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  1. I was cautioned on that by a friend who was a premie. She forgot a step and ended up in a tier 3 times her normal one --- costing almost a $100 more. She lodged a ticket, but they closed it with an explanation that she was responsible for following protocol. She wasn't aware and after getting a 2nd ticket closed, she let her premie go and left SL.
  2. Way the Lab has the land thing set up is very convoluted. Forget a step and could end up in a higher tier for the month.
  3. I like how it classified SL. App ID 209930 App Type Game
  4. When I still ran my club --- I would've been impacted since the average amount would've got the fee in my case to about $7. My friend who took over is monitoring though. Her renewal is coming up in a few months and watching if the Lab throws other curve balls.
  5. Getting on topic I was half expecting the mboards to get flooded by those getting caught by surprise by seeing the increased charge and looking for a place to vent....
  6. Sadly they count towards the total logged in. Like those counters you get that says like "54034" loggin --- but 54031 might be bots!
  7. Looks like another unfinished continent. Reminds me of the other one that has been unfinished for 203 years.
  8. The M1 can run SL on it. Since there's no native support for SL on the new chip --- the machine uses Rosetta to emulate to run it. Much like when Macs went from the PowerPC chip to Intel.
  9. Time to check my hair inventory..... Is it one of the major hair makers such as the one that starts with the first letter of the alphabet?
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