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  1. So far, making friends doesn't seem to be a strong point of yours... Not sure what type of people you're looking to add to your friends list, but it doesn't seem to be any sort that I've ever run across. Not with the last thread that you started and certainly not this one. Confrontational is more your style, maybe you'll have better luck in one of the many combat sims that permeate SL, especially if you're truly looking for a game type atmosphere; since you seem so insistant on calling a social networking program that uses 3D technology to allow people to interact from across the globe. Good luck in your friend finding.
  2. Pretty much what the other poster told you. Find a private estate rental that will allow you to do those two things. I had rented a homestead (Full region with only 3750 prims instead of the full 15k) that allowed me all rights. Though the RAW terrain was another story. I could however upload the texturing for the region. To me, paying the initial set up, monthly premium costs as well as tier was -not- worth what I actually spent through a private rental. I spent less than $140 a month for my homestead, to me that was worth my hobby.
  3. 2nd one is much better! (Aurick?) It doesn't have the run of the mill looks that half of SL runs around with. EMOtions has some great male hairs if you want to check them out. 90% of my bf's hair comes from there lol. Aeros also makes some really nice skins too, though you'll have to be very careful as copybotters are going nuts on the market right now and he's one of the ones who's copybotted. His skins run around 2k L, but are really, really worth it. Again, my bf uses them and so, so nice looking, especially with well done shapes. Oh, and since several already welcomed you to SL, welcome to the addiction that is Avatar modding/and clothing! :3
  4. It's actually happened to me on several occasions when I confused the ao by taking out and putting in too many at once (usually 15 or more at a time) The ao didn't recognize that I had taken out/added animations, When I was still learning how to use the ao, it had its first breakdown from too many (300+) and I didn't realize that if it didn't show the listing in local chat of what it was doing, it wasn't actually removing the memory of the animation from whatever it is it was doing. Like you, I thought 'well that's not right I must have completely broken the scripting in it' and tossed it and pulled another out of the box, readding all my anims to it. That's when it dinged that the other one had stopped registering the anims and sat silent. (woops, above poster beat me to it x3) Also, to the OP, if you try adding them in too quickly, it'll hiccup and add 1-2 of each animation and that's no fun picking them all out, or a couple of your animations will actually seem to 'break' and not work at all, reading that it's not there, giving you an akeyo error in nearby chat rather than a script error and you'll be standing like a newb. To reset the scripts, edit it while you're wearing it (you do have it on the ground while you're adding in animations right?) go into the last tab and hit the "reset scripts" button. Let it go through the entire reset process, go make some tea or coffee and watch the stuff scroll by. Watch for anything that asks you to designate it, might have a few animations in there that aren't being recognized depending on how you added them.
  5. Akeyo huds don't work like that. They run on a cloud system. The cards aren't even mod. He's just got to reset the scripts in them for it to recognize it. Probably added them in to quickly and confused the HUD.
  6. I've had an Akeyo hud for more than 2 years now, and I add stuff all the time. Depending on how many you're trying to add in, it can glitch like crazy. Best thing to do is add one at a time and allow it to acknowledge it before adding another, if you go over 200 or... 250? I think it starts to go nuts no matter what you do. I hover around that number at any given time (I'm an animation nut!) I've had a couple issues with them over the years and I've found that when you're finished adding the anims, if you add it, then reset the scripts (with it off) then turn it on, sometimes it takes some fanagaling but it will get working again. Try that, when you put it on, reset the scripts, allow it to go through the entire listing, take it off then add it back on. Should be working fine after that :3
  7. The thing about those yard sales is they are all products of someone elses hard work, and purchased by those that are renting the tables. You can't just pick up an item at the yard sale, call it rare and stick it in a gacha. (might have misunderstood your comment, but that's how I read it,) The creator of a particular set of items decide which one they'd like to have rare and that's how that's decided. People that have tables at yard sales spend tons and tons of lindens to get a certain item and they generally put up the ones they don't want on the tables, or they do it as a sort of hobbyist business like what you seem to be thinking of. So, if a rare is somewhat easier to get according to the scripting in the machine, you might see a few of them sprinkled around. That's when prices on those crazy rares start falling little by little. Now if you're creating the items to put into gachas, then yeah, you make whichever one or three rare you want and set the price for the gacha. Most creators range from 10L-100L I've seen some for 150L for each play. It's all in the quality of the set of items, or size or whatever. Some creators keep their gacha's really cheap because it's fun to play.
