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  1. Seems they made it more simple for signing up then sitting there for 45 years deciding what avi you want --- only to change it once you get in world.
  2. Ewww FB. Maybe in 2034 we'll get the last names back.
  3. Too bad LL doesn't have some kind of set up where the donations go directly to a charity bypassing the fees. Although it would require said charity to have someone set up an account specifically for that purpose.
  4. DJing in a club and the club owner isn't listening and others AFK. My man tested that out one night when he dropped the stream to swap computers and no one commented. Although the club in question doesn't get many visitors accept for one dudes family that drops in, probably from the same house or 2.
  5. Now I have the urge to have our DJ at my bar play Chuck Berry's My Ding-a-Ling tonight!
  6. <--- Wonders how long before a mod moves this thread to the "adult" area for discussing "members."
  7. One pet peeve my Linden friend (the one that told me about SL back in 1943) told me was is going to a club to enjoy music and getting bombarded with PMs asking him to fix that or do this. He ended up bailing after a few moments. I still remember more recently one coming to my club to check out a performer and PMed me saying he'd like to enjoy the show but some were doing the same thing --- PMing for support. I ended up typing in local chat to please let the Linden staff person enjoy the music and lodge any issues with SL at the help desk on the website, and I posted the link too. He stayed a bit longer and was able to enjoy part of the show before going back to work and only had one more PM come after my comment in local chat.
  8. I remember in the early days when SL would conveniently install your shoes and hair in the avi's rear --- for your convenience!
  9. That reminds me to call the exterminator! Just saw a centipede near the shower as well as a wasp that flew in, although he ended up eating a gnat.
  10. Only have 1 alt and it's used for posting notices to the event pages.
  11. I found that script at one of the shops that sell scrips. I tested on an ordinary prim and it imploded when rezzing on the floor. I'd avoid those shops too that use that method.
  12. It's bad when the host/hostess spams the chat over and over with gestures and sends constant group invites. I hate that. Another thing I hate when the DJs talk all over the songs. When I encounter that --- NEXT!
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