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  2. The stove is from Apple Fall (and I clearly shop too much! lol).
  3. We have had so much fun decorating this house. We have a gorgeous beach house and are ignoring it since obtaining this LL house The decorating keeps on giving ....
  4. So, I have this issue with the Momo cow head. When I put it on, it stretches out my skeleton occasionally. Typically with TPs to new areas, and when editing my appearance. Is there anything I can buy/do to stop this? It's only momentary, but it makes my neck really long and it's just unsightly. I'm using it with the Kobold body. So a mesh body. It's just momentary stretching of my entire skeleton. Then it snaps back into place. But I wonder if it'll get stuck for some people and I'll be looking like an idiot standing there if nobody mentions anything. Or worse, just think that's how I'm supposed to look. I started playing SL last year, so I don't have much experience with this. I attempted to delete the scripts from a copy of the head that I'm using, but that didn't help. It's a rigged head, as well. I don't know if that's the issue? Thanks, for any help.
  5. Grand Banks (Mainland estate) is using the legacy LL default day cycle - 4 hour day, -8hr day offset. Rusted Hull ( Linden Homes 2 estate) is using a custom day cycle called "Default w/ 3 hr day/ 1 hr night." - - 4 hour day, -8hr day offset. Both estate have the same "Apparent time of day" They don't exactly match though, you can see the transition when crossing between those 2 regions.
  6. Quite honestly I didn't even realize the company was still around. I thought they had long gone.
  7. I did same, just found out today about all this after being away a year. Renewed my premium just for the new houses, to find out I could pick just old ones. I refreshed like 200 times and got a nice plot. Broken though, that mailbox issue, probably why it was let go, but I won't abandon it. I just filed a ticket and will wait it out. Good luck to all.
  8. I've been trying and trying ...when will there be more ? Does anyone know?
  9. I'm playing FFXIV now. Can't tolerate the amateur graphics since the EEP improvement. They ruined SL for me.
  10. always had shadows enabled...hummmm... I'm adjusting the WL as set by region and manually, both seem to not fix the problem... Thanks for trying to help!
  11. Thanks yeah the sign is on the parcel because the fence is all well within the parcel too. No free li linden fence around the parcel unfortunately.
  12. I made it for the Winchester but I myself am using it for the Adams. I think it is so easy to modify that it probably could be used just about anywhere. But I did try to match the posts in the front of the Winchester when I made it.
  13. @Blush Bravin thank you, btw, for the pergola. I think you designed it for the Winchester, but I was able to easily mod it for the Adams front and back doors
  14. Elora Lunasea


    Anyone that spends part of their time as a mini panther is a-ok in my eyes. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Most people I know personally are well over the 40 mark including myself (like, way over it in fact) although I'm not in-world very much and when I am, I'm more into doing my own thing for the most part. However, I'll suggest that The Forum Cartel Group is a great place to meet people in general - we have a diverse group of people and there are a lot of older members. I know, because I've been in the group since it's inception and that's like umm, 12 years ago, close to 12 years? Many of us haven't been shy about sharing our ages (more or less lol). The group tries to do get-together events periodically. There is a "hangout" where people pop and and out of. My partner DJ's there and I believe he has another gig lined up sometime in May, or may do it elsewhere for group members. The last one drew a nice crowd, everyone is friendly and chatty and you certainly would be welcomed as we're very "newbie" friendly. The in-world group chat is usually quite busy also - and can range from intelligent and useful info to ridiculous silly banter. If you are looking for like-minded friends it may be a good place to start. Nearly every person I'm friendly with in SL came from meeting them through the Cartel, or an off-shoot of it.
  16. I'm curious why you say it's illegal. Because it appears to be outside the fence? I suppose if that is a Mole built fence it would be but it's possible she actually put the fence there. It's hard to tell from a photograph. I love the sign btw! @Kendryek. I was out exploring yesterday and ran across your home. It's lovely!
  17. I'm looking for good non RP steampunk sim for photos and blog idea that is buzzing in my head!
  18. Dancing at @AyelaNewLife her gallery opening!
  19. You're not doing anything wrong. When the grid was rolled back in an attempt to fix the teleport disconnect bug, it caused this new bug to appear. When you apply any windlight to the region the sun position & the settings that create the windlight fog/haze will revert to the default values. There is a bug report here: BUG-226815 - [EEP] Since the grid was rolled to yesterday, region windlight is broken for all legacy viewers - settings reset on Apply
  20. After my Bunny burn out, I picked myself up and drove to my parents home for more bunny time. Happy Easter everyone! 😘 🐰 ~ S
  21. I would expect that anything it exports will end up needing to be UV mapped for SL use, so you're going to have to use blender ... so you might as well just learn blender as there is a high chance that by the time you have worked out uv unwrapping and tuning meshes for SL ... you will have outgrown the house designer and it will just be holding you back.
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