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  1. "Honey, it's cold in here." "Let me light the dog's bum since he hate that hot chili last night!" 🤣
  2. I usually do the fist bump --- Howie Mandel style!
  3. Let's see..... When we moved up here to where my man's family was raised --- we retired from running a night club back on the West Coast. Couple years later --- we got bored --- and bought a small bar in our small town. The previous owners were retiring and was going to shut it down. Last Tuesday was the last night we were open and was mostly regulars that were there. The mandate from the province only came down a few days later so we were closed ahead of that. So now we're playing "retirement." Once this mess is over we plan to open it back up.
  4. And if your connection craps out.....no computing. Try to pry my comp from my hands.
  5. Very protective. In the bar we own there was a large sign showing Mickey holding a beer and a rifle --- the sign dates from WWII. It's been there long before we evern bought the place. Recently Disney's legal team told us to take it down. Now it's in the store room.
  6. And some of us with RL business are feeling the affects --- like our RL bar. We set up many gel stations and cut back the hours as only the regulars still come.
  7. As per the SL Grid Status page --- this is what was posted: "Investigating - Some Second Life services are currently experiencing an outage. During this time, some Second Life services may be unavailable including, but not limited to: logging in, building, chatting, web services and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world, in addition to transacting in-world, on the Marketplace, or on the Lindex during this time." I logged in a few moments ago and got non-stop "unable to load..."
  8. That was a couple years ago. That shop is since gone.
  9. I hate that --- especially if you end up in someone's house and get your rear orbed out faster then LL raising more fees.....
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