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  1. It's started up again just so everyone's aware.
  2. I can't figure them out. I can make a preset but then it'll just go back to that low butt view, IF it decides to behave. This camera is super frustrating now and I've had firestorm for nearly 10 years, figuring out how things work isn't a stranger to me. But I've been battling these controls since I downloaded this update and I'm about to toss everything in the dumpster. I also can't figure out how to raise the follow camera. It stays focused on my butt no matter what I try to change and save.
  3. The Evo heads accept regular lelutka/omega lashes, as well as eyes. Which also can be BOM (skin too but limited because of the intention for BOM).Just need to use the omega installer for lelutka. As for HD makeup, if you're part of the group, or part of the discord you can see all the creators producing makeup for these heads. There's lots of crossover with genus creators as well. Lots of people making BOM makeup and places that have always had layer makeup that looks fantastic on it. You can clear the texture layer of the HD makeup, and leave blend all the way up to use the materials of
  4. I know this post is a couple of days late, but they are BOM, s'why I mentioned them specifically. Glad you found something that made you happy. It's an adorable look!
  5. I love them, personally. I've got a wide range of heads from several creators and the Evolution heads are up there in my favorites of shape versatility. I will find the breaking point of a shape if I'm able. So far they're the only heads I can start from a new shape and it not look absolutely crunched. It's great! As for makeup. I have dug out my stuffed box of makeups/tattoos and various stuff and have had a blast mixing and matching and general experimentation to see what still works. So far I haven't been that disappointed. Izzie's has a lot of 'fixer' layer stuff that helps adjust thi
  6. Enfer Sombre has 3 (4?) skins made specifically for Evolution heads, Elena, Fairy both in the paler range that you're looking at there and Megan, I think there's another new one at an event but I haven't got it yet.
  7. Here's more info on the whole thing https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/g5gyms/midwest_internet_outage/
  8. Yes, there does need to be a whole lot less people scamming others, but that isn't what I focused on in that particular bit. Thank you for attempting to 'fix' what I said, you didn't need to.
  9. -Any- store that does this would quickly lose business. There are a lot of people out there on rural connections, slow/high ping connections and it can take a long time and multiple logins to load the entire store (And all their decorations!) on a good day. I have been on a rural DSL connection (Try less than 2MB DL on for size) for the last two years and lemme tell you, how frustrating it is to have to stand there, waiting for stuff to load and then get griped at by a fellow customer because you've been standing there too long. That particular scenario has never happened to me personally
  10. I miss living somewhere that had the food diversity that I grew up with. I'm currently stuck in the middle of 'white bread America' and it's literally as exciting as that. There were a couple of places that pop up every now and then, but never stick around for long because what the demographic finds as good food here in this area doesn't consider flavorful food as -good-. Or something. I can't even begin to guess why they'd choose the 'Asian-American' oversauced with teriyaki flavoring to the real thing. (There is about 6 different 'Chinese buffets' within an hour drive every direction though
  11. -No you can't remove your brows, they're painted on. -You'll have to replace your teeth with the ones in the box. -Your nipples are poking through your shirt. -Did my hair come off again? -My clothes are right there, what do you mean I'm naked? -No, your brows aren't gone forever, you just need to put the eyeshadow on a different face. -If you want to smile, you have to buy the expression.
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