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  1. Me too, to me Patch didn't really clear the confusion or we're not reading it right.
  2. I think when Patch mentioned that, all the details weren't worked out yet.
  3. I also noticed they'll have it set up for reoccurring events --- wonder if one fee will cover that or a charge for each event? I do see the events currently getting abused, sometimes people using alts to flood the thing, especially for non music stuff.
  4. The driver could be Chuck Norris! Saw the thing for the event listing fees too. I do know some club owners will have a cow to pay 50L for DJ events, could add up. Many are not premies.
  5. Wonder if part of this is a publicity stunt --- since one location is remaining open.
  6. Watching a show about classic autos. But got annoying by the bumpers indicating the network is going to an app only next year.
  7. My man, who I met during childhood (Many decades ago) and never been apart. He is such a sweetheart.
  8. The bar is a lot of fun and it's been around since the early 60s although we recently acquired it. The previous owners were retiring and was going to close it --- but we didn't want to see that. Funny thing we were retired then bought the place!
  9. There's a club in Wash DC still around that has Jazz --- Blues Alley. The late Eva Cassidy played there long ago.
  10. On the island my club used to be on, there's another club on the same island who's owner rarely logs out. She said due to the large inventory it takes 23 years for her viewer to load!
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