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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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On 3/4/2021 at 10:15 PM, Mercedes Avon said:

A couple of days back, I updated my avie (and my profile pic here on the forums). I used the free head Lelutka gave out a Christmas. I put it on and then used a 60L weekend skin I got from Pumec. I like it, and you can not beat a 60L update! haha. I now have a resting b***h face!

I'm Shades of Blue


It looks great. Nice job!

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Just now, Abbey Aldrin said:

Well highly amusing as reading over other posts on different subjects your comment about not saying anything if you can’t say anything nice is so hypocritical. You have plenty to say on many subjects anyway I’m done you must be right as always. Doesn’t require a response as won’t be reading it .Have a lovely day plenty other threads for your invaluable insights. 

On other subjects, opinions are accepted as part of the debate.  Good or bad.  Picture threads are different but I don't expect you'll see the difference nor care.

Thanks though for taking the time to read my other posts.  I'm flattered!

You have a glorious day as well.  😁

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