  8. It may be the windlight that you're trying to match the colors and view the shoes in. Some windlights are just horrid for that sort of thing. I tend to tell everyone that asks how I match my feet/shoes with feet and other things, Use avatarOpt Whiter (no shading) to make sure you get it just about perfect. Some prims just don't like some windlights. My feet get that duel toned look in very harsh windlights no matter what I do, but in most of them, when I match in that windlight, looks pretty good in nearly every windlight. Slinks, (I don't have any) can come across the same issue if you don't have a skin that offers the appliers. I've seen very successful matches and some very UNsuccessful matches. It's all in how you start out I think when you have to use a color wheel to get the closest match possible. Then again, some skins are very, very difficult to match. I have some skins that varigate so much in their shading that it's impossible to match.
  9. The only easy thing you really can do is have a notecard advising of the percentage. I regularly change most of my clothes to 1% on my lola's because of detailing and whatnot. It gets rid of the weird outline on most things and allows the clothes to be seen as they should. I discovered it much by accident some time ago while store hopping around and the merchant had an adboard that suggested that for their lace. I've been doing it that way ever since.
  10. Not exactly sure if you're wording it where I can't understand exactly what you're looking for, but sounds like you're looking for a full region/estate of your own? You could easily rent those as well. I had an estate for the longest time with Animus Lusus. (would still have if rl health hadn't gotten in the way) People parasailed off my floating islands, I flew my GODship, and there were usable sailboats in the waters below. You don't have to have premium and own LL lands for stuff like that. Just find an estate(3750 prims (region size)) or a full on region that's for rent from a reputable company. They're both hefty price tags, Plan on spending around 140usD a month for an estate. I think the one I had from Animus Lusus was around 7k L$ a week? I dropped almost 30k a month on just the estate. So it was somewhere around there. And my sim was out in the middle of nowhere, no other sims in sight, I think the closest one was 2-3 plots away, (region size plots) Nope, not affiliated with that rental comp. in any way, just a very, very long time customer. There's quite a few very good companies around, just compare prices and see how long they've owned that particular sim. I've seen lots of hiked prices out there and it gets rediculious. Heard lots of horror stories too about lands getting shut down because the sub-leasor just suddenly ups and disappears with all those hard earned Lindens. Of course you're going to have to teraform to get the sim to look the way you want it to, The land is usually terraformed for sale and asthetics, then once it's 'yours' you're free to do with it what you like.
  11. As the post said above, you have to have the mesh parts as well. The Lola Tango's cost 1750L and the Luck inc Phat Azz cost, 1200L I think? Not sure I don't own the butts. The appliers only work with the implants that replace your system ones. That's what the appliers are for. I've got the links to both inworld if you want to message me. (I tried out the butts and found that I liked my rearend much better than either the phat or the cute)
  12. The developer kits comes inside the purchase of the Lola's, I don't know about the Phat Azz' as I don't own them. As the above poster said, you must be creator of the skin/clothing/tattoo to be able to use the uuid of the texture to put into the applier. (or have the full perms texture, which requires contacting the creator of said item and discussing it with them.)
  13. steph Arnott wrote: I do not suck eggs, but thankyou for the advice. I apologize for trying to be of assistance. Was only attempting to cover all bases. :3 Good luck with your issue
  14. Did you make sure to do a clean install before you went back to the old viewer? If you didn't, it'll keep all the same issues and probably cause a boatload more. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_clean_reinstall And those little notes are for the in SL classes they hold every day.
  15. Also, if you're on the beta version, it may be causing issues. I had issues related to that until I rolled back one. It was perfectly fine for a few weeks except a few minor things here and there, then it all exploded into something similar. I rolled back one version (to the official release which you have to hunt for, for some reason. The 4.5.1 is the beta) and it all worked great again.
