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  1. OMY is my fav, but I also have a lot from Lyrium, Sweetart, and STUN Poses. Ana Poses also has some but not as many. All of them except OMY I think have curvy options
  2. So, Lara isn't "dying" per se, but as more and more new creators come into the picture, they are going to need the dev kit (which is by application only and the brand needs to send them out to people), but at this point they are completely unresponsive when it comes to getting it so very few if any newer creators are able to get the kit. Plus, many other newer bodies are out that people use and since little to no new creators are going to be able to create for Maitreya, it is eventually going to become less and less popular. In other words, if no one can get the kit, there will stop being new clothing made for it, people will move on, and it will be rendered obsolete. However, given that Maitreya has been around for almost a decade now, there will never be a shortage of clothing for it. There are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of products made for it, so wearers will never run out of options even if it were to be eventually excluded from newer product releases. BUT with that being said, if you are looking to switch, it would depend on what your current shape looks like. Maitreya isn't a very curvy/thick body (not that it can't be, but it is not innately), so if you're on the more extreme end of Maitreya and you aren't satisfied, Reborn would be your best bet. It is a bigger body over all, even with sliders set low. Your Maitreya shape will be twice as thick when worn the Reborn body. If you're on the middle end and just want to be curvy but still thin or toned, Legacy will be your best bet. Legacy can also be thick, but will require your sliders to be up much higher, similar to Maitreya shapes. Reborn also has more approved mods made for it, where Legacy is a little stingy with approving them for their body, so keep that in mind too if you like using mods like juicy boobs or the maze soft thighs (which is available for both but the boobs ones are made by different creators for different bodies and none of them look the same).
  3. You would need to contact the creator. You'd need a copy of the actual texture, or the UUID for the texture in order to make it BOM, and considering if someone has that they could potentially steal and sell their own items using it, most creators go to great lengths to prevent people from ever seeing their textures or texture UUIDs so unless the creator slipped up and left the UUID visible somewhere, you would not be able to get it without being dishonest and breaking TOS.
  4. I really like ebody reborn. It took a little while to grow on me because the ass is so high and big (I just use a deformer to make it smaller, but not the ones that come with the body. I don't wear any "butt down" deformers bc it changes the look from the front too), but once I adjusted my shape a bit I love it (the secret is a longer torso). I do still wear legacy most of the time but I'll switch to reborn for curvier looks. My shapes are pretty similar between the two though. I do have SOME feedback for reborn: I kinda wish it had the belly indent that Legacy has, and I wish the calves were more proportional to the thighs when the sliders are hiked up. Sometimes I feel like I got those chicken wing legs lmao Pics of my shape
  5. Longer torso will help. It has very different proportions from Legacy, so while it is entirely possible to get your shape looking similar, the shape sliders will be wildly different. But make your torso a bit longer, shorten the pelvis a little bit, and if you still don't like the butt then I'd suggest try using one of the "butt down" deformers that it comes with. It took me a while to get used to it too, but I love my reborn shape now.
  6. Try LAQ. Lots of their heads and skins look like this. Edit to add: Here's a link to her Flickr page with all of her head and skin ads
  7. I honestly just prefer to build my own. I almost never like ALL of the animations in a single AO set, so I just buy individual poses and use the built-in Firestorm AO instead of a scripted hud. Most of the animations I buy are from Stun Animations, Ana Poses, Versuta, Lyrium, OMY, and Sweet Art. I also have loads from Kuso/Oracul, but they haven't made new ones in years now so I've kinda phased them out of my AO in favor of newer bento poses from the other stores.
