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  1. Don't know how many times I've encountered that. Parts flying all over until things rendered correctly. Kinda reminds me of the Willy Wonka movie scene where they transmit things (using Wonkavision) through the air and see the little "pieces" flying above you.
  2. Just nuke everything named "object." Problem solved! 🤣
  3. Another is 20,504,864,124,544.2 "objects." Sometimes when turfing those, who knows if there's some I shouldn't turf!
  4. There are political mboards out there and stuff like that is better suited for those. One exception, how the toilet roll is hung.
  5. Reminds me of those playing music off a phone's speaker. Sounds really bad. But sometimes live performers will audition for a club owner will play a song or 2 via the voice thing depending on their computer set up, but don't make a practice of it for a mass audience.
  6. Or walk into the city bus. I'm a part time coach operator in the small town we live in, and a couple times while making a turn someone on their stupid phone walks into the side of the coach. One kept going after he picked his phone up. The other yelled at me and said I tried to plow him over and was going to report me. As per regulations we write up any incidents like that. As for the dude, little did he know there are cameras on the exterior of the coach and they caught him clearly staring at his device and walked into the coach.
  7. I'm in an interracial marriage (over 40 years) and I've known my sweetheart since we were little munchkins. We do have one daughter. Growing up we've seen a lot of stuff and seems we're reliving some of that. As for skins, it wasn't for a few years until I finally found a decent skin. In the beginning had to use the SL color thingy to make my avi dark, and it didn't look natural. On the racism, I only encountered it a couple times in world. The last time is when I was DJing one night filling in for my man who usually did the gig. I was playing some funk tunes. After a few songs 2 avis there donned Afros and I got deeply offended. Maybe I overreacted but when that happened it bought back bad memories from my middle school years as some kids would don the Afros to make fun of me and the others. This was in the 70s, but it hurt a lot as it made me feel not welcomed. The club owner PMed say it was in spirit of the music and racism was a thing of the past, but I had a feeling she rarely left her house.
  8. I made a few buildings myself and I usually design them after RL buildings, but have to scale up so most avatars don't bash their brains out hitting a door jam.
  9. And when you say hi to them, like welcoming them to a club, using their system name they get mad. One chewed me out in a PM and I told him I couldn't read his display name. He left....
  10. Another for the list. Websites that you can't navigate unless on a mobile device. One related to a show in world had a link to a blog and couldn't move around, no scroll bars or anything. Only said "wipe" and "tap." Some of us oldies still use the old fashioned computer.
  11. The fun of avatar stacking! Especially if it's going to hit a prize board when someone post in a MM group to lock the board.
  12. He was very excited about it. He worked for them for about 7 years until he moved out of state to help his family.
  13. As I mentioned in another thread awhile back, it was one of their employees who was a regular at our former night club south of San Francisco. One night he was talking about this great new virtual world platform and should check it out. Should've kicked him out of the club for getting us addicted! 🤣 He did IT work on the servers and stuff and even helped us at the club a couple times when the music server crashed and burned. I used to tease him "Did you break SL the other night again?" He would reply the hamsters fell off the wheel!
  14. Someone told me in world "Who knows what's next? Charging 100L per log in?"
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