  16. If you don't have a top of the line graphics gaming pc, (slightly older normal pc like most of us have) uncheck the first three buttons in hardware settings, turn up your buffer all the way. Turn your max particle count down to somewhere around 1k, I keep it at around 600. Plenty of particles for me. Turn off trees, those pertain to the old LL trees that I don't think I've ever seen in my nearly 3 years of sl. (don't know why you have non imposter avi's so low, I have it between 9-12 depending and have imposter avi's turned on) what that does is render avatars over that limit as 'fakes' so it's supposed to be easier on your pc, though to me it makes it look a little laggy even though it isn't. Turn off ambient occlusion, (Turn antialiasing down to 2x or disabled) Unless you've got a great connection and lots of processor and gpu to run it, you're not going to see things correctly and lag yourself to death trying to run all those intensive settings. There's also some alpha button elsewhere that you need to check when you're running shadows or else you get funky results. What's your cache set at? and what is your network speed set at in the network tab? I've got my cache nearly maxed and my network set at 1500 or 1600.. somewhere I've got to look at it again. Too high or too low will cause you problems too. I suggest starting at a medium setting, and tweaking from there til you find what works for you. I run these settings and it works just fine for me, of course with tiny tweaks here and there depending on the lag the sim causes. I only run those advanced settings when I'm taking photographs, never in normal sl every day stuff. It kills my computer lol. There is one 'face' however that's not loaded for me and it had a similar issue, with a prim inside it that said the same thing. (I don't know who it's from I saw it on the sandbox and never could get that person to rez properly) I'm running the latest official release of firestorm. Haven't run the beta yet though, but lots of my things already have materials in them and I see them just fine. Though without all the special stuff like shine. I did take a peek at the beta and can't wait for it to be released. I just don't like to mess with the bugs in between lol. If your face requires certain settings to even be able to see it, (like advanced shading/lighting model) to be active, then without a fairly beefy computer you're never going to be able to see it correctly.
  17. EMOtions also has bangs, several styles in one pack and I haven't found a hair that they couldn't go with yet. It comes with a hud to change to the basic colors in her color schemes, resize if you'd prefer not to do it manually and they are modify so you can tint the white if you're like me and go crazy with the colors x3 Non rigged too! It's pretty cheap too! She's got two locations, one at valhalla(sp?) and one at hells end. Hells end is where I usually go. Edit) whoops I read your post but still only managed to see the bangs part >.< Well maybe they'll help out anyway for different options.
  18. It's happening to quite a few people. And getting worse it seems. I suggest don't buy anything as it could be lost and then you're out lindens -and- the item. Changing outfits, trying to take things off and on causes the same issues, a relog will fix it but make sure to check what you're wearing if you become a cloud because chances are your skin disappeared or something. Trying to rez things causes it, so don't rez no copy items if you cherish them. Even then, half your inventory could disappear in the case of a friend of mine, who's been with LL since before the last inventory debacle several years ago. It's so widespread that it isn't individual corrupted inventories, it's the whole database that seems to be crumbling. Every single one of my friends is having the same, serious issues, and a few of those include creators. The frustration level for some people is near the boiling point... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Inventory-issues/td-p/2455151
  19. It's still really bad today too. I just logged in after 3 days of not being online and the first thing I do is make sure my outfit is saved because I really want to go check out the fantasy gacha.. of course, it's not so I save it, low and behold, cannot create requested inventory. I relog, and the outfit that I just saved, is only wearing 1 part, a sculpted part of my sock, no skin, no eyes, nothing. So I resaved it, switch to my low lag plush avi, and again, cannot create requested inventory... guess where I won't be going to look today.. And yus, the TOS says that somewhere in it's many recent changes.. but if a bank acted this way with customers, lost money and said (Sorry not our problem and no we can't replace it even though it was in our possession at the time of loss), as many as SL has? Or a major appliance company acted this way when something needed fixing under warranty, people would be up in arms and things would get crazy in a hurry. What LL is doing is akin to economic collapse if they keep shrugging their shoulders and saying 'yeah whatever' when real, legitimite issues pop up. Copy botters are back, the market is full of stolen content and we can't assist with taking care of the problem. There was a blatant copybotter on the sandbox sim we frequent the other day, and they even were so bold as to be using their on file account. They were popping from platform to platform nabbing peoples work, They dropped in on me and I was lucky enough not to have anything out but the conversation was so weird that I followed as they hopped on a box and saw the crime in action. I notified the creator and they hopped in quick fast and in a hurry to catch her in the act as well. Most companies and gaming communities aim to protect their bread and butter, the customers, keep them happy. The blase attitude that LL seems to have is reminding me of those facebook games that people constantly play, glitches and errors never get truly repaired, it gets worse and worse until people can't even play anymore yet they keep punching keys, keep slamming their heads against the desk, still throw money at it in hopes it's going to work correctly again at some point.
