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  2. Just posing .... and trying hard to look like a a real tennis pro. But failed! lol
  3. Have you tried changing the number in the rotation section of the edit box to force it to flip around?
  4. Just for giggles (hope I am not considered spamming) but I started a Bellisseria Furries group for all furry residents and their friends. It should be available in the group search.
  5. I recommend http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Natoma/210/164/28 , also known as "Ivory Tower of Primitives." There is an outstanding series of step by step illustrations on object manipulation right inside the door, including the two alternative coordinate systems that few people use, but can muchly speed up building on a curve.
  6. I placed an object on the ground on my sky platform and it won't rotate around the Z axis (the way a human would turn if they turned while standing). I tried placing it while on the regular ground at ground level and the same thing happened. This is an object that I had successfully manipulated before on another property. So, I can't move it into the proper position in my landscape as it will only rotate around the other two axes. Any ideas?
  7. think about what the angle can be for: type of boat, gear, and the speed in the gear. Different types of boats behave in different ways. Calculate this in the gearbox/engine part of your script then callNose with the calculated angle
  8. Hola, mi avatar tiene un cuerpo Ebody Curvy, pero de versión gratuita, podría aplicar???
  9. I think I found the problem. Had logged in on my laptop (just got it, used, a couple weeks ago) and water level was way down even after a relogging. I then decided to try logging in via my desktop system. In there, everything is fine. So, it is probably something due to the configuration of my second life on my laptop. Going to go in on my desktop again, do a back up via the preferences and then go back over to my laptop and restore via preferences in there. Thank you everyone. (Actually am thinking of possibly some day changing from a houseboat to a traditional home or even something else that Linden Lab may come up with. The houseboat is nice, but I am more a landlubber). lol
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but trying to rent some land and have this happening across the street. I reported it, but anyone else have any suggestions?
  11. I'm back with another edit! Tried a group photo this time.
  12. Today
  13. Just landed there,. staying dry, water seems to be on normal height .... maybe try a relog? Just a local lack of water may be ...
  14. you can always lower the full (bright) with some grey colouring,, so its not too bright. Some flowers fits it well, even with a good graphics card.
  15. I went outside my houseboat and found that a swimming pool I had installed was empty (It is filled to the height of the lands water level), I then noticed that the overall water level in the land nearby and around me were also under the same lowered level (i.e. It seemed like it was a real low tide around the whole area and the houseboats were all in drydock). This is in the 'Menagerie' region of the new homes and I am just wondering what may be going on. Maybe I should walk underneath my houseboat and see if any barnacles to scrape off? My houseboat is tiggerfind located at Menagerie (92,152,22)
  16. Thank you! The windlight in that photo is Annan Adored-Morning Dream with default water.
  17. I expect a Linden to come along, and explain their meaning of 'Soon'... soon. 😛
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