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  2. Bill created a passive RP group for those that wanted to opt into rp into the Bella lands: secondlife:///app/group/dcf3135c-e739-5a42-1be0-7a2effad2b37/about
  3. Bill created an awesome rp group for those that wanted to opt into passive roleplay. As in rp when they felt like it. secondlife:///app/group/dcf3135c-e739-5a42-1be0-7a2effad2b37/about
  4. I think your pictures are great and your decorating skills are top notch!
  5. I really enjoyed your video and great driving! Whenever I try to drive, you would swear I am drunk.
  6. Baphy (my RL/SL spousal unit) is a hella good producer & DJ, but I'm a tad biased 😛
  7. Oh cool, I think that's not far from my house.
  8. Some really good Mashups I love.. Hope you enjoy them also Ceka ❤️
  9. Great, you got an abo. I love to hear delicious music to the pics 🍒
  10. I is curious to see what this "new theme" will entail.
  11. I just bought the Teegle horse today after demo'ing it at Enchantment. I think it is awesome. I did a number of sim crossings in Bellisseria and didn't notice an issue; however, not so good on autowalk, looking at map, and trying to follow chat at the same time. Would love to see some riding events though we leave Friday to go camping for 11 days - no internet! Cries slightly.
  12. Sorry? I'm glad you survived then! And thank you
  13. I just tested this and added someone to my ban list and it worked I can no longer see myself from my alt as for going to another place not really an option for me my LL home ios all I have right now and I was lucky to get that.
  14. Once Upon SL was super cute. Thanks for that, Suspended. I just started making videos this year & my early efforts are on youtube, but I'm learning & improving:
  15. I can now confirm this bug works I added someone to my ban list and can no longer see me from my alt seems like something LL needs to fix
  16. In one area I had lived, people had signs out in their yard that said they were up for RP'ing
  17. If you can actually get a new Linden Home, that is!
  18. I recommend searching by "teeglepet", one word. That has been a pretty reliable search term for me
  19. yes, good idea, we need rp tags to let others know to interact with us
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