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  1. I'm interested in the shop/apartment in the square. Please IM me when I've been added to the tenant's group so that I can get set up. I really love the feel of what you've built and it speaks to my inner SciFi nerd
  2. Our family beagle passed away and I'd like to keep her a part of my SL world. Does anyone know where I can find a low impact beagle? Thanks for your help
  3. Yeah, that's what happened with our belongings. My sister and I had our things returned by the new owner.
  4. I don't think it was confiscated. She listed them on the forum for sale and the person who replied is the same person that returned my objects from my home.
  5. Hey all! I've spent the day trying to find a comparable rental home. I've always enjoyed visiting Blueflower field in Yosemite and they have rentals in a field of bluebonnet flowers. There are other rentals but they tend to fill up quickly because it's L$50 for 50 prims. They recently added L$100 for 100 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yosemite/160/190/22 Also, had another tenant reach out to me while in world and asked if I was filing a report against her. She made a good point that if enough people file a report it will draw the attention of the Lindens. Not sure what can be done but it can't hurt.
  6. I have been through RL affecting my rental before. In that case, my landlady had died suddenly and it was weeks before her family logged in trying to figure things out. We were told what happened and allowed to stay there until the properties were dealt with. I even helped manage things in SL for them because rental signs were still up. I was logged in more frequently then. Eventually, the properties were reclaimed by LL and sold. It took about 2 years to get to that point. In this case, this current landlady has been online or someone has signed into her account as recently as yesterday. I did IM her first in hopes that this was all just some glitch because that had happened a few months back with another of her islands. Then, she'd sent out group notices that she was selling that island because of the instability of the server it was on or some such. We were allowed to move into another rental on one of her other islands with no loss of rent or items. I think that's why so many of us are shocked by this. I really don't feel that she's passed away or something tragic because she had the forethought to post the islands for sale on the forum as early as the 17th but not to inform her tenants. I really wish this wasn't the happening because she was such a sweet person but treating people like this is not right. I've already begun my search for a new place and am thinking of blogging about it for those in need of a new, cheap but nice place to reside. I'll also include some of the tips mentioned here about not getting swindled out of too much money. I need something to do while I wait and watch Hurricane Harvey
  7. If I think this is the same person that just did the exact same thing to me, then you should hopefully be seeing a coalesced group in your lost and found folder. I just logged in to take my mind off Hurricane Harvey and can't get to my home. My belongings were all lumped together in my lost and found. I IMed her and don't think I'll be hearing back. If it's the same person, there is postings on the forum of her selling her properties and mentioning that she's left SL. I hope your items are just delayed getting back to you. I searched my emails and found that my items were group returned by the new land owner. So maybe the new owner just hasn't gotten around to returning everything. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  8. Ima, I sent you an IM tonight. I hope you are able to respond.
  9. OMG! Thank you! I was beginning to worry that it was my computer falling behind the latest needs. I voted on the bug report. Here's hoping it gets a permenant fix.
  10. Sorry I should've mentioned that it also does it when I select Preferences from the drop down menu in game. I think I had something like this happen once before but can't remember what was the cause. After over a decade, I forget lots of tricks
  11. I'm not sure how else to describe what I'm seeing happen. When I'm logged in and use CTRL+P, a blue filter appears on the screen and takes what can only be decribed as a snapshot if I left mouse click. I can't seem to take a snapshot of it to show you either. I'm unsure what this is or how to clear it other than to sign out. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the tip about CatWa. They have some with a color that's close. Any other shops you can think of? I always love finding new places to shop. Question to hair aficionados and designers: Is it too difficult to make hair that is multicolored? Most of what I find is all one color or limited to 2 colors in an ombre effect. I'm just curious. I've never tried my hand at making hair in all my years in SL.
  13. I've always tried to keep my toon close to my actual style. I'm looking for hair that will look more like mine this summer. I've uploaded here: https://goo.gl/photos/8jsXbXgAUPkws3ZF9 I hope someone knows where I might find it in world. Thanks bunches :D
  14. So I've been wanting to make some skins for a long time using Eloh's resources. This is the face and skin tone I designed but that's not what it looks like in-world. Is it just a matter of the sun settings? The above picture was taken under Midday. This next one is using the region default settings. I'd really appreciate any advice on this matter. I don't seem to have this trouble with skins I've purchased. Thanks :matte-motes-big-grin:
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