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  1. LOL! Yep, double checked that when it first happened. I even logged out and logged back in (and again with the cache clear) Just to be sure it wasn't something I was/n't doing. ---Edit--- Well, whatever was happening for the last 3 hours this morning, it's begun behaving itself. I guess I just had to complain out loud about it, lol.
  2. ̵̶̵N̵̶̵o̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵c̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵i̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵s̵̶̵u̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵o̵̶̵r̵̶̵n̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵w̵̶̵h̵̶̵e̵̶̵r̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵ ̵̶̵c̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵'̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵l̵̶̵e̵̶̵a̵̶̵v̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵G̵̶̵E̵̶̵N̵̶̵E̵̶̵R̵̶̵A̵̶̵L̵̶̵ ̵̶̵s̵̶̵e̵̶̵t̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵s̵̶̵.̵̶̵ ̵̶̵F̵̶̵o̵̶̵r̵̶̵ ̵̶̵y̵̶̵e̵̶̵a̵̶̵r̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵'̵̶̵v̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵k̵̶̵e̵̶̵p̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵a̵̶̵t̵̶̵u̵̶̵r̵̶̵i̵̶̵t̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵s̵̶̵e̵̶̵t̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵G̵̶̵/̵̶̵M̵̶̵/̵̶̵A̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵d̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵l̵̶̵e̵̶̵a̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵f̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵o̵̶̵d̵̶̵a̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵(̵̶̵c̵̶̵o̵̶̵u̵̶̵l̵̶̵d̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵l̵̶̵o̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵e̵̶̵r̵̶̵,̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵'̵̶̵v̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵e̵̶̵e̵̶̵n̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵u̵̶̵s̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵w̵̶̵e̵̶̵e̵̶̵k̵̶̵)̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵ ̵̶̵c̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵'̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵l̵̶̵o̵̶̵a̵̶̵d̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵o̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵f̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵o̵̶̵r̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵r̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵y̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵b̵̶̵o̵̶̵v̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵g̵̶̵e̵̶̵n̵̶̵e̵̶̵r̵̶̵a̵̶̵l̵̶̵ ̵̶̵l̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵e̵̶̵c̵̶̵a̵̶̵u̵̶̵s̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵f̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵.̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵'̵̶̵v̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵c̵̶̵l̵̶̵e̵̶̵a̵̶̵r̵̶̵e̵̶̵d̵̶̵ ̵̶̵c̵̶̵a̵̶̵c̵̶̵h̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵m̵̶̵u̵̶̵l̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵p̵̶̵l̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵m̵̶̵e̵̶̵s̵̶̵,̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵u̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵i̵̶̵t̵̶̵'̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵n̵̶̵o̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵f̵̶̵u̵̶̵n̵̶̵c̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵o̵̶̵n̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵.̵̶̵ ̵̶̵I̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵r̵̶̵i̵̶̵e̵̶̵f̵̶̵l̵̶̵y̵̶̵ ̵̶̵s̵̶̵k̵̶̵i̵̶̵m̵̶̵m̵̶̵e̵̶̵d̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵u̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵d̵̶̵i̵̶̵d̵̶̵n̵̶̵'̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵n̵̶̵o̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵c̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵y̵̶̵o̵̶̵n̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵e̵̶̵l̵̶̵s̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵a̵̶̵l̵̶̵k̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵b̵̶̵o̵̶̵u̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵,̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵r̵̶̵ ̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵ ̵̶̵j̵̶̵u̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵ ̵̶̵a̵̶̵n̵̶̵ ̵̶̵e̵̶̵x̵̶̵t̵̶̵e̵̶̵n̵̶̵s̵̶̵i̵̶̵o̵̶̵n̵̶̵ ̵̶̵o̵̶̵f̵̶̵ ̵̶̵t̵̶̵h̵̶̵e̵̶̵ ̵̶̵'̵̶̵d̵̶̵e̵̶̵l̵̶̵i̵̶̵s̵̶̵t̵̶̵i̵̶̵n̵̶̵g̵̶̵'̵̶̵ ̵̶̵b̵̶̵u̵̶̵g̵̶̵?̵̶̵
  3. It locks you out if you put month/day/year. Put in my birthday, 8/13/1978 and it said it was invalid. Read what you said, go back and now I'm not old enough to enter and didn't get a chance to put it in a second time. It's quite ridiculous.
