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  2. Groucho was my favourite tra la la la la
  3. New houseboat atole getting flora now over at SSP, but that has to be finished and the sims copied over to Bellisseria and the abodes rezzed and the plots numbered and added to the database etc. And the weekend is coming. So mid to end of next week for HOUSEBOATS maybe? Obviously not official. And the new HOUSES will be much later so not "very near future" on those.
  4. That's intended behavior and is old, i reported that long ago. The moment you add any of the "advanced features" such as materials you activate the new Ll calculation. Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't remember EEP adding parcel lighting, only height-based presets. FS will keep its hacky Parcel lighting as far as i heard. Whirly? It's save to assume that an UI is massive it features only a few sliders (hardly more than before) and covers half my screen on a standard 1920x1080 resolution. These windows roughly waste 800 pixels in each direction. While they are only needed while "setting up" how are you going to set things up and see what you are trying to set up if the whole screen is covered by the UI? Do you want to move the window out of the screen or minimize the windows all the time? That's exactly what i'm concerned about, people WILL hold you ransom to get their windlights, that's exactly what i'm complaining about in this new system, LL gave them the tools to do so and we all know what people will do if you give them tools to do stupid. People sell shapes too even though shapes can be created by anyone at any time in mere minutes, yet they make them no mod and basically hold you ransom with it. EEP will just do this again, people will create no mod environments and force you to buy them to be able to edit and save them for later (given they are mod to begin with), the only other option is creating a new preset from scratch. I want to be able to quickly edit windlights i'm seeing and i want to be able to save my changes if i so desire, that's how lots of cool windlights get made, this new system doesn't allow us to anymore. EEP doesn't pull anything closer together than everything was already, worst case we split everything even more. We are just getting a few more features, some of which are logical improvements (such as decoupling the moon), changing the texture of the moon (just like clouds) and some other are things we already had (24 hour daycycles which could have been extended to 72 hours easily). I honestly fail to see how it is better. They hand you a sweet bonbon while holding a knife in the other hand behind their back, for every improvement they added something that totally destroys it again. I don't know what's up with this "learning something new". EEP works exactly the same as Windlight when it comes to actually tuning the windlight, you move sliders around, except a few additions they are all the same, there is nothing new to learn. The new UI doesn't need to be learned, it's quite straight forward, straight forward unnecessarily big and clunky compared to the old. You're right, people will always find things to complain but i'm not one who complained about Bento or Mesh or Materials or Fitted Mesh or any of these new cool things, because they were truly cool and fine basically without exceptions, there were no strings attached to them unlike with EEP, people who truly complained about those for other reasons than "its broken" simply didn't know what they are working with because they are resistant to change. This is however something entirely different, i'm not complaining that EEP is bad because its different, i'm complaining because i have legitimate reason to be highly concerned about basically everything that EEP means for us. That's something completely new, i have always been bashing LL for when they do something badly again, everyone does that because its deserved but i have never been truly concerned about a project like i am now. I'm highly worried and you should too.
  5. Don't be surprised if I am moving stuff around. I can't say I am done, must just move it a bit here... there... replace something.... And put a few more fish in. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evallen/193/243/22 Please come.
  6. Here you go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLTZctTG6cE
  7. Oh, ok. This was going to be my next question: to what degree does the prevalence of more recent 30+ posts represent an overall rise in participation and/or engagement with the thread? If this thread is more popular now, I wonder why?
  8. I am not really sure I understand the problem in this one...are we saying that decor items with copy permissions should have limited use ? sort of like owning software and only using it on one pc etc. If I buy hedges for instance, and used them on my sim, in my home, and then used those same hedges to decorate an event I was running, and happened to rez a hedge at a friends studio because they wanted to look like they were in a garden not 3000 metres in the sky in a box, this is somehow taking from the seller of the hedges? Or is this only because they are making money off of the items by rezzing them? because really all this looked like to me was a rezzed Style card, like how some shape makers would charge people upwards of more than 1000L's to give them a shape that was no mod, and then list the items used in the ad, the items were then bought sure but it was profitting off of the idea of pointing people towards something they could just go looking for. The cost associated is the time it takes to find all the items, to place them in a stylish manner etc, I would assume that the intent in the end is that the customer does consider going and buying the pieces themselves, but if they didn't buy those, they are now familiar with a store they may have not been otherwise. I have used items Whimsy has had rezzed out, full decorated spaces, so many items to credit but I have in my post of course, and she tends to build vignettes and then get bored and not photograph them herself so I am saving their beauty but by me doing so, someone may have bought the items, liked what they have seen. I also had a sim for years where the stores were provided, they were my builds though, but does that make that wrong too, if someone sells a commercial build is the buyer not allowed to use it in an event, booths, rental stores etc. So again is it just because they are charging for I guess one would say hiring of your items. Maybe that is something you could offer yourself set up some scripted devices that allow for a a week, month or so on use of the items and then if they want them longer they buy them, like a timed demo for clothing. Even in RL the creator of decor, furniture does not get paid each time someone buys an item and then uses it in such a way, but I guess unlike SL while it is being hired out in one location it is not also in 400 others. I could go around and around on this one, bit of a mind bender before bed
  9. probably that same evil MoS what has been slaughtering innocents on region terrorports lately
  10. Attention: There needs to be a 'Yay!' reaction. That is all.
  11. That underwater garden is inspiring, I may do somethign with mine once I get one.. super pretty is it 🧡😊
  12. It seems that there's an awful lot of regions that have mysteriously and suddenly acquired one of these! Some evil, would-be Master of the SLuniverse must be breeding an army of them. You obviously didn't go to Blueberry's sale yesterday! It took me a full 2 minutes just to do people the courtesy of simply moving off the Landing Point. I didn't think to look at the sim stats but I bet they would have made for grim reading.
  13. Par, you know that there are rules against revealing the RL identity of people you're planning to castrate in SL.
  14. Oh Scylla, I let them FLY FREE. (Except on Anshe Chung land, because reasons..)
  15. It seems to me that, contrary to your intent, you're doing more to derogate "white male" than anyone else in this thread. That buys you the first two letters of incel.
  16. Often I've needed to turn down landscaping jobs and so advised my potential customer to make sure they get a clear agreement/contract when searching for another landscaper to hire. Parameters should be spelled out clearly in a spec sheet before work begins, and that includes transference (or not) of the content. There's most likely a catch if a designer is offering super cheap prices. If it's too good to be true......
  17. Or you know...just a finished product that is not tied to any server thus will work forever even once they walk away again. Then its a lot less likely support would be needed. Still though, I agree 100% with you.
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