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  1. I'd have to inspect the parcel and look under the house to comment, since I can't tell from the pictures where the centre of the parcel is, other than somewhere under the house. I know how our various scripted tools determine to which category a house belongs -- OW, OL or OP -- so if there are parcels where they're returning inaccurate results, I need to take a look at the parcel to see what's gone wrong. That's why I asked for slurls or LMs. Pictures don't give me the information I need, I'm afraid.
  2. If you find any you think are in the wrong category, please drop me a LM or slurl and I'll take a look.
  3. No, I said it's based on the centre of the parcel, not the house. If the centre of the parcel is above water, then the parcel is OL, even if the house itself appears to be surrounded by water on all sides (though I don't think there should many like that, if any at all). The direction the house faces is determined by where the HouseController is. The house faces the side of the parcel where whoever was laying out the region decided to put the HouseController for that parcel And we can't move them after the region has been released.
  4. I don't know. If you can get up any sort of menu, then the housecontroller script is working. If it doesn't contain any house names, or no items at all, then that means it failed to read the list of menu items properly. A long-touch reset (which is what I did) will normally fix that, as it did for me an hour or so ago (I have other ways of resetting the script, too, but I deliberately chose that one to check it was working). It may be that the last time you tried to reset the script, there was some issue server-side that was preventing the menu items from loading which has s
  5. Thanks! In this case, floating the mouse pointer over the housecontroller, holding the left mouse button down for 2 seconds, and then releasing it fixed the issue. As people will remember, the release was disrupted by some server-side problems, which meant many of the scripts could not retrieve the data they needed properly to initialise when the regions were first released, and this is one of the consequences. When LL return to work tomorrow, we can review where we are, but once everyone's back things should get back to normal pretty quickly.
  6. What region is this? I'd like to take a look, please.
  7. Re-rez it, please. If it continues, then please let me know where the house is, but I think a re-rez should fix it.
  8. Try it again outside the house, please, and if that doesn't work, feel free to message me to arrange a time we can both look at it together.
  9. That looks like the misleading error message you sometimes see when trying to rez a mesh object on top of another mesh object, and the simulator gets confused about what's happening. Have you tried rezzing the object elsewhere on the parcel, outside the house, and then dragging it inside? If you can, then it would suggest that's the problem. A workaround I often use in those circumstances is to drag the object from my inventory with the edit window open (and the object thus pre-selected) or, failing that, to rez a cube (possibly outside and drag it it) and flatten it it a bit t
  10. I can't remember why we decided to change. I remember the discussions when we did, in that I remember we discovered we'd have to do it that way as an unexpected consequence of something else, but I can't remember any more than that. Since then, we've just stuck to that method. There's no particular scripting reason not to do it window-by-window in general, though. There may be other considerations that I'm not thinking of, but I can't immediately see any scripting ones (there may be, of course, that I'm just not seeing right not).
  11. Sorry, I misread the post, and I'd completely forgotten how we did it in the Trads and Houseboats. No, we've changed how we do it, and the blinds now work room by room, not individually.
  12. Ah, thank you. Sorry, I misunderstood, and I'd forgotten all about how the windows in the Trads and Houseboats behave. No, changing room by room is now expected behaviour, and has been since the Victorians, as far as I recall. There's no option to change the window texture window by window, as there is to open and close them individually.
  13. You should be able to do it room by room, same as in the other houses. Try re-rezzing the house and if it still doesn't work, drop me a LM or slurl in world, please.
  14. As far as we know, this is a viewer issue that can generally be remedied simply by relogging. For reasons that are beyond me, sometimes the viewer doesn't receive all the relevant information from the simulator about the alpha mode of the windows' transparent faces, and when that happens the alpha mode stays stuck at the wrong setting ("none" rather than "blending") until the viewer restarts (leaving the region and then returning doesn't help) We noticed this in testing, including one occasion when Dyna could see the issue and I couldn't, and when we compared screenshots of the windows
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