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  2. I think that this is deliberately left somewhat vague in the TOS or community rules because on the one hand, the Lindens don't want to lose customers give what the main attraction for their customers is, but on the other hand, they don't want liability for some activity that may bring them unwanted press attention or even a lawsuit from some countries. What I've always found the basic truth to be is this: Lindens themselves don't go out policing the world, hunting for pictures or skyboxes. The world is too big and complex. They do this on the Marketplace very vigorously, but there they can use search globally more easily. So they rely on ABUSE REPORTS. And the favourite sport of people griefing you, or people who have become your enemies, is to try to AR you for something in G that is not G, whether a swear word in chat or a picture of a nude or adult furniture. So it's a vulnerability you have, that griefers or enemies or just busy-body neighbours who think you are lagging the sim can use on you. But most people mind their own business and don't do this. So really, it's a question of "Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission." If you put out adult furniture in M, behind closed doors, or even in G, in skyboxes, likely nothing will happen. And the worst that can happen is that some net nanny will AR you and you will be told to remove the offending item. Or it might be returned and you'll get a warning. But it's not a big deal.
  3. Continuing on the fun fact, I noticed almost as soon as I started making mesh plants that they alpha glitched way more than the old sculpted plants. It was almost a must to use alpha masking with mesh, whereas the old sculpted plants looked decent with just alpha blending.
  4. I’m a snow leopard and I’d love to threaten to do snow leopard things to anyone who bothers me. But there has never been a single recorded snow leopard attack on a human being in all of recorded history. Even when defending a kill, snow leopards usually react to humans coming along by retreating. So if someone bothers me, I’ll do snow leopard things like . . . being cute. Keeping my distance. Hiding. Is everybody scared of me now? YES!!!! I didn’t quote your whole post because I didn’t want to spam everybody. But that was one of the most interesting forum posts I can remember and it just makes so much sense! Seems exactly like the one of thing LL is doing. I think you just totally explained what LL meant by the OP saying they want the new continent to be social. For myself, I’ve made quite a few friends by randomly bumping into people and by having good neighbors. I (and probably most people) go to clubs and such to spend a lot of time precisely because the density of people increases and therefore so does the chance of meeting new friends or running into old ones. Let me put it this way. A couple of days ago, a really nice, Blake region parcel with protected water access came up for sale at a pretty reasonable price. I have seen those parcels pop up before and seen them usually get purchased by a land baron, who multiplies the price heavily, and it just sits empty for ages. So I didn’t wait. I swooped (picture snow leopard swooping) and bought it. It used up my available tier I was saving for an LL home so I no longer have the tier available. I still want one of the new LL homes. I’m just wrestling with whether or not it’s worth it to abandon or sell any of my other land. And, if so, which parcel(s). I *really* hate abandoning land. If someone who has been waiting for months can go from “Wooooo! I got my Blake Land exactly where I wanted it!” to “I still want a LL home” in 48 hours, that’s gotta say something about how great the LL homes are. It’s also pretty iareasnteresting to me how few people teleported into my new parcel to check it out and maybe buy it. Usually, when I buy a parcel, I get a bunch of visitors at first because they see it marked for sale on the world map and it takes a while for the map to update. This time, I got exactly 1 visitor who tp’d in, apologized, and immediately tp’d out. For a Blake parcel with protected access to all the sailing/flying at a price under $5L/m, there was exactly one person who came in looking to buy. To me that is surprising and I cannot help wondering if Bellesaria has absorbed a lot of demand for such things. Someone in one of these threads said that the new homes were for people who wanted a Blake Sea lifestyle, but could not afford the buy in. And someone else pointed out that LL actually seems to be trying to do Blake one better. I cannot help thinking there is much truth in both those statements. And the fact that anyone who abandons their LL home has it taken by someone new within minutes, if not seconds, really says a lot about how well it’s working. LL should feel proud of themselves. While there are a few people who are too afraid of change to even give it a chance, and while there are going to be even fewer people who just won’t like it at all once they try it, I think it is working out as a huge win for the Lab so far and I think that will continue. Here is my prediction for how it will go: First of all, griefers are a lot less common and a lot less severe today than they were in the old days that many tell stories of as reasons why ban lines are very important. That won’t change. But there will be a short term rise in troublemakers testing the limits of what trouble they can make and how air tight the security arrangements can be. The level of troublemakers will fade within a month, but probably much less time. The new continent will become a haven for groups like GTFO, Drivers of SL, as well as the various sailing and aviation groups. It will host events, like the Drivers’ regular drives and it will serve as a long distance transit corridor. Travel related faciliti s built there, like GTFO hubs, for example, will compete with Blake región equivalents for popularity and might even top them. The density of people living in LL homes will stay high compared to the original LL homes, but it will never be a truly “dense” area. My crystal ball is nothing special, but we will see how well my predictions hold up. 🙂
  5. At least it wasn't that one helicopter that sounds like a low flying circular saw.
  6. Protected ocean front and sail able water parcel. Connect to linden water. URL to check http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fettle/246/82/14
  7. Yesterday
  8. Been out exploring and now relaxing while I keep an eye on the new sim's 😂
  9. @Solar Legion: Fair enough, I won't bother to explain just how wrong you are.
