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  2. Yes .. derp, I read the OP as content from someplace else appearing here. Woo Ambien.
  3. Teddy bear lead you to think of child porn? Oh my. Snoop all you like, but it's a bit disingenuous to purposefully do so and then complain about what you find.
  4. Thanks for the warning.... I use headphones....🔊
  5. Several quiet roadside parcels, beached or lake themed parcels and sky boxes for rent. Here are a few of the properties currently available: Roadside cottage 1024 sqm 340 LI - $200L/Week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Doi/104/177/73 Quiet large roadside cottage 2384 sqm 800LI - $300L/Week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mallee/24/51/45 Beautiful lakeside with amazing views 1024 sqm 340 LI - $250L/Week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carrion/178/252/21 Furnished sky boxes from $60L/Week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zerin/153/70/800 Many more parcels to choose from. Come check out all available parcels at our office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mogwa/78/121/65 Message me in world if you have any questions.
  6. This is not what I wanted! My God, what have we become? Why haven't we started? It's the play I've learnt from my heart, well, this is a nightmare, but it's my life! This is not what I wanted, you're right but could you stop dramatizing what I said? Got your point but hey, I'm alright, well, this is a nightmare, but it's my life! Not sure if embedding videos from Flickr works. To be fair, I'm not sure Flickr works at the moment. And since all you got was a hyperlink, here's a little teaser.
  7. @Leora Jacobus A teddybear doesn't do child pornography yet. I also have one and am 18+. However, if you have observed child pornography, you are obliged to report it to LL.
  8. How about ponds with stools with fishiing animations that give you fishing rods? There need not even be extra pomds- there is enough water - just put the stools (and buckets with fisch allready caught?) into cosy corners.
  9. Great! Million thanks once again! ♥
  10. Yes, it's to bring in new memberships and therefor more $. They are running a business. That is their overall goal. Profit. Guess what? It's working. It's frustrating as crap to wait, but there are ways people are still managing to grab houses. I was frustrated until I finally lucked in to one that was abandoned, too, so I sympathize, but you have to be patient and diligent. They are creating these from scratch. What they have created is actually very much a high demand item, there just isn't enough product to satisfy that demand YET. This is why many of us premium newbies paid for a month, to see if we'd get a house. If we did, we extended it to whichever we saw fit. If we didn't, we could cancel and wait until another batch or two came up to try that month again. Simply put.. if you are only getting premium solely for the house, then yeah, you're going to have a bad time. I, for one, enjoy not having to wait for days to get in to an event.
  11. Yeah, rotations potentially getting crooked a bit, upon link/unlink, I believe that bug is as old as SL itself. Instead of having to wait for them to fix it one day, LOL, I simply decided to take care of matters myself. (Would have been a long wait, otherwise 😁)
  12. I didn't admit "desire" I was just curious how other people here felt about it. (and I didn't name names or give URLs) I now realize that even in a case of childporn most people here would tell me: "It is no business of your's to take notice - even less to tell authorities - shame on you for camming!" And why do I mention childporn? Because what shocked me MOST - more than the pictures - was the teddybear! As to the "admitted habit of peeking" - I cam as much as I like ... simply because I CAN! If it were against the Netiquette or the TOS there would be an option in the land menue not only to hide Avatars but to hide everything that is inside the house- but there isn't! Caming through walls is like TP or flying (or pretending you were a woman while RL you are a man) - just one of these things you can do in SL and cannot do in RL ... and people WILL do!
  13. We used to live in a house (in rl) that we dubbed "the beetlejuice house" because I don't think there was a right angle anywhere! And whoever lived there before us made a door frame (and matching door lol) so skewed that just eyeballing it you could tell that the top of the frame was not parallel to the floor. When we were in the process of buying the house we currently live in my husband excitedly informed me "we have right angles!!" during the first inspection.
  14. Don't laugh but I created an alt to be blonde and another to be a redhead. I started as a brunette and would wear various hairstyles in black only. When I tried to use blonde it felt wrong. A blonde Bree? Impossible! So I created a new avatar and it felt perfectly normal to make the alt have a different hair color. Of course I ran into the same issue when trying to change her hair color to red and another alt was born. There are a few exceptions. For some reason, hair colors like white, green, pink, etc do not feel wrong to use but I only use them temporarily. Yes, there's another alt with brown hair.
  15. and what they have created is not even close to market demand or about enhancing the experience of existing members; it's all about new membership revenue
  16. OMG, this drives me crazy. And not just during linking and unlinking. Just last night, there were some times I'd set something to say 2.3 and hit enter and it would immediately change to 2.29999. I always assumed it had something to do with the extra 2 decimal digits of precision that Firestorm's edit window has. It doesn't always happen though, so there isn't enough consistency for me to figure out exactly what causes it - nor do I do enough building to dig into it.
  17. Yep, all the colors you've picked stay the same when you re-rez. The color scheme you've chosen even carries to the next style that you rez. It rezzes out a new copy of whatever style and immediately applies your color scheme to it. Some might say I was already there. 😵
  18. For those that might not be aware, there is a Route 66 that goes from Truro on the very west end of Bay City, across Bay City and Nova Albion, and on through to close to Ahern on the Sansara continent.
  19. You have both made very nice videos. So there are still people who make the SL videos and are a bit crativ. 😉 Here are some examples from me. I have to make something new 😂
  20. Come on. This is not a popularity contest, neither have I anything to say about what LL does. And I would think it's cool to drive through something like SLs version of Route 66 to a Vegas-like area. No gambling of course, but some similar looking: A city in the desert with urban homes. I don't force anything on you or others. It is letting the mind wander. It is not that I "must" have it.
  21. Ohhhh, thanks so much for that info! Was so flustered at that time didn't think of right click/eject!! Thanks again!!
  22. This is about creating new premium, certainly not a focus on enhancing the experience for current and long time premium members. Long time members do not count.
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