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  1. Firestorm will allow one to let the blocked be notified they are no longer wanted.  Pref>Privacy>Autoresponse1. It's purely an optional thing. I believe Singularity has something similar. I can't speak for LL Viewers for I don't use that version.
  2. KyleFessenden wrote: can i receive nude images from people if i ask for them This one is on the house, thank me later.
  3. Avaraia Aljon wrote: (note: before you read: i've already got quite a few aos from oracul. they're great but im just looking for something new.) hey! so im looking for a decent female ao to use. i don't wnay any with awkward and weird animations, like bending over, showing ass, presenting, anything that walks my avatar off 100 ft from where it acctualy is, and nothing too childlike. i've searched around in some places a friend suggested and most of what i found have the classic "bend over and show your ass" animations and i always find those weird, awkward, and embaressing. any or suggestions to good stores are highly appriciated. Tuty's has a good selection of female AO's. If you don't wish to buy the whole package, they let you purchase animations separately.
  4. I'm hoping to create a custom paint for my Himalaya. However, the template covers 151 layers. I've custom painted SZYM cars with minimum problems, due to what I was looking for was easy to find (not so many layers). My question is there any suggestions (or other resources) available to show me where to start? Which layers will I need to start with? A Google search showed me a template for a Lusch Motors Retro. It was basically what I was looking for but wrong model.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: wolfshanty wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: You could talk to the owner, but they will most likely tell you to sod off and believe their staff over you. Drake if I PM you inworld and send you the owner's name, could you talk to them please, persade them to overturn the ban and vouch for my good character That all depends on how much it's worth to you... 
  6. I've never seen this "problem" posted here. It's not causing any trouble but it is baffling. I have a kittycat from the 2013 handouts. A great cat to be sure. I recently changed homes on the same spot, one model for another. He disappeared from my home and i filed a ticket (could not locate on area search). He was replaced in short order. End of story? Nope. Now he going from my home to another sim (different region) that is catty corner (pun not intended) from my house. The owner of the area he goes to has no problems with his visits as do I. My question is how in SL physics can a kittycat cross sim lines on their own? I've set the boundary he can roam, but like a RL cat, he won't listen ("Don't go to the other region"..."ok, go to the other region"). And to answer one possible question, we've checked area search again. It's the same cat, not a copy from the replacement. Anyone? TY all. Love the video btw :)
  7. Of all the great music he wrote and performed, If We Make It Through December stands out as one of his best, to me. The greats are leaving. RIP Mr Haggard, you were loved.
  8. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Take a look at www.shoutcast.com to id stations that are playing content you want to hear. Then Lets say you want Nature Sounds... Go to http://www.shoutcast.com/radio/Nature I like that. Very soothing to say the least. Choose between crickets chirping or a summers rain. I can fall asleep listening to that. Not boredom, just so relaxing. But for danceability, I'd have to give it a low 2, Dick
  9. It will show in your profile. I'm assuming you are referring to your avi's rez day.
  10. Christin73 wrote: They look like zombies to me lol. Ironicly they all look like LL's default avis. It's obvious they are up to something. Protocol requires you to face your home country flag when hearing your national anthem? That's all I have.
  11. Dina Byrnes: I had no idea you could milk a cat! Greg Focker: Oh, you can milk just about anything with nipples. Jack Byrnes: [He reacts] I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?
  12. Jerilynn Lemon

    packet loss

    I recently was able to get home internet service after an extended time without it. Using public Wifi was the only way to connect to SL. During that time, I sometimes noticed high ping (sometimes hit the 30,000 range) and high packet loss (35-40%). It didn't make my SL experience a very happy one. Now that I have home service (using ethernet connects now, I've had enough of Wifi) my ping had dropped to a more acceptable level (40-80) but still have some packet loss, though it too is more reasonable (sometimes <0.3). Is there anyway to eliminate packet loss completely or is it something between Centurylink and my modem and just have to live with it? ETA: Big thanks to Rolig and Madelaine 
  13. ValorWhit wrote: /me looks for the popcorn popper. Over here! Was putting in a new batch of Redenbacher. This could be good
  14. I'm aware of how a sim and estate ban works at ground level. My question is how high can a ban reach (sim/estate) before the banlist doesn't work? There have been some to a sim that I know of who were banned, but were still able to get in after the sim was raised to help cut down on lag issues. Is this a way to get around bans?
