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  2. “Hey, ho! Let’s go!” - The Ramones You can’t escape the cheese-fest of holiday hallmarks out there - from jingles to made-for-tv movies; classic beacons of holiday cheer or the bah-humbug of the meanest of grinches - Winter is entering the room, purse first. We bake, we wrap, we drink our peppermint lattes, and shop! This year, our Winter Shop & Hop is bigger and better than ever! We’ve expanded to 6 Regions and 120 Merchants - so you’re going to need a little time to make the rounds. In the great gift of giving, each Merchant has provided at least one gift (no group needed!) to share with you this holiday season, has put deep discounts on many of their top products, and decorated their shop to the heavens in tinsel, trees, and twinkling lights. Check out this amazing list of Merchants: 4th Wall / #ADORED / Addams / alaskametro<3 / [ Aleutia ] / alme. / ALTAIR* /!APHORISM! / Aphrodite Shop / [^.^Ayashi^.^] / AZOURY / ba!Design / Baiastice / Bauhaus Movement / Bella Moda / Belle Epoque / Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute / Bombae / BOYS TO THE BONE / Caboodle / Cae / Candy Kitten / CHEZ MOI FURNITURES / Dahlia / Dead Dollz / Deadwool / Dreamcatcher / e.marie / eliavah / ELIKATIRA / ella / *Epic* / erratic / etham / evani / EVIE / FAKEICON / FOXCITY / Foxy / GA.EG / Gaia / Garbaggio / +Half-Deer+ / Hangry / HILTED / Holli Pocket / Izzie's / Just BECAUSE / KAI / Kaithleen's / KuddelMuddel / [ kunst ] / L'Etre&DOUX / Lapointe & BastChild / {le fil cassé} / Loft & Aria / Lomomo / LUEUR / Lunar / Mad' / MADRAS / Magika / MALified / MasKara / [[ Masoom ]] / MICHAN / Milk motion / MINA Hair / MINIMAL / Miss Chelsea / Moon Rabbit / Mossu / NamiiChu ~ /Neve / Never Totally Dead... / NeverWish / no.match_ / .peaches. / Pepe Skins / Petit Chat / PinkRayne / Pixicat / Pretty Deceased / RAMA Salon (Hair) & Rama (Clothing) / RAONHAUSEN / Rebel Gal / REVOUL / Rezz Room / RIOT / Salt & Pepper / Schadenfreude / SEKA / SEMPITERNAL / Seniha Originals / Serenity Style / Silence. / Silvan Moon Design / Sintiklia / Slink / Spoiled / Supernatural / Sweet Thing. / Tachinni Clothing / The Forge / toksik / Tres Blah / UNICORN / **UTOPIA@Design** / Valentina E. / Vanilla Bae / Vanity Hair / VARONIS / versov / {ViSion} / Vista Animations / West End / What Next / YS&YS / ::ZED:: Designz for Men / Zibska / {ZOZ} / This shop-stravaganza includes some layover areas for cam shopping and runs from now until January 6th, 2020. Visit any of the Regions below to get to shopping and hopping. Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Gilded Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Tinseled Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Halcyon Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Aurelian Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Golden Shop & Hop Winter Shopping Event - Gleaming
  3. If you are not using one of the rezzers that auto rezzers & deletes at set intervals, but only rezzes when someone manually engages it, there shouldn't be script lag to speak of.
  4. California SB 219, 1439.51. (a) (5) Willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns. 1439.54. A violation of this chapter shall be treated as a violation under Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 1250), Chapter 2.4 (commencing with Section 1417), or Chapter 3.2 (commencing with Section 1569). - This means a fine of up to $1000 or a year in jail New York City has a similar regulation, but the punishments are much more severe. The Commission can impose civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct. I'm not a lawyer so it's unclear to me if this would be imposed against the facility or the individual offender. There are doubtless more - these were all I could find with the 5 minutes on Google I allowed myself for research. Those defending these laws claim that it wouldn't be enforced that way, or the legal bar would be very high, but, since it's the state enforcing it on fines, and the state has unlimited legal resources relative to a defendant, that's a pretty hollow claim. That said, I agree that if someone who is obviously a biologically "Bob" wishes to be identified as "Isabella" and asks you to use "her/she", then you're pretty much a j*ck*ss if you refuse, but Isabella needs to understand that when looking at someone with a huge Adam's apple and 3 days of stubble on their cheeks, it's pretty easy to call them "his/he" out of reflex.
