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  2. Hiring SL Creator whom can recreate the coffee bag for inventory.
  3. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Valley at Gothlauth 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Hills at Wiles OFFICE AT Celchu (Reservations) ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! 
  4. I'm looking for a new mesh body. This sounds interesting as my avatar isn't very curvy and doesn't require a large wardrobe. It's making me pause in buying anything else right now. Just to see what develops. Maybe I should pair it with a Genus head now that those are available again. So many decisions.
  5. The booms seldom bother my cats, but my dogs always hated tonight. I had a great pyrenees mix once that would come running to the office, work his way into the cramped leg space under the desk, and then put his nose on my lap and just do a low whine. I felt so sorry for him. We would often turn the radio or TV up really loud to help block the noise, but he could still hear it even when we couldn't.
  6. I remember,people were chomping at the bit for the 2nd beta to open up..Which if I remember right was early august 2018..I believe the first beta was like 6 months maybe,before that.. Classic and baby face were released in early December 2018.. Honestly, I can't remember a time where creators were not making content for even the 2nd beta head.. I can't really say for the first beta head because I wasn't paying attention at that time..I was just more or less hanging out listening to people talk about their heads and saying to myself..I sure wish I had their problems hehehehe I don't think I've ever been in the genus group one time where people weren't talking about new releases of content and dropping LM's.. I just remember there being a page where we could link to people that had everything and it was growing every day.. Then they made the catalog on flickr and things really took off with creators.. All I know is, I'm really glad there is plenty to choose from..
  7. Try ChicChica or Gos as they do gold shoes and hope that helps you!
  8. I would like to know the good BoM shapes and Skins that are out here for the petite add on?
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  10. We are hiring! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdR5rdZ1it2t5gl8EPLRV-Ssga4K-MwwlNUTBf2pigmC1jCg/viewform
  11. We are hiring! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdR5rdZ1it2t5gl8EPLRV-Ssga4K-MwwlNUTBf2pigmC1jCg/viewform
  12. ok Where's that hidden cam? I'ma find it. One way or another. lol
  13. Hello Looking for a skin designer that do work with Maitreya and couple furry parts, will send you the details/ a ref sheet with the design of the skin up on contact via a IM or my mail Mgpjokers@gmail.com
  14. If you roll your middle mouse button forward until you're in "mouselook" mode, your viewpoint is at the avatar's eye level and the avatar disappears. There are more elaborate ways to control the camera, but that's a good start.
  15. Hello, I want to take scenic photos of the places I explore without my avatar in the picture. I've been reading SL photography guides online, but most are for avatar portraits. I am just returning to Secondlife, after 12 years, so everything is a bit new to me. Thank you for your help!
  16. "I have a great Post Today with some nice Free Gifts. Two of the Gifts are from the Access Event which is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. All you have to do is join the VIP Group which is Free and visit the many Designers taking part in the Event, you touch the Gift Box found at their space, and that’s it. There has to be about 100 Designers and each have a Gift." Read more on the blog.
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  18. First come first serve. Visit now TRD Estates "Premium Properties at dirt bag prices"
  19. Hello every one my name is Eve and I'm a rental agent in Balanvi. If you are searching for for something to rent u click on the right post, in balanvi we offer beautifull units with 5 differnt land themes Paradise trail, Estate, Beach, Retreat and Developers Retreat. Depenting on the theme land u are looking each unit has some customization options like the fence, scene or ground to add to that 4/5 of these lands give you the option to choose from the huge list of houses we offer . Also Paradase trail, Estate and Beach is a neightborhood themed land and have a common space for the tenants, but or retreats are private. In Balanvi we offer units that go almost as high as 4000 prims and as low as 250 prims with reasonable prices. If you are interested you can visit the site http://balanvi.com/VirtualProperty/ which also contains the LM for the Balanvi Region and of course if u dont have the time to look through our rentals u can contact me and tell what are u looking for and i will norrow down the search for you.
  20. I tend to rip most of their stuff apart and just use pieces here and there Some of the individual parts aren't too bad.
  21. 1865 when the US 13th Amendment was ratified. In the context of US black people and if restitution/reparations were ever to be considered then this could be a starting date
  22. Thanks!!! I haven't tried a BOM garter belt yet. I have Maitreya. Any suggestions??? Obviously PM or IM me so we don't violate the TOS.
  23. Only problem is the land impact is rather high on a lot of items if it wasn't for that there's loads I'd buy and on the buildings the LOD isn't great a short distance away. Definitely good stuff available for all LH themes
  24. I remember having to go into a photoshop before, if you wanted to get any special effects or lighting or shadows and so on.. But with mesh coming along and the things we've been able to do with the viewers for a few years now..It's just been a joy anytime I would take pictures from a scene and be able to do everything in one place.. I haven't taken any pictures in a little bit, so these have probably been seen before.. I know,I've been lazy about it.. But I enjoyed setting them up and making them.. These two were from 2017 These two were from 2018 2019, I was getting kind of lazy with setting things up and more just taking shots to share different looks with people in certain SL groups..Still fun though. Hopefully I can find time in 2020,because I really miss setting up shots.. The viewer is in such a good place for that nowadays..
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