  10. Wow! I knew I should have came up there to see what you were to quietly working on Looks really amazing... don't make me switch my house out ><
  11. Trying out new rez zones, didn't take long for someone to run OVER us with their humongous boat.
  12. I said I was going to take a break! Well best laid plans as they say. I got an idea and I just couldn't wait. I had this vision of what I could do with the Alderley house. It's so small so I was thinking why not move the living space outdoors. So to start I gave the entry a face lift. As you enter the new entry hall you pass the archway leading to a bedroom and a very spacious bath on your way to the newly renovated kitchen. And the best part for last is the new outdoor tea room. I love koi both RL and in SL so what else would I build? It's just waiting for plants and fish. I haven't worked on my HUDs yet, but I'm so eager to furnish this baby that I might be slow getting to those. All this for 54 LI!
  13. YES! Ok, I knew this and could not formulate this clearly at all last night. Ghosty told me about it but I was exhausted - I truly had been working on this photo for hours and the final part of it was getting the moon in place and then KAPUT. NADA. I already knew about the black blobs and figured out how to deal with that but the moon? This is a particularly difficult situation, I tried buying a prim moon but...didn't realize it would position itself off sim at the angle of the damn real moon so it didn't show up in the shot lol. UGH. Anyway tonight, I'm managing to get some Windlight to show it up *barely* so I'm just going to plug along until I find one I like enough and just use it. I mean, I'll never totally be able to recreate the image - it is more of a homage to the original so regardless - it's going to be my own version. Onward! Oh and the dog? So obnoxious. At one point I told him he was a bad dog and to leave, so he went UNDER the water to watch me instead. So, I said "I can see you under there!" and he said "Hey, I'm a dog what do you expect?" And I'm like "Dude, I'm NOT here role playing you as a dog, leave my f---king property". EJECTED
  14. I don't have to do anything. Py will kill everyone first. lol
  15. You guys are taking it all waaay to serious really!! I mean, would hardly call it a match, will be over before they know it Well, back to some recreational sparring!
  16. The point: It's been far worse before and took time to fix. Harping won't fix anything and speculation by the general user base is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
  17. I have hair from Stealthic that uses alpha blending. (Pictured below is "Passion") It has the same issue as all other hair. What may be a big difference between this and other brands like, say, Magika, is that the strands of hair are built out of thin planes rather than those "round globs" of mesh. This minimizes the surface area that might be covering other alpha blending textures, but isn't any kind of "workaround" that prevents any of it from happening. It's a treatment, not a cure. Fun fact I noticed after taking that picture: My older sculpt hair that I actually use on that avatar also uses alpha blending, but it does not cause that "cut out" effect. The worst you get is sorting issues, where nearby alpha textures behind may appear in front of surfaces they shouldn't be.
  18. Read the Realms thread in Games. LL did a major update in the Realms back on Oct. 9, 2018, and Magellan is missing. You must not have entered the Realms since then.
  19. Rez zones seem to be popping up! Here is one at Crab Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springhurst Gulf/215/161/22
  20. not for everyone, no from a pragmatic pov, LL did have to build something to match the increased tier included in the premium package. The parcel sizes match the new increased premium tier allowance. So all good on that basis someone mentioned earlier as well that when try to do too many things at the same time then the potential for fail is higher. In this case, the provision of residential housing in the same contiguous space can become problematic when the users have competing needs/wants. The outcome of that is that whose needs/wants are not met will go elsewhere the question then is where do these people go, while still keeping them on the platform and continuing to pay a premium subscription ? the whole point of the premium program is to get users to pay subscription fees to diversify LL's revenue stream away from the over-reliance on land tiers Ebbe Linden has indicated that other types of premium benefits are in the works, coming soon. It may very well be that the decision to take down banlines on these newly-built continents has been taken in light of what else might be coming in terms of alternative premium packages closed box parcels ? I would get one of them. I have one now, kinda sorta. On old mainland. Way up in the sky past the 2000m mark. With a zero-time distance-measured orb, on the basis of who flies around sightseeing above 2000m. Well nobody hardly ever. 4 so far. 4 too many. They gone and no mercy. Is no All/Group banlines at ground level, as they are ineffective for my residence way up in the sky. And to defeat the TPV teleport-to feature, away from myself in the sky, is to set the parcel's teleport routing to a point on the ground i would dump the orb if I could preemptively set the banlines to any contiguous height level on my parcel, which in my case I would set to only cover the near space of my residence. But I can't, so permissive orb it is this is what I mean about making people jump through hoops. Who knows how to do all this ? Another question. For myself. Why would I want a closed box ? My parcel I only use as a dressing room and little sandbox to make a few things for myself. That's it. I have a few trees, plants and stuff to pretty it up and I change it all out now and again, but dressing room it is. I don't need or want anything more than this for myself. For social, I go to clubs, live music events, art and performance events, fashion events, shopping, etc. Tipping and paying as I go for my usage of the facilities, products and experiences provided by those owners, creatives and performers. Like I do in the real world pretty much
  21. Lovely! Now, come do my yard lol 😛
  22. انا بشغل اللعبه بتشتغل عادى بعد دقيقه بتقفل لوحدها لى و الجرافيك مش اووى ارجو المساعدة
  23. A script cannot delete any items (even itself) from the owner's inventory.
  24. Yes, as long at the parcel where you are proposing to work is not specifically marked to prohibit rezzing objects, you may build there. Generally, that means (1) land that you own (2) land owned by a group you belong to and which has given you permission to rez things there (3) sandboxes -- public or private areas marked as building areas. You can use your Search function to look for "sandbox". I suggest choosing one that is not one of the more popular ones near the top of the list. If you are a Premium member, search for "Premium sandbox" to avoid griefers. Ask in Builders Brewery (or just wander around and look for signs).
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