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  1. When I first discovered SL, I was lost for a week inside a newbie college. I quit and about 4 months later I had a car accident that very nearly killed me. In a frustration born of the inability to move, a fear of driving (I love to drive, so this was horrible) and feeling absolutely isolated, I dug my account back up and decided to actually look at it. I found freedom, and the ability to smile again despite everything that was happening to me in first life. Nearly a year after my accident, I met this crazy, goofy person and we instantly became best friends and nearly inseparable. Everything felt better with this person around and they were with me through every obstacle I had to overcome and a few curveballs that life was giving me as well. I'd never opened up to anyone like I did this person. So, several months after we met, I drove 12 and a half hours (Yes! You have no idea how terrifying that was) to meet them in person. We spent a fantastic two weeks together and a year later, I moved up here because I couldn't see myself being anywhere else but next to this amazing person who had the ability to make me smile despite everything. Who sat beside me in the dark and held me, didn't judge, and cried with me. We're going to be celebrating our 7th year together this November. We don't even know when our friendship became this bond, so we celebrate the day we met, because every day together is confirmation that good things do come from a determination to at least smile if you can't do anything else. Yes, Second life has vastly improved my life. It's still hard, I have bad days, we live paycheck to paycheck but we're happy, because we're together. And things will continue to get better.
  2. It used to be a whole network of systems. It permenantly died a few months back. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Alteran-Stargate-Network-ASN-Shut-Down/td-p/2749732 https://my.secondlife.com/groups/7472ca34-ac0a-7e76-ebd7-4ec18b94adfc
  3. I have the same avatar, I've had the m3 head for almost 2 years and combining it with different styles and avatars to no end to create different characters. I've never, ever been banned from a sim or even accused of looking childlike with that head even with her running around with a lollipop in her mouth on several occasions. You can't call somene a child avatar just due to the physique. Hell my boyfriends sister is 23 years old and she has no chest, no hips and built like a 12 year old boy. She's also a head shorter than I am; and I'm 5'4" in reality. All my avatars are around 5'6" in the game because any shorter and they look too short porportionally to me. However, my boyfriend and I next to eachother, the tip of my head is barely up to his shoulders, just like in reality. He's 6'4". We certainly couldn't be mistaken for child avatars just due to our heights, and I regularly run around wearing the kemono avatar now. It's all in where you go and how you conduct yourself and your characters persona. Your avatar doesn't look childlike, yeah it looks youngish but then again, everyone with an m3 yead looks like an anime character. That's the point of it. Those toodledoo or whatever they are baby avatars that I see running around everywhere are what I would consider actual child avatars. To me, I don't consider someone a 'child avatar' unless their profile says they are or they act like it. It's all in how you act.
  4. Aeromia

    Bling Items

    I still see oldbies wearing bling from time to time. I see that flashing spark from across the sim and think 'newbie found an old freebie sim' and look at the profile only to find they're 8+yrs old :catlol:
  5. Manticore finally got busted huh? There were tons of rips from Tera from that guy.
  6. That entire mess of a promotion popped up in my inbox yesterday (Guess they were really missing my membership fee) I hadn't gotten one of those emails... ever... So there I was, suspiciously hovering over the links to see what came up in the hint box and it was a weird link 'click.me.secondlifeblahblahblah' or something like that. the click.me weirded me out so I came here looking and sure enough they're holding this stinky promotion with that huge boat (how big is it size wise? that picture makes it look massive) for incentive. I just had to smh at it. Neat but how many people are actually going to be able to use it? And now that one of ya have given the LI, that's just insane. That thing hits a sim border it's going to explode >.<
  7. Crux is no longer being sold, and those 'books' on the MP (3 versions one for free, and the two versions that got posted) are stolen content. Any avatars/skins/whatever being sold in this 'book format' are copybotted items.
  8. Anything that you uploaded is automatically copy/mod/transfer. so then it makes sense that it will be greyed out. (I haven't checked recently but I don't think you can change anything in your inventory) You can only change the next person. You'll be able to share it just fine with the person you intend. You can change the permissions to them any way you like. Notecards are weird and have certain restrictions (I always forget what they are) which can actually make them unviewable to the next person if you're not mindful.
  9. BilliJo Aldrin wrote: Since you gave him free reign to play the only reason he has an alt is to hide his main from his new gfs. IMHO, hes scum, dump him My boyfriend and I agree that's pretty much it in a nutshell.
