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  2. There are a few nice traditionals all around that camper area. Especially for people who want one that's a little less urban, as they usually back onto trees, water, mountains and so on. It'd be more my sort of area if I was looking for that type of house. People have been so focused on the island, I think they haven't seen some of what's coming up.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fossil/128/128/30 gorgeous beach with sunrise ocean views and access to road - FOR A BARGAIN PRICE! a very rare opportunity that you can't get all the time.
  4. For goodness sake, do that button up! You could catch a chill..!
  5. I know you are talking about inworld spaces, but what strikes me is how much regular online activity / interaction is driven by Bellisseria. Here we are, gathering, chatting about Belli, look at flickr and see the tonnage of snapshots, interest groups. The inworld chat groups seem to be rolling non stop. Maybe stick around on the forum, join some inworld groups and you'll get a different feel for things?
  6. I couldn't be a woman. If I was I'd end up being worse then I already am and acting just like Madea and beating someone down for not acting right. lol
  7. Campers at the land page as well - never been a better time in the last few weeks to get one ...
  8. Toad Hollow region is lovely! If I had no house already I would be living in at this location! .... the toad hollow corner trad just went back I posted slurl in the abandon thread...
  9. It is good in a way. Those who get the "OMG RELEASE" news in groups, can pick up abandoned ones.
  10. My Alt got a camper in Toad Hallow. It is actually the nicest view she has scored so far! It is still not on a beach but by a river with a view of the ocean and a lovely bridge. It is very private. She is debating on whether to keep it or not...sigh.
  11. I picked this one up when you abandoned it.. and also let it fly. 2 others have gone through it after me so far.
  12. It's an index, probably, of the particular way that my mind works (and maybe yours!), but I really like this answer: it echoes my own feeling that the changes in technology are impacting not merely upon the tools we use, but upon the actual way that we socialize. I do think that there is a connection between changes in digital communications outside of SL, and the culture within it. But while I'd agree that this is part generational, it's probably more complex than that, because even Gen Xers like myself find themselves sucked into the vortex of new technologies. Yeah, I'm comfortable on a forum like this, because of my age, but I also use emojis, multitask between platforms on my phone and laptop, etc. YES! For me, anyway. And here's where the changing tech and generational differences do come into play, maybe. Unlike Twitter, or even Facebook, where conversation is "open," the apps most in use by younger people now tend to define their audiences and communities on platforms like Whatsapp. There's no "jumping in" because it's never truly public to begin with. It's more like group chat in SL.
  13. Yes, several were having trouble with scripts in their new Toad Hollow homes. I suspect that has something to do with why they restarted the region. ETA: Jinx, Polenth!
  14. Seems like a lot of people were having house issues in Toad Hollow, so hopefully the restart fixes things.
  15. I posted this 3 hours ahead of ArayaResident. But thank you for the notice.
  16. I was doing most of this on Vico, where my parcel is located. I wondered the same after I had logged off this morning. I just check my stat script and the server was rebooted 1 day 8 hours ago. So it was restarted sometime yesterday morning before most of my testing. I also tried this on one of the premium sandboxes but can't remember which region it was in.
  17. Just now I was thrown out for they restarted Toad Hollow!
  18. Traditional in Toad Hollow it is fab tastic. On the corner and great landscaping. The region is about to restart so I will send it back to the land page as soon as I can : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toad Hollow/236/100/0
  19. Until someone comes out with a better place to play barbie doll dress up with the kind of options available on SL I don't see it going anywhere. You can pretty much get the exact look you're going for here, I'm not aware of anywhere else better for character creation. People still making new mesh bodies, clothes and hair coming out like crazy, still a lot of money being spent apparently.
  20. I got a nice one. I liked it, but I am saving myself for the impossible dream.
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