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  1. Been on the "internet" since mid 90s, when it was using Gophers and BBSs. I was pointed here by a Linden a while back --- the same one who used to come to our former RL night club and told me about SL.
  2. Just a couple here, one for managing club stuff and another for testing.
  3. My cell phone is a simple flip phone on a pay as you go carrier. Costs about $10 a month and it's used for what's made for --- chatting. Some tell me I should get a smart phone, etc, but I'm old school and don't need to be glue to the thing 24/7.
  4. It was a Linden that got me into SL. I remember when we had a RL night club south of San Francisco, there was a Linden staff who told me about SL. He was a regular in our night club and we would talk computer stuff. He said "you should check the virtual world I'm working for on the back-end." The rest was history! A few years back I had one land in my club. After about 15 minutes he PMed me that he was getting PMed like crazy to fix this and fix that. I ended up telling the people in the club that if they had issues to lodge a ticket via the help desk on the website and let the guy enjoy the tunes. He stayed for about an hour and then headed off.
  5. I tell some about SL and some will ask "Can I play it on my phone?" It's funny when my husband is DJing from our RL bar into SL and he'll say "Tonight we're playing into the virtual world of Second Life" and some patrons will pull their phones out. Cracks me up.
  6. And some charge something to help keep griefers at bay and some even say that in their descriptions. Sometimes they might issue a credit for the join fee when buying something.
  7. I still remember when I returned after a break for a few years and noticed the many changes like the mesh thing and all....
  8. It would be nice to log into SL Classic with hair and shoes rezzed to your bum, for your convenience!
  9. Let's keep Zuck's hands off of SL. If he had his way everything you do on the web would go through him.
  10. That network should be Unfair & Unbalance.
  11. I might have a extra large cast iron frying pan that Grumpity can use to speed up the last name thing!
  12. Here's an idea, maybe allow to add up to 3 or 5 years during the "June Special" to push keeping the old rate longer. That would also give LL some extra revenue infusion from those taking advantage of it.
  13. They do listen! Thanks to Grumpity and staff for listening to the customers. Still plan to go in and clean up old avatars that hadn't logged in since 1845 from a couple of groups.
  14. Thanks for clearing that up! Ahh --- the REAL reason for the hikes! LL needs to purchase boatloads of rollators (4 wheel walkers) for their staff. Those things aren't cheap as I had to get one of those for an aunt. I can picture Grumpity rolling one of those into the office! :D
  15. Guess I missed that since this thread is running 2001 meters long.
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