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  1. I've sometimes heard it's wise to be careful what you wish for.
  2. It's very unlikely we would change the landscaping or decoration on a region that's passed QA (which, by definition, includes any region that's been released) other than to fix something that was broken. I can't easily think of any circumstances in which we would have removed a bench from a public area, though I'm not involved in region decoration.
  3. Not that I've heard, though LDPW aren't directly involved with the the website. My involvement is limited to ensuring the website receives the data it needs from the regions we're about to release.
  4. As I recall -- and I may be mistaken here, but I doubt it -- the problem was that the houseboat's wall and the fake wall were in exactly the same plane, so the cpu and gpu on the individual user's computer didn't know which one should take priority. The results were weird, not least because the way Sylvia's screen was presenting the walls wasn't necessarily what I was seeing. Long story short -- moving the fake wall by a tiny fraction - 0.001m, if you can manage it -- fixes it, though you may have to relog or TP out of the region and back again to force your viewer to refresh its texture cache so you can see the difference. A more satisfactory long-term fix might involve tweaking the mesh of the fake walls slightly, so that they cover the houseboat's walls as do wallpaper or paint and undercoat cover plain plaster in a first life build. Otherwise tweaking the settings in the faux-rezzer might work, and would probably be worth trying first. It's not the ideal solution but I would imagine it's considerably simpler the reuploading the mesh (or maybe that's only when you're as hopeless with mesh as am I). Those suggestions are not intended as a criticism of anyone's work, of course. It's what I would be advising friends and business partners if I were logged in on my resident account and we were making that sort of content.
  5. That's a new one on me, certainly. Are you sure that's where it's from? @Dyna Mole scripted the control panel, so she could say for sure, but I'm reasonably familiar with it and there's nothing there I remember that would put up hovertext messages like that.
  6. I'm afraid I am not authorised to know whether or not LDPW is building up its own independent nuclear deterrent , and therefore can neither confirm nor deny reports about any such weapons we may possess, nor their range and capabilities. As a general point, though, I can confirm it's never a good idea to annoy @Patch Linden too badly.
  7. Thanks. Glad I was able to help a bit. If you're interested what we're doing on Bellissaria, both Patch Linden and some of us Moles quite frequently respond to points people raise over in the Linden Homes forum, which is over in the Land section: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/357-linden-homes/ We're glad to answer questions from residents when we can, but one of us is far more likely to see them if you post them there rather than anywhere else.
  8. This is all written in comprehensible English but I have no idea what you mean, and I can't begin to guess which of our LDPW activities the question "how long does it take to copy a few hundred trees and boats?" is supposed to refer to. Each region in Bellissaria is unique, designed and laid out individually. When we make new regions to add to Bellissaria, we start with a completely new one, flat as pool table and completely featureless. Each one needs terraforming and dividing up into parcels, and roads laying, and slips for the boats, and then decorating with trees, flowers, rocks, fences and whatever else for the parcels and then some general landscaping on the remaining LDPW land plus some community areas building here and there. That's all done by teams of LDPW Moles, working together, and pretty much flat out. It involves several passes, and several QA inspections at different stages in the process. That's what takes the time, and it's because the terraforming and decorating is done with such care and attention to detail that the regions look as good as they do. I'm not sure who the users are that you think generate and create the content on Bellissaria -- everything we put out on a region is made and scripted by LDPW Moles, and those of us who work primarily in content creation for Bellissaria rather than setting up the regions are already well advanced into creating items for future themes. ETA: Re empty inventory folders -- I started in SL on my main Resident account in 2008 and have an immense collection of items in my inventory, but no empty folders.
  9. A common complaint on the mainland is that people find it difficult to fly around without being confronted with ban lines and (in the case of skyboxes above the ban-line limit) over-aggressive security orbs.
  10. If no one sees or hears you, then Governance will receive no ARs on which to act, obviously. However, if someone does happen to enter your parcel unexpectedly and surprises you, and then, equally obviously, they will be able to see you, and they may choose to file an AR. Similar situation to First Life, when you come to think of it.
  11. I think, however, that if you read the interview with Patch to which I linked above, you will find the following exchange: In other words, sex al fresco is not permitted in Bellisseria, even on your own parcel with parcel visibility switched off.
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