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  2. Except that 1) the current homes are not the same as the new ones, and 2) the old homes are going to be torn down at some point.
  3. Well, it's never found a way to "enforce" rights to guarantee that they will be upheld 100% of the time, but there do seem to be a couple of basic principles that we do all agree on as a species at a class level. Even if it did take some horrific human rights violations and even feminism (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN) to make the case for one or two of them.
  4. Thank you for telling me my real life rapes were nothing but role play. You insensitive grrrrrr......
  5. But that cuts both ways, Selene. If you are willing to apply what you call "white man's rules" in SL, with regard to what you regard as your property, you are surely being complicit in a system that has already victimized you. You can't say "I'm going to apply your rules here, but not here." You either buy in, or you protest. Again, the issue here is surely your safety, not your "land." By making it all about your property rights, you've just effectively signed the Big TOS in the sky that accepts a Eurocentric view of the relationship of property to people. It is surely much more consistent to argue that what is important here are the mechanisms available to keep you safe, rather than that there is some sort of innate and inalienable "right" to virtual property?
  6. Not at all as different cultures have very different standards of ethics many of which contradict each other. The human race has never managed to create a universally recognised ethics nor will it ever I said that what we call human rights is derived from our ethics (you said I was conflating the 2, and I'm not). I didn't say anything about the fact that different cultures have varying standards regarding what is ethical. I would say, though, that if a particular culture thinks the bigger kid should get all of the orange just because he can, that this culture is wrong. Fairness and justice should prevail whenever possible because it demonstrates that we value all and not just one bully that can turn "might makes right" into their reality.
  7. No, I'm not. I'm saying I have the right to be safe in a place I pay for according to the "white man's rules". That's not meant to be racist. We can either play things by the rules* or not but you can't have it both ways. ETA: *rules of [white man's] society Not intended to be racist. I'm trying to get you to see it from a different perspective.
  8. While I agree with your premise, we currently have 4 styles of housing that are on 512m parcels, a 5th seems redundant. I fully support the waitlist idea, it would make life so much easier as I wouldn't spend hours randomly hitting refresh to see if anyone's abandoned their parcel. And maybe they could look at expanding some of the current old style parcels to include garden space to expand into a 1024 plot? I'd be fine with a Meadowbrook on a 1024m plot for example.
  9. Hi Fritigern, this could be very well happen ... but isn't this area on SSP185 way bigger than the Würffelhouse - so what else could go there too? Questions over questions ... only the moles and the Lindens know, hehe.
  10. Projecting real world rights onto virtual world spaces is role play. Feeling genuinely violated by an "intruder" in SL is being victimized one's own role play, in which we're encouraged by the whole virtual world "land" metaphor we've all bought into. Everyman's right is a thing in some parts of the real world. Should that be what the Lab defines its "land" product to require? Probably not; it probably wouldn't sell well enough, which is to say it probably wouldn't appeal to the role play vision of "land" that we've proven willing to pay money for. SL, especially the Mainland, is a glorified content management system in which some customers are paying to host our little 3D web pages. There's a set of permissions those customers are willing -- even eager -- to share that they'd never consider sharing in the real world. Wordpress users are fine with letting the public see the contents of their pages -- it's usually the whole point of having a page on a public CMS. They wouldn't be so keen on giving a tour of their RL house contents to everybody who walks by. Similarly to those web pages, on Second Life Mainland anybody can cam into anywhere and see everything*. We're willing to buy this virtual "land" stuff even though we can't really hide anything we've rezzed in our virtual "houses". Indeed, generally, we rez that stuff to show it off to neighbors, visitors, and even mere passersby. That's what we bought when we were sold virtual "land". In some other possible world, all "land" might have been visible only by invitation. The creepy private access islands in SL are a taste of that. In a way, that would be more like our RL homes. And it never would have caught on. A different possible world might have offered no means of preventing intrusion by other avatars at all. That's not what we bought, but the reason we have what we have is because that's what we were sold by a product team trying to match demand. Landowners correctly assume they should be able to exercise the permissions offered with the product they bought. That doesn't invalidate discussion of what other possible "land" products might have produced a better, more profitable outcome for the Lab. Personally, I think a geographic sorting of product offerings with different landowner permissions is a massive improvement, and for all the naysaying, I think there's pretty good evidence the Lab is succeeding with that approach in Bellisseria. We'll never know if that would have worked for all of Mainland, limiting to Estates the more intrusive forms of landowner permissions -- but I suspect it would have, and that the Lab would have made more money that way even if demand had waned for Mainland a continent or two sooner than it did. ________________ *except, with "parcel privacy", avatars and whatever they might be seated on at the moment.
  11. I'd also like people to RP and hang out with. I have a mic but I tend to just use text on SL unless I'm around my family. I've RP'd a bit, I can't really do paragraph RP though.
  12. Not at all as different cultures have very different standards of ethics many of which contradict each other. The human race has never managed to create a universally recognised ethics nor will it ever
  13. Hi @PrudenceAnton, visited your Blues Cafe this afternoon - so beautiful! Lot's of atmosphere there - hopefully there be soon a DJ spinning the Blues - waiting for it to happen! Our very own Belli Blues! Btw stole the stream for my home, lol ... its a great mix, hope, that's ok
  14. You are confusing ethics with human rights
  15. THANK YOU! At last, confirmation of what we've all been thinking for all of this time! (Does admitting this publicly mean that you'll get thrown out of The Club, though? I worry.)
  16. Let's say you are in kindergarten class, and all the kiddies are sitting in a circle, and hungry. The teacher only has one orange, and puts it in the center of the circle. Is it right for the big kid who had some abnormal growth spurt and was double in size to the rest of the class, to grab the orange and eat it all himself, just because he could? Or is he right to divide it into sections and give everyone a piece?
  17. Well, I don't fly planes in SL -- but yes, if you prevent access to your airspace at, say, 5000m, merely because you can, I'd say that that does make you kind of mean. It does not mean that I think you shouldn't have the ability to do so, however. Being mean is, dare I say it? an inalienable right. As I know that you don't do this, however, I don't think you are mean.
  18. Guess the blogger boxes that I get are only from the people not supporting Jake. Sorry if that is incorrect info.
  19. Just curious what av you're using, I've not seen any miniture horse ones!
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