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  1. I have an anime M3 venus head on a TMP body (hated the kemono; wanted a more adult, customizable body), but am having problems with it acting weird with animations. With a lot of sits and dances, the head is not placed correctly on the body and looks very weird. Do you know where is the best place to attach it to get the best results with anims? (originally it attaches to the chin for some reason) I know it will never be perfect as they are separate and not intended to go together, just curious what would yield the best-looking result.
  2. Ah, I see; it's strange because it seems to be the loudest when my avatar's back is to the fountain lol Hmm, I wish there was a setting you could change to where sounds are only dependant on avatar position rather than camera position; I've only found that setting for voicechat though.
  3. I'm trying to make a looped sound in a fountain quieter, but for some reason no matter what integers I set the volume to it doesn't change; I don't know much about scripting so I may be doing it wrong too. Could someone double-check me? default { state_entry() { llLoopSound("RunningWater04", 0.1); } } I set the volume part to 0.1 rather than 1.0, but I don't hear any differences in volume.
  4. oh nice, that will be soooo nice! Thanks for the heads up, I've seen so many beautiful lipstick and eyeshadows from catwa on the mp
  5. *sigh* I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of these mesh heads; even though I tried different appliers with dark makeup I liked, I'm still noticing shape differences between the stella head I got, and the one pictured; still having doubts about it being the stella model. I'm not expecting to get anything to look exact like that picture, I just really like the shape of the face in the picture, but the stella head I'm trying still looks way to full and round in the face (I'm trying to go for a thin, more triangular shaped face). 
  6. Yeah i've tried them all on but couldn't quite peg it exactly; I was debating on whether it was stella or karin, but i think the stella looks the closest. Do the appliers also make the head look thinner or thicker as well? the one in the picture I linked looks wonderfully thin, but all of the lelutka heads look so big, round, and thick (and only a few of the appearance sliders even work on the mesh heads). I'm a bit of a beginner in the mesh heads area
  7. well several friends of mine have said lelutka, but now I can't figure out which model >_<
  8. I've been wanting to convert to a mesh head for a while now, but have not found one that I like even a little bit for my avatar; now I've found it, but have no idea what model it is! I think it may be a lelutka, but am not sure; please help XD 
  9. You obviously didn't read anything that she typed Quinn, good lord LOL Working girls don't give out freebies hun, sorry, that's not the way the world works (either irl or SL)
  10. I've been trying to find a nice stripper pole that I can put in my in-SL home, but upon trying to search on the marketplace I was overwhelmed with all of the different prices and functions some of them have. I'm not looking for one that does any tipping or anything fancy like that, but would like the biggest bang for my buck so-to-speak; I would like to have one that has a fair variety of dances/moves, and ones that look more fluid and realistic. It would be plus for it to be modifiable as far as the looks of it go, but that would just be a plus, it doesn't have to be. I'm interested in your guys' opinions, so fire away XD lol
  11. I've come across one called starf*ckers that looked good and active fairly recenlty
  12. I've tried the inworld SL search but it only comes up with 2 pages of results, and the ones I did check out were always empty; anyone know of any active anime hangouts? Looking for regions with moderate or adult settings
  13. I've been seeing all types of anime avatars with the M3 venus head that look great and have a lot of variety, but I can't figure out how to change the overall eye shape? The default one is rather large and round, but I would like to make them more narrow and slanted; I've seen lots of avatars with this eyeshape but can't figure out how to do it (the hud doesn't provide an option for this). Does anyone know how to do this? I'm new to these specific mesh heads
  14. I'm new to the kemono body and noticed that a majority of the SL shape edit sliders don't apply with this body, and I would like my anime avi to look like a mature woman; is there a way or mod that can give her a less lanky figure? I already found a chest mod that I really like to give her full breasts, but it doesn't really match with how lanky everything else on her body is. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  15. I recently got into bloodlines out of hope for rp and curiosity, but am finding it hard to find those that actually rp with the system. Are there any better vampire rp systems out there? I've only ever heard of bloodlines
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