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  1. I want to update. LL responded to me yesterday and told me I can just send them a copy of my ID to them in the ticket system since I am not receiving the emails. I never did figure out why I wasn't receiving the emails. I sent that in and they let me know I will be getting my credit shortly. I received the money not long ago so all is well. I am so happy this was solved, and it was a pretty easy solution. Anxiety finally relieved.
  2. Yes my email is verified. I do receive emails from Second Life and Linden Lab just fine usually. I will wait until Monday and see if I hear back and what happens from there. Hopefully this can be solved.
  3. I have checked, there are no open tickets besides the one I sent in. The specialist responded to me earlier today and said they resent the email and I have not received that email either. I checked every folder I have in Gmail and nothing, I triple checked everything. This email doesn't exist. I am starting to get really worried, especially after the specialist told me they resent it. I am afraid they are going to think I am a scammer or something and take my money away because I am not receiving these emails and they may think I am someone trying to pry for information or something, idk. What could be causing me to not be receiving these emails? Should I try to call support and see if that helps? I am hoping the next time they respond they can ask me whatever questions they need in the response and fix this issue. I am having so much anxiety about this right now, this is a good amount of money on the line.
  4. I created a support ticket. They told me they sent an email the day after I requested the process credit that said I need to answer some questions, I searched my email thoroughly and there is no email from them. I even checked inside of other emails to be sure that it wasn't thrown in with another email. I responded and asked them to please resend the email. They just responded back that they have sent my issue to a specialist. Now I am worried I am not going to get my money. I don't understand this, I have processed credit numerous times and have ever had an issue. This last time is the most I have asked to process so maybe that is the reason, I don't know.
  5. I'm not sure what a ticket status is, I have not put in a support ticket yet, are they the same thing? I did just thoroughly go through my email and I do not have anything from LL. I am not a premium member, maybe I should send in an email to ask. Thank you for your help
  6. I sent in to process credit and it is going on 3 weeks, it is still in progress. I have never had a process credit take this long, have any of you? The credit I requested before this one took 5 business days. Should I contact LL and ask about it or does it sometimes take this long and not to worry?
  7. There is a skin from Insol that looks like it could be the same as the skin she is wearing.
  8. Playing with windlight, I thought this came out pretty.
  9. I am a lefty and I have never had a problem using SL either. I also have an Alt key on both sides. I use my mouse with my left hand and use the left Alt key. It would be something I would have to get used to if I didn't have the keys I use often on SL on the elft side, but I would get used to it. Just like Claireschen said, us lefties adapt to a right handed world
  10. This is true. I live in the upper midwest and during the polar vortex we had windchills close to -70, it was no fun but we survived. It can be -10 degrees with sunshine and no wind and it doesn't feel bad at all. I will take a nice, calm -10 degree day over a 10 above zero day with wind anyday.
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