  8. https://gyazo.com/56f105fac5643c1bfc9588358cfc14eb
  9. So the premade avatars in my opinion aren't the best idea and I'll explain why. You're better off buying a mesh head and a mesh body that you like, and then also buying a shape that's made for that head and body that comes with a style card (lists everything worn in the photo) so you can go buy those items separately and get the complete look in the photo, because the full avatar pack ones won't be compatible with the majority of other products out there. Most designers only create clothing and skins for the most popular mesh bodies, and the ones included in the complete avatar packs are no-name bodies and heads that aren't compatible with anything unless it's specifically made for that body or head. Not to say they can't look nice or be of good quality, but designers have to go through an application process to get the developer kit to make clothing and skins for each body and head, so they generally only stick to making stuff for the ones that the most people wear and will buy. Basically, the complete avatar packs contain one-off products that aren't compatible with anything but each other and you won't be able to wear the majority of fashion on the grid with them because textures won't line up properly, or clothing will clip and not fit correctly. With that being said, here's a small list of the more popular mesh heads and bodies to look into. I'd go around and grab a couple demos until you make a choice on which head and body to wear, and then look for an avatar shape that's made for that head and body (so it looks like the photo, bodies and heads are rigged differently and will look wildly different on heads and bodies they aren't made for). Look for a shape that comes with a style card so you can still get the whole look, you will just most likely have to visit multiple stores to get the items. I know it sounds like a huge pain in the ass but it's way more worth it to do it this way so your avatar will be compatible with other products and you can actually wear the things you see designers create. Bodies: TMP Legacy (Most realistic out there in my opinion, but the hud sucks. If you use Bakes On Mesh then you barely need to use the hud at all and it's great) TMP Legacy Perky (same as Legacy but with perkier boobs) Inithium Kupra (Curviest body out there, really extreme look) Maitreya Lara (Very basic mesh body, realistic looks best for very thin or athletic avatars) Belleza Freya (Realistic curvy body, used to be more popular, tons of clothing for it, but most new releases do not include Belleza anymore due to lack of support/updates from Belleza). Heads: Lelutka EVO/EVO X (most popular currently, very versatile. Evo and evo x use different uv maps though so the same skins and makeups will not work with both, you'll need to pick one and buy products specifically for that one) Genus Project (realistic, several different looks ranging from strong and angular to soft and round to alien-esque. HUD is kinda meh, but the head quality is great) Catwa/Catwa HD Pro (HD Pro is the newest from Catwa, much higher quality than their older heads. All are mostly younger looking so depends on preference). If you'd like help picking something out please let me know, I'm happy to help!
  10. Looks like the neck blend is turned on on the maitreya body hud, it's an extra piece of mesh with a fade at the end for easy head/body blending, but looks super weird in any kind of lighting with shadows. Should be on the same part of the HUD that you change the neck size. I'd give a screenshot but I don't use maitreya anymore so mine's super outdated lol
  11. It's a UV mapping issue so it's not possible. The only way that would work is on a mesh body that allows two different upper body textures for the arms, one applying to each. I know the Slink body used to allow this (letting you hide one arm layer and not the other, as well as their old appliers allowing you to input different UUIDs for textures for each arm) but to my knowledge that's the only one that's ever allowed it and I'm not even sure if they still do since I haven't worn Slink in ages.
  12. You can just readjust your shape to make your hip width narrower and/or your legs thicker to hide the thigh gap. It's just a style, and rigged mesh is all adjustable so you can mess with your shape as much as you want until you don't have it if it's not your thing.
  13. I use demos for both fit and textures. Sometimes textures look great in an ad due to good lighting or materials, but look bland and flat in-world unless your lighting is similar (which honestly most people don't use shadows and different projector lighting when just walking around, I think most of us use an even and shadowless lighting such as Firestorm's built-in CalWL setting). If a demo I try doesn't have a texture on it and is only for testing fit, I'm honestly a little hesitant to purchase unless it's from a designer I know well and trust to provide a good quality product. But even then I feel like it's kind of dishonest in a way, to put demos out with no textures because it feels like they're trying to deceive you into buying a product without being completely transparent about what you're getting (which has happened to me before, especially with mesh kits). It would be like going to a store irl and ordering a pair of boots in what's labeled as a metallic red, only being able to see black in-store, and finding out once you receive the red ones that they're actually pink, made out of a different material, and there are no returns. I really just think that the best creators include some kind of texture on their demos even if it's the basic plain option for what they're selling. I tend to trust transparency a lot more than faith in the designer when it comes to non-returnable product purchases (which is pretty much everything unless it's from a gacha). It literally costs an extra $10L to upload one more texture with the words DEMO on it. They don't need to include every color option in a demo, but definitely at least one.