  5. Oh for god's sake. Can we please drop the narrative that's developing here that Conall is being bullied by the nasty woman? I explicitly said that I wasn't criticizing Conall, and that I've had similar experiences of things being interpreted in ways that are different from what I intended. I've also explicitly said that I don't think Conall should stop posting, or even change the way that he's posting. If Conall is posting narrative text to go along with his pics, then he is inviting the picture to be read in that context -- just as I'm doing when I include text or poetry. All I was doing is noting an alternative reading, based on an alternative perspective. It's not "pretentious" to do so -- it is in fact responding to what Conall's picture invites. If he doesn't actually want people to think about what he's posting -- and surely he does? -- then perhaps he should just post pretty innocuous pictures. I think that would be a shame. But posting something that asks us to interpret it a certain way, and then getting sulky when someone proposes an alternate reading, is not merely passive aggressive, it's also stupid. And that's the last I have to say on this.
  6. That's not stupidity. It's ignorance. Ignorance, even willful ignorance, can be fixed. Stupid can't be fixed.
  7. :::hug::: You're not alone. There are others here who are in the same frozen boat, and some others who are here cheering on those who are trying to pull the boat back over to land.
  8. I can't open that Jira either, insufficent permissions or possibly deleted, but I remember that LL were going to stop supporting things that were constantly changing their APIs because it was a losing game trying to keep up with them all?
  9. "You can't view this issue. It may have been deleted or you don't have permission to view it."
  10. Dude, you make nice pics. Keep posting them. We shouldn 't endanger this thread by discussion. Please step back everyone and let the pictures roam. I'll oblige myself as well.
  11. I mean really, they call the college students “orange cup” and “black backpack”. Just consider your sources. That’s what critical thinkers do.
  12. "I wrote something about my idle musings for the day, and it’s far longer than this will be. It was angry and unkind and I very likely sounded rather whiny. Plus, I’m far too conflicted about certain things. And honestly? I feel like somethings need to be kept to myself, and this is one of them. I should be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow." Read the style credits on the Tapas and Clothes blog.
  13. Unless the rezzers are actually doing something, the amount of load on the servers is minimal, so "super" is a bit of an exaggeration.
  14. Granted, but it fails to make him any smarter. I wish you'd send your nice present to me in exchange for this ugly Christmas sweater I got.
  15. Anyway - let's not derail this thread too much. @Conall DeCuir don't mind them; your photos are very well made and interesting. That people try to project emotion onto anything that pops up in black and white is just pretentious and sad ? Not what I expected from you backing off now we have all had stuff in our RL I sure have doesn't matte what gender but to say its pretentious and sad is kind of dismissive of other people's feelings. Just saying.
  16. Yep, hard to convey tone, intent, etc. with merely the written word. That's one reason I use stickers so much.
  17. There is a load of subtle and not so subtle conditioning in our world (RL). People unaware of it tend to absorb it and never question it... often are totally unaware of it. An interesting experiment is along the line of asking the religious or political people why they believe. VERY few have a good answer. How we see something like Conall's image and comment shows our conditioning whether parental, community, social, or media impressions. It isn't about Conall unless he explains his thinking and motivations. It's all about our reaction and perception. If you find those that have watched the American impeachment hearings and those that have only read/watched/listened to the news coverage, I find their opinions are 180 degrees apart... conditioning is a major factor in our perception of our world. So any reaction to an image or comment reveals us... I think Conall's image is nice, content and quality-wise. I appreciate your (Orwar) take on it and the responses here.
  18. Of course intricate nail polishes are important. It's very much front and center whenever a guy kisses a woman's hand!
  19. Thank you very much Owar! Anything you wrote here is just spot on.
  20. I get the impression that cognizance and context are not high priority efforts of readers as of late. I've made my points, readers will take whatever they envision an intent is from what they read based on their own purview, rather than make a genuine effort to understanding the intended meaning. So I'll just leave this here and move on. I invite others who genuinely want to understand my position to reread my comments and take care to pay attention to context and do not omit or substitute words I've used. I say what I mean and mean what I say. If you do not understand the message, then I cannot help you. But this is most clear, and you've all experienced it, too: people will presume they know what your intentions and meanings are and don't even come close. So be it. Forums are what they are.
  21. Btw, for the last few days I've been posting progress reports on the South Belli buildout on the SSP thread. Most recent one: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/426577-ssp/page/151/?tab=comments#comment-2023778
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