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  1. Trying to match the various Westeros Northern accents in Game of Thrones to places in northern England was quite fun. ETA: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/may/10/sicansios-game-of-thrones-accent-stumps-spanish-voice-actors "At a pivotal moment in the battle of Winterfell, Ser Davos Seaworth looked up from the battlements and realised that the airborne dragon division, commanded by Queen Daenerys, hadn’t clocked a vital signal. "The knight duly telegraphed his epiphany to fellow soldiers – and viewers – with a single word. "'Sicansíos!' he exclaimed, in his best dubbed Spanish. Sharper viewers soon realised that something had been lost in hurried translation and that sicansíos was in fact a garbled rendering of the knight’s original, Geordie-accented line: 'She can’t see us!'"
  2. The way a British actor once explained it to me is that Hollywood pay actors a good deal more than do British movie or TV studios or the live theatre, and if you're an established US star, then your status and future earnings depend very much on what your last role was worth, which is why you're more interested in the lead roles, since the bad guys tend to be in the second tier in terms of both the pay scale and of screen time. The result of this is that there are a lot of talented British actors who want to continue their careers in the UK but who are more than happy to go over to Hollywood every few years to make several million dollars as the villain (and often having a blast camping it up to the limits) and then they return to the UK to carry on with what they see as their main jobs in the live theatre or with British production companies. ETA: Is also English -- you might think I'm evil, but I could not possibly comment, any more than I can possibly comment on what really happens on region SSP83X.
  3. If they were talking about The Mayflower, then almost certainly. Otherwise it would depend.
  4. (Inhales deeply...) Erm.. yes... probably.... what was the question again? I feel hungry all of a sudden. Must be getting on for tea time.
  5. Generally happens a little after 4:20, or so I'm told.
  6. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21193/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=carpet
  7. The parcel markers contain a script several hundred lines long and do a great deal more than simply indicate where parcel boundaries are. Solid red ones have been rezzed out on the ground but are not yet activated and registered with the LDPW communications systems. Solid ones of other colours are registered as part of the system but are not yet turned on.
  8. Almost the first thing the Covenant says is so how on earth do they propose that people "work together to increase land values" when none of that land can be sold or transferred? As you suggest, the only people who have any official status in Bellisseria have "Linden" or "Mole" as a last name, and normally the only time we'll inspect something is in response to an AR or a support ticket.
  9. You'd have noticed if it was glitched from the start. Since you were able to use the rezzer successfully before things went wrong, that tells me that, whatever the problem was, it wasn't the original "double houses" bug. If it had been, the original house would never have been removed, so you'd always have had two houses there. Sounds to me as if maybe the old house was simply ghosted. That happens sometimes for no obvious reason -- it's clearly a breakdown in communication between the simulator and the resident's CPU, but what causes it is a mystery, at least to me. Glad Dottie was able to fix it.
  10. We fixed those last week, or I hope we did. If anyone still has a double-rezzed log home, they should be able to remove it simply by rezzing a new house using the house controller. That should remove both old log homes now, before replacing them with a new one. If anyone still has a double-rezzed home after that, please open a support ticket (don't contact me direct this time, please), but I'd be surprised if it's still an issue.
  11. According to the wiki, the limit for IMs and inventory offers (combined) is 15 for regular members and 80 for premium members. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits However, since you're particularly concerned about notecards, you will be pleased to see that http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits So it looks as if you can allay your concern about not receiving notecards simply by switching that debug setting to TRUE (if you use Firestorm, I'm pretty sure you can do it from the Preferences tabs, too).
  12. Could anyone with one of these houses still affected by this bug please send me a message via a PM in this forum or an IM in world? I'll come and fix the immediate problem and and inspect the duplicate house to see if I can find out what caused the bug in the first place, since to do that I need to conduct an onsite inspection.
  13. Try attaching your facial animation HUD in an area where you can run scripts, before you tp to Ahern. If the HUD is properly scripted, it should continue to work in no script areas, so long as it's attached and running when you arrive there.
  14. Next thing you'll be telling me that people don't read product notecards and operating manuals!
  15. Thanks, but what's the practical advantage to doing that? As I understood it, the original complaint was that people are not able to move around the houses using double-click teleports in the Victorians, and won't be able to in the Log Houses or subsequent themes, as they are in the Trads, Houseboats and Trailers. Unless I'm missing something in your explanation, that still won't be possible using your method, will it, since the touch events will still be raised? If I wanted to double-click TP around my house, I think I'd put down large flat transparent prims on the floors, so when I double-clicked them, it would trigger the teleport. Off the top of my head, I might be able to fake double-click tps using experience tools and llDetectedTouchPos, but I'd need quite some convincing it was necessary before I even thought about trying to persuade Patch to agree to my spending any time working on it, since the control scripting for these houses is quite complex enough already (and we'd get complaints from people who were being teleported unexpectedly because they'd accidentally clicked things), and since people who really want to be able to double-click tp can do so already at the cost of only a couple of LI.
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