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  1. I get them from time to time. Once i looked to see where this person was on the sim via mini-map. He wasn't there. Others were getting the same IM too. We figured it someone working from a group listing and shotgunning the IM's out. Just ignore them and carry on.
  2. Allow me to reiterate once more. THE ACCOUNT IS NOT THERE. Either you did delete the account (by accident, your words) or LL deleted it due to a ban or other punitive action. File a ticket with LL and request the account be reactivated. Have $9.95 handy should they wish to charge you for the reactivation. When that happens, you can have your display name back, preferably written in default font. We're just users of SL here, much like you. We have no powers to reinstate accounts. That job belongs to the suits. File a ticket.
  3. Your profile is still active, but shows you changed your displayed name to ღღღЕё-НЕЗАБЫВАЕМыЙღღღ. The same day you reverted back to using your user name andrusha27. Wait a week and you can change your display name to what ever you wish it to be. WORD OF CAUTION: Using fancy fonts like what you used before is not guaranteed to show properly on some systems and avis will just call you by the user name. Use the default font. Not only is it easier to read and announce, but frankly, I have no idea what the name says or means, with the hearts and all. BTW, I'm not the only one here who frowns o
  4. At the least, there's no double secret probation involved, always a plus.
  5. I'm very happy for you. If you are able to negotiate purchases using Bitcoin, more power to you. However, you are missing my point, which I highlighted above. If the real estate agent accepted Bitcoin (or for argument sake, Lindens), that's fine, until they turn and cash out in dollars or pounds or francs, or Euro. It's then a taxable asset. Bitcoin is not recognized as valid currency in any country. Try paying a simple parking fine with it and wonder why the Judge suddenly wishes to speak with you. If we could somehow get Twinkies to a trade able level, the same could be said. When you c
  6. That's a can of worms just dying to be let loose thread wise. Same argument applies when one cashes in. If over a certain amount, it is still considered "taxable income". I think Bitcoins can fall into the category as Lindens, as both are really virtual currency. Not tangible like paper money, coinage, stock certificates etc. They only show on paper and can't be held in your hand. I stand by my original post.
  7. I would think the return on the sellers part would be greater, but if they reside in the US, the income MAY still have to be reported to the IRS. And if the sellers return is larger due to selling to a non-taxable country (for dollars US), the liability here in the US would probably result in a larger tax bill. I'm not a tax expert, so as others have suggested, ask a qualified person in RL, not some SL thread readers.
  8. CLEAR! It's still breathing but barely. I don't see this thread lasting much longer, but final arrangements should be made.
  9. Mods, please lock this thread. The horse is dead. It's getting ridiculous now.
  10. Pfft...seriously? Might as well place a "Wet Paint...Do Not Touch" sign up. Of course, everyone will obey.
  11. Actually, they have been answered ad nauseum, you refuse to accept it. ASKED AND ANSWERED. With that said...
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