  4. PBR doesn't currently work with BOM, it also needs items to be rezzed out, the materials item dragged into it for it to work, (haven't seen anything about being able to be put in via appliers) So I don't think the standard way of doing materials is going to change at all due to creators not wanting to allow modify on items, things being too complex to trust the average user who struggles with the build window and just wants something to 'slap on and go' or 'just works'. If we were still in the long gone days of shared creative learning, I think it'd be neat. But as it is, right now it's just kind of disappointing because it doesn't seem like it's going to really be creatively used the way it could be. It feels really clunky for what we're supposed to get. So I think while some things will be made with the ability to do so, it's not really going to change HOW some folks do things right now (baked shine has -always- been the bane of my existence since materials became a thing)
  5. I'm trying to find the video making of, but that log in promo is a photo of a live action person for a recent promotional video they did. That's not an avatar. They used live action and effects to promote virtual reality. It was really an odd choice.
  6. It's started up again just so everyone's aware.
  7. I can't figure them out. I can make a preset but then it'll just go back to that low butt view, IF it decides to behave. This camera is super frustrating now and I've had firestorm for nearly 10 years, figuring out how things work isn't a stranger to me. But I've been battling these controls since I downloaded this update and I'm about to toss everything in the dumpster. I also can't figure out how to raise the follow camera. It stays focused on my butt no matter what I try to change and save.
  8. The Evo heads accept regular lelutka/omega lashes, as well as eyes. Which also can be BOM (skin too but limited because of the intention for BOM).Just need to use the omega installer for lelutka. As for HD makeup, if you're part of the group, or part of the discord you can see all the creators producing makeup for these heads. There's lots of crossover with genus creators as well. Lots of people making BOM makeup and places that have always had layer makeup that looks fantastic on it. You can clear the texture layer of the HD makeup, and leave blend all the way up to use the materials of that HD section to make the BOM makeup, pop so to speak. As for the HUD, personal opinions aside it looks much cleaner than the magazine look they had before which also confused (and still does) a bunch of people. And in the demos is a ton of information, as well as on their website which they list like crazy, and always help available in the aforementioned discord channel which is in their group and in notecards that come with demos and heads. They take customer input to heart. The next updates to the Evolution options and abilities when the newest head releases is pretty exciting, and takes into account a lot of customer input.
  9. I know this post is a couple of days late, but they are BOM, s'why I mentioned them specifically. Glad you found something that made you happy. It's an adorable look!
  10. I love them, personally. I've got a wide range of heads from several creators and the Evolution heads are up there in my favorites of shape versatility. I will find the breaking point of a shape if I'm able. So far they're the only heads I can start from a new shape and it not look absolutely crunched. It's great! As for makeup. I have dug out my stuffed box of makeups/tattoos and various stuff and have had a blast mixing and matching and general experimentation to see what still works. So far I haven't been that disappointed. Izzie's has a lot of 'fixer' layer stuff that helps adjust things here and there and it's really easy to bring an older skin/makeup back from the dead now. As with all heads, the shape and mesh starting shape is going to have a big influence on how something looks. All I can say is experiment, demo and decide for yourself.
  11. Enfer Sombre has 3 (4?) skins made specifically for Evolution heads, Elena, Fairy both in the paler range that you're looking at there and Megan, I think there's another new one at an event but I haven't got it yet.
  12. Here's more info on the whole thing https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/g5gyms/midwest_internet_outage/
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