  10. It's bothering you because you two came to an agreement and he's not honoring that. It doesn't matter what we all say, you're here for brevity and clarity. I get that. But ultimately it's how YOU feel. You say it hurts that he's doing this. You two have an 'open relationship' that means he OK's it with you FIRST, and you OK whatever it is you wanted to do with him. Flip the coin... How pissed off would he be if you played while he was offline and didn't bother to tell him about it til later? Relationships are two way streets, even online ones. He says he loves you, he's not showing it very well by doing the cheater shuffle even though you guys have an open/poly relationship.
  11. Sorry, but I also have to agree with the other poster. From the last paragraph I see the same signs of insecurity in myself that I've learned to deal with (10 years of an extremely abusive marriage, 6yrs of rebuilding myself and even dealing with a couple stinky relationships that did exactly what you're describing; except in real life; before I realized I'm worth more than that) Before I met the absolute coolest and most fun and most understanding guy(on SL even!!) nearly 2yrs ago. He understands my insecurities, doesn't prey/play on them; hell we have the same insecurities on eachother! (We now live together RL) We've never had an argument which has so far surprised the hell out of me. We talk about things, good and bad. But yeah, something is toxic in your relationship; and from the way you're talking, you see it too. You just don't want to outright admit it to yourself. I was in the BDSM community for a few years locally(trying to give an example, bear with me) I had a couple girlfriends who were in those polyamorous relationships. Now, two of these friends were married and one was just dating and in the 'pool' of ... I dunno how to call it lol; but all they ever talked about was how open and honest their mates were with them; how there was no cheating going on, it all happened with full knowledge and consent, yada yada yada... except one. Yesh she was married and all that and she figured out her husband was doing those late night rounds and how they got into a big argument that he said it wasn't cheating because she had said it was all ok to begin with and blah blah blah. However, it being the whole polyamorous thing made it even more complicated and their marriage ended up ruined because he couldn't see how much it hurt her for him to consider that perfectly ok even after they had an aggreement to discuss everything. She saw him as hiding something (which it ended up he was hiding an affair) And he saw it as 'harmless fun'. Anyway, I'm getting into a ramble. There was a difference and it IS cheating if it's going behind your back while you're offline. Don't be ok with it. So what if you two have been together for 2 years. Why does he have to do it on an alt? What's he hiding? You are worth more than the value he's placing on your relationship by disregarding your discomfort and going out after you're asleep and 'playing around' Yes 2 years is a long time in SL, hell it's a long time in most relationships now days. But by your own words you are voicing discomfort and sadness about this. The whole "...its very important that he has this lil single kinda flirty life , and i think he rather not bring me into it... "is horsecrap. Sorry. But that shouldn't be going on, even in a polyamorous relationship. He's a classic cheater and you need to realize you have more value than that. It's going to hurt to come to that realization yourself (you're already beginning to based on your own words) But once you do, it'll be easier to flat out tell him that he's pond scum for using the poly lifestyle to validate his cheating. You'll be much happier too. And you're right, it won't matter what aggreement you two come to; he's already openly cheating on you by using this 'alt' to screw around while you're sleeping and telling you it's just part of his 'single flirty life but you know I wuv you so much I'm telling you about it'... He'll just start going behind your back completely, which to me is just as bad as what he's doing now. I'm not going to tell you what to do, But you're already leading yourself into a direction of what you should do for yourself. Polyamory is not for everybody (It's not for me). You seem ok with what does go on in a safe, sane and consentual poly relationship and what's going on wouldn't be right even in a physical one, it doesn't matter that it's strictly online and long distance for you. You need to do what makes you happy and this toxic sounding relationship isn't what's happy and healthy for you. He isn't going to change.
  12. A couple of my favorite places are Myanimations and Henmations.
  13. Also, what avatar you're attempting to use would be a big help to :3
  14. If you're unwilling to ask the person, if you happen to see them again and they're wearing it, right click and inspect. Hit the button called "Creator Profile" 50/50 chance you'll get the person who sold it if it's mesh. Coming to the forums, people will tell you: 1) ask the person who was wearing it or 2) ask the creator (if it's MP or vendor related) Before they begin to truly help out. We all do the legwork when we want to know where something came from. It'd help if you didn't immediately start out with an assinine temper.
  15. The guy who came up with that 'investment kit' is going to be laughing all the way to the linden bank because of gullible people.
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