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  1. Why are all you lovely people giving advice to this vile person? lol
  2. well i'm a bit envious, i still can't log in
  3. the wanderers i have seen were Jian
  4. Jaycie18


    ok, well this is embarrassing. i was not wearing my mesh head relay! i guess i was confused because some appliers did work, but others not at all. i even contacted the designer of the makeup i was trying to wear,,lol thanks very much for the suggestions, i will keep them in mind.
  5. Jaycie18


    for the past few weeks , i have been having problems with appliers. these are all appliers which i have had for months and have been used many times. lately, i try to wear them and they do not show on my avi. i have tried moving to a lower lag area and still no success. other times , they work fine. any ideas? thanks in advance
  6. She may not have removed you. I had a problem where I accepted someone's friendship but the next time I logged on her name was not on my list and her calling card was not in my inventory either. Don't you automatically get a calling card when you accept friendship? It happened with another friend too but we were able to reconnect.
  7. Valentina e just had some suits for women that were maitreya
  8. meshbodyaddicts.com has comparisons and tutorials. akeruka mesh heads are all going to be bento updated according to the creator. i have one now ( which i enjoy) and i hope to like even more after bento.
  9. check meshbodyaddicts.com for comparisons and tutorials
  10. how about looking at seraphimsl.com ? they list almost all fashion events plus sales, steals and deals etc. if you have a mesh body meshbodyaddicts.com is a great resource too
  11. My sister and i have worn the same outfit the same day at least twice now and not intentionally at all.
  12. look at meshbodyaddicts.com you will get used to the maitreya body. took me a few weeks but now i like it.
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