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  1. And many cases a computer is cheaper then a phone. Although the last time I was in a big box store --- they only had 2 models for comps and expanded the phones into their former space. I'd love to see the cell networks have an issue and crash and burn and see most everyone have withdrawals.
  2. I think I grabbed one item. Ended up file 13ing it!
  3. It means she's "Voice Verified" by the parcel! 🤣 At least it works. Sometimes the voice option on the land may not work even if it's enabled --- until the next restart.
  4. IBTL --- But something like is left lodging a AR or ticket with the Lab.
  5. Bad patrons in our bar. And some that say it's not "instaramable." Dominos Pizza --- we call them the Cardboard Factory Pizza. Back then it tasted like that, although I heard they improved it. Mother Earth throwing a fit.
  6. Must be in California. When we used to live there we had a few "region restarts" aka Earthquakes.
  7. I'm rarely active in world nowadays. Too much drama and hurt and the changes LL making doesn't help. I do remember being active in 2007/08 and stepped back due to RL and only came back a few years ago. Now time for another long vacation.
  8. The Pony will not happen unless LL can heavily monetize off of it. Like 100L per ride --- 100L per sim crossing while riding said pony, etc.
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