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  1. As others have suggested, please submit an AR. It won't be getting anyone into trouble -- something like this make its way through the system with the almost certain outcome being that, if the item seems to us to be against the region's covenant, someone from LDPW will send the owner a friendly little note asking her or him either to rectify the problem if possible (in this case, move the object to above 2000 metres, if it's a skybox) or to remove it altogether. If the item is still there a few days after that, we'll return it, but that's all that will normally happen. While we do rigorously enforce the covenant, we also make an effort not to be heavy-handed about it or create a drama, and something like this will really not be a big deal either for us or for the parcel owner when we deal with it. And as Rolig says, please submit ARs rather than going direct to your favourite Mole -- that way it will be dealt with by someone who has time to deal with it, not by someone who's busy working on new content or new regions.
  2. Send me a slurl inworld, please, and I'll take a look as soon as I am able.
  3. Oh? You mean we weren't playing Candy Crush? That explains a lot.
  4. We have a general fix for the problem of houses moving from the correct rotation, or at least I hope it's a fix -- it's worked in all the tests we've done so far -- which we hope to push out some time later this week, as part of a more general maintenance fix. I'm still not sure what's causing the issue -- since it tends to reappear after region restarts, I assume it's a simulator issue rather than a script problem -- but I think my fix will cure the symptoms, if not the underlying cause.
  5. Run-off from Three Metre Island?
  6. Thanks. I've removed them all now from regions where they are no longer needed.
  7. I think there's an ancient prophecy, probably made by Magellan's enigmatic friend Stoner, about whosoever draws the fork from this cube shall be the ruler of all Pickledom. As @Dyna Mole will confirm, our NDAs mean we could not possibly comment on rumours about our working on community areas including round tables with a booby-trapped Siege Perilous, and grid hunts with mesh grails rezzing and derezzing all over the place, even if we had heard them.
  8. Several of them were used for QA purposes, and the rest we use for development and testing. Best to regard them as scratchpads, as Nika suggests in her post.
  9. Please, drop me an offline IM in world with a slurl or landmark and I will take a look. I can remove the non-functioning house for you easily enough, and it sounds as it the new house is working OK.
  10. All the regions in Bellisseria are rated Moderate (as is about 60% of the grid).
  11. Can you send me a slurl, please? I will investigate as soon as I am able.
  12. I can confirm the phrase "fork it," or something very similar, is often used by Moles, particularly me when scripting isn't going too well.
  13. I don't think that's going to do any good in this case The problem, whatever is causing it, is clearly with something inside the house (I suspect the control panel script) rather than the house controller outside the house. The house controllers are working as expected, but they're nothing to do with the doors.
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