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  1. I've been trying to work with Google App Script in Open Sim using the same scripts I have in SL but get no input/response from the App script. It seems like OpenSim URLs are not recognized by Google. If anyone can get scripts in Open Sim to work with Google App Script please let me know how you did it.
  2. @Xiija You can use URL parameters to send variables. Instead of using the body of the POST, just append the variables to the URL. i.e: After the App Script URL add a "?" then a key/id pair separated by "&" e.g: llHTTPRequest("https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKlycby72IWfkiup3YZdHtGk2bHSX147nhalhawYCKufV5vgvAFXsrNQ/exec?uuid=a9ba2797-81af-429d-9833-51127ad5593c&name=Gayngel&timestamp=2021/02/27-10:32",[HTTP_METHOD,POST],"") In the App Script you then retrieve the data from the e argument in doPost(e). The e argument represents the group of request
  3. MP4 doesn't work actually. Issues with licensing. Live streams encode to MP4 which is why they don't work. @Qie Niangao How are you getting them to play? Edit: Nevermind I read previous posts elsewhere. Needs FS Beta or the newest SL Viewer.
  4. If you have the SURL you can trying logging into the place. Copy and paste the SURL to a notepad or something and extract the region and co-ordinates of the place. i.e everything that comes after "https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/" For example: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire03/111/130/22/ <------ Copy out Bonaire03/111/130/22/ At the login second life paste the region and co-ordinates in the "Last Location / Home / Type region box". Then just click login. You will either be logged into the place you want to visit or a safe zone if it doe
  5. I've been using Google App Script to store date in a sheet for scripts for about 3-4 years now. I sell a greeter that can store about 200k visitor UUIDs and data like responses to ""Can we use display your profile pic here?", who took a landmdark, how long the avatar stayed on the parcel, unique visitor counts, etc. Google Sheets and App Script are really a robust way to store persistent data.
  6. Looking to rent a private island 1/4 sim residential/commercial use and club allowed. Club will be used only once a month.
  7. Is there a UDF somewhere that can iterate over multiple lists and delete duplicate elements and keep the element in just one list? (sort of like the .zip()function in Python) e.g: list a = ["Apples"]; list b = ["Apples"]; list c = ["Apples"]; if the element "Apples" in list a is also in list b and list c delete it from both list b and c.
  8. I am a programmer with 5 years experience in scripting with LSL. I enjoy building custom systems ground-up and will provide low lag solutions to my customer's specifications. I can write simple, minor fixes to existing scripts, tip jars, club systems, dialog menus, detections, HUDs and vendors to more advanced systems such as pose systems, RLV, vehicles, pathfinding, weaponry, SL experiences and HTTP for external coms to websites and databases. (Also experienced in HTML/CSS, php, SQL, Ruby, Rails, Python and Javascript ) Script adaptations and library resources if used will be fully
  9. I have a json string that consists of key/value pairs, each pair a JSON_OBJECT. The values are JSON_OBJECTs that contain key/value pairs themselves. So JSON_OBJECTs nested in a JSON_OBJECT. e.g: {main_key, {nested_key,nested_value,nested_key,nested_value,nested_key,nested_value},{main_key,{nested_key,nested_value,nested_key,nested_value}},{main_key,{nested_key,nested_value,nested_key,nested_value}}} Is there a way to get the main_key in the JSON_OBJECT by searching the nested_value? Like can I llListFindList(blah blah blah) - 1 or something similar?
  10. For those who don't know, Glaznah Gassner is the creator/developer of Smartbots.😛
  11. I find using SLPPF in a loop instead of doing every prim all at once produces better results but of course you have to tolerate your object changing colour prim by prim over a few seconds rather than all immediately. If you can live with that caveat then try a loop. It may of course just be the sim you are trying your script on is very laggy so try it on a quieter region.
  12. Laughs at the people who say they won't touch RAR archives. How do you live on the Internet without them??? Will give Black Dragon a try as I have a very small hard drive so need something portable.
  13. Gayngel

    Login Issues

    I am also experiencing this problem, account is definitely logged out and on Windows 10. Submitted a support ticket did not get a sufficient answer, was just told to uninstall and re-install the newest version of my viewer.
  14. You could use llGetAgentList in another script and link message the list length to your existing script.
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