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  1. And once and for all - In my very first post I told this game rules are unacceptable for me and I leave. And explained why. I think it is useless to continue this discussion. Stay here and enjoy slavery... game or whatever. I do not care! Lets see how long sl will last.
  2. Ethan Paslong, And you think I care about your opibnion or your small personality? Welcome to my ignore list.
  3. Theresa Tennyson, Yes, now I have payment information on file, because I had to give those bastards my card number, but this is last what they will get from me! I will delete this account tomorrow, after I finish some transactions. Let this damned game continue decline to oblivion. More people they will upset, quicker they will get there. Tari Landar I have paypal account. I added my credit card to paypal account and LL says it is not enough - bank should verify it!
  4. Ethan Paslong, As I said in my last, my another av got permission to upload mesh only by answering some questionnaire. No payment info was ever asked! Now they ask for payment info and not only they require payment info, but also some bank details too. In case paypal they ask my personality to be confirmed by bank! If this is acceptable by you, I simply do not care.
  5. Theresa Tennyson, I do not know what was when meshes were first introduced, but about 2 years ago my old avatars (deleted now) got permission to upload meshes just by answering some questions. No payment info was necessary by then. And now they ask bank account details for that! It is much more than just name and surname - they get much more details about you trough banks, skrill or paypall. Why they need that? For me it is apparent.
  6. Oooh and yes, I forgot, my proof was in previous topic, which was deleted by moderators. So I am posting proof again: https://modemworld.me/2017/05/23/second-life-mesh-upload-prerequisites-revised/ Let some trolls, telling it was 5 years or more, look at date and then shut up!
  7. Yes, this is second topic for last 12 hours... But above person "forgot" to mention that previos topic was deleted, as it will happen to this topic, when moderators notice it. I gave a proof about time when they changed this rule - I advise above person open her eyes and read it carefully. As for why LL is collecting information about users and what it is doing with it does not matter. What really matters is ARE YOU WILLING TO DEANONIMYZE YOURSELF and allow LL or any intelligence agency, that LL cooperates with spy on you?! And phrases like "nobody spies on us" - are bull*****. Thats wha
  8. Of course I lied to them - why in the world would I give them my real name? Let them delete this account. I am not going back anyway.
  9. Hi all, About an year ago LL changed rules and now they require to know person's real name to just allow him\her upload a mesh. What is next? There are laws that punish for certain expressions in internet - why not use them to deanomyze everybody? It will be much easier for intelligence to spy on us (if it is not already). Why after saying A you will stop and not say B? SL is changing and is going in wrong direction - it was supposed to be alternative of first life, not some spy nexus. If somebody wants to spy on people or deanonymize them, there are plenty of "reasons" for them. At
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