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  1. I think I prefer #9, which is really very cool if you like that style (which I do, rather more than I like #8, though #8 is certainly going to be amazing by the time it's finished).
  2. Several of us have been working on that as a side project, coordinated by Glowing and Chronos, two of the content creation Moles, who have done an amazing job pulling it all together. I really would urge people to check it out on Saturday night, time zones permitting -- we had a pile-on stress test there today, and it was a blast, literally as well as figuratively -- Garden and I got to blow loads of stuff up, which is always a bonus.
  3. Unless the rules on LI have changed over the last few years, don't mesh items count for their full LI even when set to TEMP_ON_REZ? Regular prim objects count as 0 LI when set to temporary, but mesh ones cost the full freight, I thought, from when they're rezzed until the garbage collector comes for them after about a minute. I ran into this when experience perms were first introduced and I was experimenting with rezzing temp attachments, and discovered that I was constrained by the available LI for the parcel for the split second between the object rezzing in-world and its attachin
  4. It can take a few minutes before it notices you're online -- I don't want to keep pinging the dataserver to check on the online status of all landowners on Bellissaria any more than necessary! If you still don't see it after you've been online for a while, drop me a message inworld to tell me which region it is, and I'll see what's happened.
  5. Next time you log in, you should receive a message from the messaging system directing you to Patch's post.
  6. I wonder if I should give Abnor a script to change the colour of those squares to a new one, the colour values generated at random, every 24 hours.
  7. That's the house controller (the mailbox or life preserver in earlier themes). The numbers are the integer components of the house controller's x and y coordinates, padded with leading 0s if necessary to generate a 6 digit number. There will be an indoor control panel the landowner can use to control access, change the decor, and so on, just as there is in the other themes, once we've finished scripting the houses.
  8. Trying to match the various Westeros Northern accents in Game of Thrones to places in northern England was quite fun. ETA: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/may/10/sicansios-game-of-thrones-accent-stumps-spanish-voice-actors "At a pivotal moment in the battle of Winterfell, Ser Davos Seaworth looked up from the battlements and realised that the airborne dragon division, commanded by Queen Daenerys, hadn’t clocked a vital signal. "The knight duly telegraphed his epiphany to fellow soldiers – and viewers – with a single word. "'Sicansíos!' he exclaimed, in h
  9. The way a British actor once explained it to me is that Hollywood pay actors a good deal more than do British movie or TV studios or the live theatre, and if you're an established US star, then your status and future earnings depend very much on what your last role was worth, which is why you're more interested in the lead roles, since the bad guys tend to be in the second tier in terms of both the pay scale and of screen time. The result of this is that there are a lot of talented British actors who want to continue their careers in the UK but who are more than happy to go over to Holly
  10. If they were talking about The Mayflower, then almost certainly. Otherwise it would depend.
  11. (Inhales deeply...) Erm.. yes... probably.... what was the question again? I feel hungry all of a sudden. Must be getting on for tea time.
  12. Generally happens a little after 4:20, or so I'm told.
  13. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21193/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=carpet
  14. The parcel markers contain a script several hundred lines long and do a great deal more than simply indicate where parcel boundaries are. Solid red ones have been rezzed out on the ground but are not yet activated and registered with the LDPW communications systems. Solid ones of other colours are registered as part of the system but are not yet turned on.
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