  20. That popped up many, many hours after I even logged off for the night. Seems like they actually took notice there was a problem in the inventory server and worked on it overnight. Who knows if it'll be better today. Can't properly build with all these issues. Can't buy anything with these issues, can't tp or try on things with these issues because you don't know if you're going to lose a skin, or get things stuck on yourself and have to relog just to have to do it over again 5 minutes later. People invest tons of money into their inventory. Some RL money, others with money they've earned within SL itself. You'd think they would take better care of it.. In Eve online, 10yr old inventory is still remarkably stable, and can be sent back to you in the case of some weird hiccup, They wouldn't dream of saying 'Sorry about that but all that rl money you put into it is completely irretrievable..' I know it's not the same but still, inventory server databases aren't that different across the board. I find it very sad that LL, has difficulty keeping similar ethics when it comes to real cash transactions and exchanges. I love my SL but I don't put anymore RL money into it because of their indifferent and almost callous attitude when it comes to inventory issues. Too many horror stories the past few months. Inventory and land ownership is where their bread and butter comes from. You'd think they would take better care of it. We give them much by logging in every day, making microtransactions, or in some cases of land teir, ownership/rental.. big transactions.. The least they could do is make sure our inventory is safe (it is primarily in their hands after all). That's a lot of money spent when you look at it,, 30-50k people log in every day, spending money, making money. And LL gets a chunk of it every time. Look at the marketplace for example. 5% of sales goes to LL. That's pretty huge when you bundle a days transactions in MP sales alone, much less say a week, or a month or all time. It can go poof in a heartbeat and LL still has our money, and we have nothing? Where's the fairness in that? /endrantish rhetorical questions/post. *edited for spelling*
  21. Putting in my two cents, we've(my bf and I, we're in 2 different states atm) been experiencing 'cannot rez due to inventory fault/failure' on several different regions. Doesn't matter if one of us is wearing an item or trying to rez/wear it or receive it. It happens intermittently. It's really -really- bad today. I've checked everywhere to see if there was an update to maintenence or whatnot, but once again, nothing. Only thing I find is several people here are actually talking about it. I know it'll never get done but I for one like to see the people that get big chunks of microtransactions own up to a little 'oops, we're working on it and we do value all of our userbase' every now and then. But, as they say, sh.... in one hand and wish in another, which one fills up fastest..
  22. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could take the entire holiday off? Sorry, can't cash your paycheck today, banks closed. Sorry, can't buy groceries today, store's closed. Thousands of real dollars is handled every day through their servers in the form of micro transactions and some people actually subscribe to them for years and years. Skeleten crews should at least be on hand to make things stable, and inventory that is bought with real money should be retrievable. Not with an 'oopsie, buh 'bye'. I haven't had this happen to me yet. Though I have had the asset server ... 'returning item to sim' thing happen to me several times happen to me in the past week happen while I've been building. I know a couple of people who've had entire inventories disappear with this thing, and they're creators, it's not pretty. What's going to happen when some of a persons favorite items textures suddenly dissapears? They're going to blame the creator, meanwhile that creator is panicking because half their inventory has been gobbled up by LL's asset server shake and told 'ther'es nothing we can do'? This is why I don't subscribe. I'd like to, but not until LL takes better care of its customers. I love my SL, but LL should take more responsibility for its creation, more pride in it.
  23. I know for the past few days there's been some unscheduled maintenence going on with the mysecondlife.com stuffs. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/05/17/post1958/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SecondLifeGridStatus+%28Second+Life+Grid+Status+Updates%29 It's been popping up every couple days. I've been getting the 'We're sorry' message quite a bit, also unable to upload -any- pictures half the time anymore. It's very sporadic.
  24. Actually you can detatch it, and recreate the bridge from the avatar>avatar health menu. I've done it a couple times when the bridge has gone wonky and done some really weird things.
  25. Clear cache, relog. If need be, do a manual delete of your objects and textures cache folder. It's happened to me before, scared the crap outa me.. but I did that and it fixed.
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