  14. Well first, make sure you're wearing clothes made specifically for Belleza Freya, as there are two other Belleza bodies out there that people also make mesh for. Second, rigged mesh is well, rigged. So when you adjust your body, the mesh is going to adjust with it. There's no way around the fit, so if you don't like how it fits there's nothing you can do about it. Third, sometimes people put their own twists on the shape of the mesh clothing when making it, so it may not fit like a glove BUT it will still fit all of the areas around the mesh (such as arm holes, neck, etc). In order to make your boobs not pop out of the mesh in this case, you just need to hide parts of your boobs with the alpha section of your Belleza HUD. You can click the pre-made section buttons on the left to hide bigger parts of the body at once or you can click each individual section on the body model on the right.
  15. I know this is kind of an old thread at this point, but I wear Belleza Isis and I'm always really sad when designers don't include it in their mesh options. Honestly I think the most used bodies are by far Maitreya, and then Belleza Isis/Freya and then Hourglass. I think more people used to wear Hourglass but I see it less and less every time I'm out and about in-world.
  16. Assuming you're using a mesh body, if you wear the Maitreya body, Erratic has some really cute mesh lingerie exclusively for Maitreya. It comes in separates, but it can get expensive since most of them are sold separately as well as being separate attachments. I get what you mean about applier lingerie not being as nice. I agree, but it's also a lot easier to make than mesh lingerie. If someone doesn't know how to create mesh, rig it to each popular mesh body, AND texture it, it's not gonna happen unless they buy a premade mesh kit, and there are next to none for lingerie on the marketplace that are either reasonably priced or that don't fit like *****. Appliers can use the Omega system where they're compatible with any mesh body you want. Not that I prefer appliers, but that's the reasoning.
  17. The only way I've found to "adjust" it is to instead adjust the crease and eye bag sliders on your shape. I really wish there was a way to move them around a little bit since a lot of eye textures are just placed differently and don't work with different eye shapes. I just wear regular mesh eyes so they are adjustable but I don't think those particular eyes (the ones included with lelutka) are sold separately for use with regular mesh eyes.
  18. That is a mesh head by Tetra. I don't know if it's custom or if she sells it in-store, but if I remember correctly she does sell it.
  19. Hey that's my picture from my marketplace store It is the karin head from lelutka, with a Luna skin applier from League on it.
  20. Pretty sure Belleza sells appliers for her skins for the other mesh bodies. Just check by the applier section in her store.
  21. It could be one of two things. 1.) You need an alpha layer to hide the parts of you feet that stick through. I don't know when the last time you logged in was before now, but invisiprims are no longer a common thing for shoes and without an alpha layer to hide the specific parts of the feet sticking through, you'll have this issue. 2.) No one uses the system feet anymore. Hell, very few even use the system avatar anymore. Most people opt for mesh bodies and mesh feet. I don't know a single designer who still makes shoes for the default/system feet. Invest in a set of the Slink mesh feet since that's the standard now and everyone makes shoes for those instead. They're always the same size, and they're rigged, so shoes will always fit. Sometimes if the shoes you buy aren't rigged, you may need to wear the shoe base with it but that's about as far as it goes with fitting issues with Slink mesh feet. There are three heel heights you can buy, and there's a fourth bonus one if you buy the pack that includes all of them.
  22. Exile has some that might look like that. They have a ton of unnatural, fusion, and ombre color packs.
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