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  1. Wish the gachas go the way of the dodo bird. Long ago I remember one and a box popped up saying "Sorry no prize for you today" and played a sound bite saying "You pay your money --- You take your chances." I did AR the shop/owner.
  2. One is when you buy something from store and it hits you with group invites and stuff. Also when a shop sells something and their bots PMs you with a bunch of spew. One of the places that makes Shoutcast boards and club stuff annoying does that.
  3. Logged in for the first time the other night and it was slow slow slow. Some mmorpgs that use the cloud aka AWS (Amazon Web Services) have issues with disconnects and the client crashing more times then a NASCAR race.
  4. When my man used to be a DJ in world --- he would dig into the "vaults" and play a lot of lessor known tracks and some odd-ball stuff like rare Motown cuts and early Bob Seger to name a few.
  5. Another one is when you say (or when someone comes over pre-covid) that you're using Windows 7 --- you need to upgrade NOW! And when I say I like having control of the machine, they say W10 does that for you. No, I don't want MS telling me how to set up my comp. I do have a few machines with difference OSs, but prefer my W7 one.
  6. Is there other VRs besides the Oculus? Some are now avoiding that brand due to FB requiring a FB account for it now. I won't touch FB with a 10 metre pole, even when wearing a face mask!
  7. What I was reading is whatever works on IOS on the mobile will work on their new AS PC. So if the devs at the Lab or FireStorm or Singularity make a new client for AS based Macbooks, it should work on the pads and phones too.
  8. Apple Silicon? The new Silly Putty? 🤣
  9. What did we do before Caspervend? Buy directly from a vendor prim?
  10. A few things I gotten had the mod/copy enabled. But in the package was a no mod/copy item and the notecard said if you're new in SL, use that one until learn to edit.
  11. If I got that from the creator I'd kindly tell him/her I won't be buying future products from them and let others know too.
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