance. Yeah rest my sim then ignore it did not finish ... I began when we mud walked with 2400 members on line and yet they have not improves the service... Is there any doubt why there are not 50 million users using this social site, perhaps just totally incompetent management and little vision for the future... I do grow tired of this short sighted adventure so much potential, but no clue how to implement..................
  4. I am not my oldest avatar but the only one as a paying account The many things I have observed here in the long past is the failure of this most perfect 3D game ,adventure to support the perfection that has been created. I observe the suppose replacements from time to time and find them lacking in any forward development. SL 2 hifi wake up guys you have already created the perfect interactive format. It is time to put efforts in improving this platform. Quit spinning your brain dead creative wheels and realize this is the platform to develop. All the new tech is sorry CRAP no vision. The perfect platform was created in 1999 come back to it and input your creativity in something that works
  5. I have been here for many years and to form an opinion on free accounts will only reduce this environment to another has been. Those who enjoy this with the free account status deserve the freedom we all have. Perhaps the real question is just how competent is those that control this place. Tonight when logging in I received a warning from my virus software as to a dingle berry hanger on . Perhaps those that run this environment need to pay more attentions to the operations as this is perhaps the best vehicle for 3D expression ever created and those pesky free griefer accounts never last more than a day or so. I did find it disturbing to find a malwarebytes announcement tonight. One would think after all these years they would have become brain dead to this place haha but then stupidity has no limitations, does it? iF THIS Place would enjoy a much longer life it must allow those who want to join the pleasure of the free account to learn and perhaps realize the pleasure of this place to create many of your fantasy's or theirs A simple response to free accounts is to to limit those who just might have the intellect to enjoy this platform and thus kill this place I have looked at the supposed upgrade many times and I am not impressed it is so poorly formed it shall and will die inb infantancy LL needs a real leader with insight on the future
  6. Weird, I have been with PP since the inception and have had very few problems. If you cancel then make a new account several times it raises a flag with them that perhaps you are laundering money. In the US there is no charge for the debit card plus it is easy to tie it to a business. I know some people have had problems with them but following standard business practices will not put a curiosity flag on your account. Also, in reference to your bank account or credit card they always know when it is expiring and send notifications for an update. There is one situation that causes problems with SlugLife when you change your payment options on an avatar from PP to CC you get three changes then PP will no longer accept the account. This is a LL preset not PayPal. Being indecisive does not sit well with any financial institution as it raises questions about the purpose of the account Do not get me wrong I have little love for the money changers but if you desire to use them you do have to play within the rules
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