  15. I attempting to customize a helicopter to a specific theme. Using the UUIDs, I am able to texturize the surface to my liking. Using the SLCacheViewer helped me find and locate some prims the creator did not list as "customizable". But at the same time, two textures I need are not listed, but shown with a red X in their place. The help section explains that the viewer texture cache may have pushed them out to make room for the others to be seen. They do not say the texture surfaces are deleted, just not viewable. I did empty my texture cache and reloaded it in a quiet area (Smith) and then re-rezzed the helicopter, hoping it would show the two missing textures in SLCacheViewer. My question: Is there a way to pull the textures out (I do have the UUID numbers) using another means? UPDATE: Yes, I am trying to retexture by hand, add an alpha type layer over the first, to give a rugged look. But I need the original template (?) to make this happen. The UUID's I have are for the original, but SLCache doesn't show them. UPDATE2: Thanks Rolig, I appreciate the response. As for the other two, one asked rather rhetorically " then why hasn't he or she given you copies of the textures, or told you the uuids?". the parts I am trying to retexure are the skids and a stablizing wing (UUID's are mentioned in the customizing kit one can by from the creator). I have an NC in to the creator now. But thanks for your answers, as much as they didn't really assist in my original query.
  16. A quick search at MP brought me to the shop in question. Frankly, I wouldn't spend 5,500L$ on hair, but thats a personal choice, Searching now for this "Henieczek" you mentioned took me to a profile page that states "This name is unavailable". Either she bailed on SL, has been banned (maybe LL did do something) or as you wrote, created an alt and is operating under that persona. As for getting any Lindens back, I suggest you lick your wounds and move on.
  17. Syo Emerald wrote: You don't even have to delete your old account to start with a new one. Just create a new one and log in with it. Syo is right. Down the road, you may find a use for your original avatar and come back to it. It'll be waiting for you.
  18. ReptonSkillz wrote: I'm talking about a small group, some of whom have 300-500+ alts, all fairly 'integrated' in SL - including peacekeeper groups, store owners, club owners, prominent developers, creators and 'public' figures. This isn't, repeat, isn't some kids messing around and being naughty. This is a serious group which makes substantial money off the back of selling stolen items.
  19. Have you tried this url? https://support.oculus.com/hc/en-us/articles/202741283-Get-Started- Seems pretty much to the point.
  20. Rhonda Huntress wrote: My adivce: come up with how much you are willing to spend. Get an off the shelf HP that costs 80% of that. Get an nvidia graphics card that has the last 2 digits 60 or higher that costs 15-20% of your budget. If you have any left over, add more RAM. Thanks Rhonda. I was thinking of a decent desktop and how to go about buying one to use here. I'll take your advice.
  21. Cort Callahan wrote: You can imagine how can be uncomfortable have almost 12 years and log in "SL2" and have 1 day. I wouldn't be offended in the slightest really. When I first joined SL, I was (as is everyone I'm sure) so behind the learning curve. But in time, I was able to understand what SL is about. These days, I have a clue to how to do things and where to find the assistance if needed. With Sansar, I would think the basis of SL is still there (editing especially). Let the age show me as one day old. So what. I won't be uncomfortable at all. If there are drastic changes within Sansar that are far from SL (SL ONE or SL1 to some), so be it. I learned here, I can learn there. But as some here say, worry of it WHEN it's released.
  22. I upgraded to the latest Firestorm viewer and have come to find that my group titles radio button is gone. How does one find their group titles now in FS? Thank you Amethyst
  23. Google is a wonderful, useful tool. I hope it isn't a fad. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Merchant-outbox-now-gives-me-an-ERROR-503/td-p/2954618
  24. Theresa Tennyson wrote: PregnantMotelgroundskeeper wrote: I want to contact the proper person(s) to have this sim cease and desist all operations. Im not sure the dmca filing is the right way as this is a trademark violation more than a copied item. As stated i OWN the trademarks now and the .coms and asked for a directory here to contact to file suit against the owner the land owner and LL if need be for compliance. It's also interesting that you said you own the trademarks "now." If the SL region was in existence before you registered your trademarks you're going to have trouble enforcing anything. IF!...the region can show they were in existance prior to your filing for TM protection, yes, you are pretty much out of luck. Should you be serious in this claim, it's advisable to hire or consult a TM attorney for guidence. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Unless this sim's name is representing a business similar to yours, it is not violating your trademark. That's why there is an Apple company and an Apple records. That caused a minor stink. I'm happy they "could work it out" :smileytongue: .
  25. Perrie Juran wrote: And now they are bringing Dr. Phil in to the act also. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Second-Life-to-Be-Featured-on-Dr-Phil/ba-p/2947485 All we need now is Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare. Casey and Kildare?...pfft. We can chat when she shows up.
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