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  1. As noted above, there is already a thread about whether particular avatars look 18 nor not with a discussion thread here Please use those threads for all future posts about "Does this avatar look 18 or not?". Any more such posts will be removed from this thread as off topic.
  2. I'm finding this thread very interesting and informative, and would be grateful if people who are fed up with the topic -- which I agree has been discussed rather exhaustively of late -- don't try to derail it with off-topic complaints.
  3. Since there seems very little point about speculating about what people might do, and why, in hypothetical cases, I'm closing this thread. Details of how to file an abuse report are available here. If and when people encounter something they think should be reported as a breach of ToS, then I would encourage them so to do. If anyone comes across an actual situation of which they think Governance should be aware, then please go ahead and file a report.
  4. Since I've just had to remove three pages of posts about Elon Musk, whose connection to child avatars in SL escapes me, I think it's a good time to lock this thread.
  5. Thanks! I've drawn this to the attention of the relevant people.
  6. Folks, this thread is getting too far off-topic from the original question, Will The New TOS on Child Avatars Ensnare Short Adults? and it's also getting way too heated. Please stick to the topic and don't get involved in personal disputes, or the thread will be locked (it's hardly as if we're short of threads about the new ToS, after all!).
  7. I've checked this with Governance and am told that, for the marketplace, you should not try to overthink it, but use the category that you think fits the best because the Governance team will review the listing for any violations, however you've flagged it. That having been said, this kind of material is often flagged as "Disallowed Listing Practices>Harmful or Disruptive Content"
  8. I will try to find out, and post the results here.
  9. Thanks, Henri, for the clarification. That is, of course, what I meant, and I've updated the post to, I hope, remove any ambiguity. From the FAQ
  10. Linden Lab Official:Clarification of policy disallowing ***** The first point would seem to catch the behaviour you describe. I really would suggest that, when they encounter questionable activity like that people should file an Abuse Report, as described in the FAQ, and encourage their friends to do the same, should ever they encounter similar behaviour. and let Governance sort it out.
  11. You will be pleased to know that LL have recently announced some revisions to their policy on Child Avatars; The full policy is here Linden Lab Official:Clarification of policy disallowing ***** and there are some FAQ about the policy here. Various aspects of these changes are already the subject of several threads in the General Discussion forum so, because I don't think yet another one is needed, I'm locking this one.
  12. Gentle reminder that the Forum Participation Guidelines include the following Since no one other than the Governance team and the permabanned avatar know what happened, I think any further discussions of how someone (or someone else's friend, or someone on Reddit) may or may not come to have been permabanned should be avoided.
  13. I think that the discussion of the Boystown stand at the Welcome Hub has gone as far as it usefully can for this thread (and I'm not sure it's ever been on topic for it). If anyone feels they need to discuss the matter further, please start a new thread about it elsewhere and I'll make sure the Moles in charge of the Welcome Hub get to see it. But please don't take it any further in this thread.
  14. Gentle reminder that the Linden Lab Official:Forum Participation Guidelines say, among other things And, as a point of information, we don't always wait for someone to report a post if we see something that appears to be contrary to the guidelines. We sometimes moderate proactively.
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