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  2. It made perfect sense to me. I understood the context to be related to those that were hoping for much less LL control of the Party area.
  3. I don't see how the OP is actually discussing primal play in BDSM, and the use of the word "fear" is also confusing, and yeah, the font doesn't help in communication. You can't just grab a term out of context and then force your own spin on it... well, you can, but you'd probably be wrong.
  4. GHOST LION LOOKING FOR DJ AND HOST! Do you thrive to be part of more that a staff crew? You are looking to be accepted for who you are, respected for how you do and loved for what you can do? Here at the Ghost Lion we have all of that to offer to you! We do not hire or recruit employee, we adopt a member in our family and we are very understanding and caring of you. Our vision is to bring into SL an environment of relaxation and enjoyment of life. We do not make stressed out member! The current schedule is mostly going around 4AM-2PM SLT but we're planning on being 24/7 so please speak your mind and let us know all of your availability! We're looking for any type of personality, any kind person that loves to be in a family as much as working for the passion of the profession! We welcome any Avatars as long it is not showing any private areas... Come to us if you are furry! Alien or Neko, monster or human! We do not have time to waste with the bad time. We are looking for a loving and caring family that walk toward a better tomorrow for all of us! Come visit us at many locations that your set can be held! On the waterfloor http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noidue/26/195/22 By the Stage http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noidue/156/213/22 Our Ballroom http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noidue/142/82/22 The Opperfloor http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noidue/11/250/31 If you re interest with more than a job IM Xeno or xenoqc resident! P.s. WE TRAIN HOST AND DJ - UNEXPERIENCED WELCOME!
  5. How do folks here know when a new region is being released? Thanks!
  6. I just seen the greatest T-Shirt ever while watching a N.A.A.G.A. video.. If anyone is unfamiliar with them, it's The National African American Gun Association.. on the front of the T-Shirt It looked like voter registration check boxes The options were Republican Democrat Pissed Off With the third option's box checked.. I'm getting me one if I can find it and gonna wear it with pride.. I think that would be a perfect name for a third party.. Imagine the diversity in that party hehehehe
  7. Usually when I click on "Mark forum as read" I get a popup asking me to confirm. Every so often (and it's happening right now) there's no popup, but the page is refreshed, with all the topics shown as read. It takes two back clicks to get back to the main forums page. After a while the behavior has returned to normal. Is this something to do with my browser playing up, or is it an issue with the forum software?
  8. Thanks everyone,for your responses.I now know I am not the only one,as I was beginning to worry! πŸ™‚
  9. Just testing couple cuddle animations on this hammock. Wow, there are plenty of them! πŸ™‚ (Non-adult ones, so they are safe to use out in the open garden.)
  10. The remedy is for Whites not to think they are better than POC because they have lighter skin. Once we stop having this bias toward POC, the bias which prevents them from acquiring equal admittance to colleges and jobs, and equal representation in government, their oppression will fall away. I think if you talk to most POC in this country they'd rather we not DO anything. If you read our History the solutions we've come up with to "help" has mainly harmed. I trust POC to find their solutions once we stop thinking of them as inferior, although I do recognize the effectiveness of some stopgap measures remaining in place until that time comes, and that I hope will continue (like affirmative action).
  11. Its a "Raw image" taken as a "pure" printscreen ( i have a dual monitor setup) and showing my Avatar which is fantasy based. No photoshop at all. And the Final Photoshop Version.
  12. I don't get how this is on topic or in the spirit of this thread. First time in 21 pages I've thought that.
  13. "The other week I mentioned there would be some changes coming with my blog. There are one or two changes I am still working on. I want to have those pieces taken care of before I share what they are here. It’s important to me to have those pieces resolved before I put them here." Read more on the blog.
  14. Well the ticket was answered. They made it sound like their Status blog message predated my raising the ticket, when in fact my ticket predated their Status blog message by 45 minutes. I warned them, not vice versa. Corporates, you gotta love them.
  15. we are 100% gonna have to pass on this idea, there are to many content creators, including myself, that would never allow our creations to be decentralized, if LL wants to go that route, everything I've made will be purged, pretty simple, open servers=no content, unless some one important opensim items.
  16. Curious. I could have sworn I was able to check for houses on a non premium alt in the past, I went and logged into her and I could indeed see home types that currently had vacancies. The first time it only showed me the older Linden Homes, and then I hit refresh and it looked like a Traditional home was available. When you click through to pick a house without premium, it then prompts you to sign up for it. I think? I could be wrong, unless what they are showing is not accurate portrayal of what is actually available.
  17. @Selene Gregoire thank you very much πŸ˜ƒ
  18. There are some White people who, upon developing awareness of how they have harmed minority populations, and how they continue to benefit off the wealth in this country acquired through slavery and genocide, feel bad. This could be a good thing, I mean doesn't it simply demonstrate they have a conscience? If someone ruminates on feeling 'bad' and has trouble functioning, or thinks this is the only meaning to becoming woke however, then I'd say they need to seek therapy! Or if they are one of those few people proclaiming to be White is now bad and they are guilty, well once again they need to seek therapy. Not sure why you bring this up though, as there are so few who actually walk around feeling like they are so 'bad'. There is quite a bit of joking going on in comedy shows where comedians joke about knowing they are bad related to racial issues though, and this seems to be a way to cope with finding out faults in oneself - relief humor. There was one such joke awhile back when abuse against women was coming into greater light in America, and at the same time an Oscar-winning movie was prominent where a woman falls in love with a fish. One night a comedian joked "we men have been so bad that women now prefer fish over us!" lol So you see, it's a way of acknowledging wrong-doing while trying to accept the matter at the same time.
  19. And here I am - again fangirling over Mariannes decor... πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆπŸ’œ
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  21. Pet peeve: Waking up at 6:30 in the am with a headache. That sorta nonsense should not happen body!
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