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  2. Can people please confirm that the viewer is not a factor. Almost everything Ive read says this is strictly server side, and the LL notice on this says all viewers are affected. However a sailing friend seems pretty convinced that the SL viewer is more robust in this regard (sailing / sim crossing specifically) than Firestorm. Other than possibly different thresholds for time-out disconnects, I cant see the viewer making a difference if it IS strictly server side. I'm probably being naive but I find it a bit worrying that it is taking the 'crack team' so long to diagnose the problem. (Yes, the fix can be lengthy depending on the problem, but Im surprised that diagnosis is proving so difficult). It suggests to me that there may not be a single cause (other than the basic architectural design and the inherent byzantine nature of region crossings). It does also raise the question of how they test system releases.
  3. Yes, this. And no Excorsist chant is necessary even. But their heads don't spin around in circles, though.
  4. I was experiencing this long before the TP and border-crossing issues started. I am talking months ago, like back to September '18 and such. Just saying.
  5. Happy update: I met my best friend with whom I used to spend every single minute of my SL back in the day (we're talking 4 years ago) and we are officially together now. 😍
  6. I have a very similar problem. I can see myself only as a boiling orange cloud but other people can see me. I cannot detach attachments, and when I change my outfit, the new attachments add but the old ones are not getting removed. Same problem on two different computers.
  7. If you ever want to shake things up a bit then try some role-play. One is rarely alone in these scenarios and there are genres to suit most flavors like Medieval, Fantasy (magic, faeries, Lycans and Vampires, etc) - Game of Thrones, cyberpunk...even good old fashioned Wild West (Hey, my Apache tribe could use more MEN! LOL). And no: Role-play isn't difficult (in fact, many times we just relax around the campfire and chat general things not so pioneering days-related). Anyway, my point is that you will surround yourself with others that share at least some interests with you. And that's where stronger friendships are made and they tend to "stick". Many time my role-play friends and I will pop out of the Mexico Sanora desert to go sailing in the Blake Sea or leave Bear Creek Township's horses alone (we like to steal horses and burn down barns) and go train-riding at Heterocera Atoll. As for the relationship stuff that many people like? There's that, too. Many marriages, partnerships, all kinds of stuff happen in these role-plays also. My main tip, if you choose to at least look into this stuff, try to not let an empty region dissuade you. Some role-play regions have peaks and valleys in concurrency - investigate at different hours of the day. My Apache tribe, for example, have many Europeans who are often there throughout the SL Daytime (between 9AM and 1 or 2PM (which works great for me as my in-world time skews to match their in-world time, even though I am in Pacific coast.) Just saying a little perseverance and patience (and thinking outside the box) can go a long way in finding freinds. You don't have to keep standing around at the nudie beaches, club-hopping, and all the same things over and over again hoping for a different result (which by definition is.... nevermind LOL). Besides, it's a lot of fun to play dress-up in a themed costume sometimes.
  8. Thank you. I also confirmed that as of today, I have no more TP crashes, I can TP to where ever I like, as many times as I like. No crashes. I even can keep my hair as I arrive. All is working for me. I am very happy. Thanks to all who has helped.
  9. I never got an email either. I just was lucky that I happened to open Reddit for something to read while eating lunch and saw a post there, a few hours after they went live. By then the house boats were gone but I was able to snag a traditional.
  10. Any word yet on the new homes being available yet any one?
  11. Ack! For a sea view I would have asked if they could restrict sound to their parcel, and if they didn't I would have tracked that down and ignored it or adjusted my sounds until they tired of it. I would love a sea view! I had to ignore some idiot's screech box that broadcast anything they said to the whole sim. Either they had just come from hosting or loved the sound of their voice a lot. Was weird either way because they were having a conversation and the sim was only getting their side of it. Lol before I blocked it I did entertain myself by Mad Libbing the other part that I couldn't hear/see.
  12. Still available for rent
  13. Each plot has a Rezzer so you can choose the House style (or Houseboat model) you wish, and change at any time! Very clever idea I think! I hope you got one, I'm so far behind in reading posts.
  14. Given the frequency with which you get your knickers in knots about uppity women, Jack . . . I'd honestly have to say that I don't know anyone on these forums who is more "emotional" than you. Is there something you're not telling us?
  15. We're all about the MUSIC!! All DJ's perform LIVE Today's ROCKIN' Line UP @ The WOLF DEN 4pm - 6pm DJ Lucky Ace carries on the party with his choice of Rock mix music - always a good time 6pm - 8pm DJ Lust brings a mixed bag of bass-heavy feelgood to your ears 8pm - 10pm DJ John Snow come and join in the fun and party along with DJ John Snow and his Country-mix Come along, join us to have a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME We're all about the MUSIC!! All DJ's perform LIVE Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenity Vista/206/45/25
  16. Hi, still available for host?
  17. Be careful what you wish for; there are new tiers of Premium Membership coming. If there is a lower tier than the current one... So don't give @Patch Linden any ideas. Bahahaha!
  18. Perhaps you can bribe a mole - or persuade him - to put molehedges all around your lot - just OUTsinde of your parcel? - like they did in many places. The very first home I hve been offered - the one with the sea view - had a very bare sand- garden. I tried to surround it by the mole hedges that were in the packet in the postbox. To my dismay I discovered that you couldnt just STRECH them - like you can do with the walls - but have to use dozends of them to get all around. That was one of the reasons I abandoned it. - The other was the noisy neighbour with his motorbyke- rezzer.
  19. I second that! One big "post your gripes here" thread to lump them all together would be good.
  20. You can quite often see ghosted avatars just sitting by a sim crossing. Right clicking them will usually exorcise them
  21. Well we could just ask @Patch Linden what he thinks of it.
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