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  1. I saw an avatar earlier that was using a nicely done static pose with subtle movement in the hands only. I asked her where it was from but she didn't respond. I haven't seen any like it before. Anyone have any idea where it may have been from? Thanks in advance ♥
  2. please help me find this outfit! thanks in advance
  3. hey all. im looking for this skin and especially the white under eye liner. ive written to the blogger, but havent heard back. any help is appreciated. thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me where to find this outfit? I found it on Flickr, and wrote to the photographer, but havent heard anything back. Thanks in advance! https://gyazo.com/3ba9e9dc8f2c6f5009d036f664ff8eeb
  5. Hi. Im looking for recommendations on some open-concept homes or skyboxes.. i already know that trompe loeil, onsu and scarlet creative have some, but im curious about any specific recommendations... which home is your favorite? thanks!
  6. Looking for this; https://gyazo.com/65448b27fb186d70f107a029f47750c1 Didnt have time to ask or use hud to find out where its from. Thanks in advance! ♥
  7. Looking for the hair in this photo. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Looking for the boots and hair in this gyazo asap.. Thanks in advance :)) https://gyazo.com/7ed324df4c635bd1fe1f6f89344a2775
  10. Can anyone tell me where to find this top please? Thnks in advance!! https://gyazo.com/cbb7daa9d60aa180bc094e958c09864e
  11. looking for this pose. have already msged the person who posted it but havent received a reply as of yet. https://gyazo.com/025007d0868beb03bf107674c15376aa thanks in advance.
  12. I heard it was possible to give up your Linden home for a small piece of land, but I have no idea how to go about this. Is it true, and if so, how please? Thank you
  13. Hi. I'm looking for three things from the attached photo; the bodysuit, the tattoo and the cereal cup. I wrote to the girl in the photo but no reply. Thanks in advance! https://gyazo.com/c4bcc2f910abd470a58bcc31eb8cf77f
  14. ive asked about it from the person who posted it, but no response so far and i need it in my life. lol.. anyone know where this bodysuit is from? .. thanks in advance!!
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