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  1. Okay, you just made me spray coffee all over my keyboard!!😂😂😂
  2. 😋Thanks Eddy, I’ll try a demo as soon a can!
  3. Both of my current peeves I’m pretty sure have other threads but.... Finding an item I really want, only to discover there is no demo available. I’m fairly new to 2L and wasted a ton of money early on buying things without one! My newest peeve is a bit specific but a peeve none the less... shorts or jeans for women. If I want them skin tight, low rise or torn to shreds with my bum cleavage on display?! Not a problem. I’ve looked all over for baggy khaki pants, jeans and surf shorts. (Yes, in RL I wear surf shorts over my bikini bottoms, I’m weird that way!) the selection is min
  4. It took hours but I managed to comb out my dreads.. 😂
  5. It took hours but I managed to comb out my dreads. 😂
  6. Thanks Anita, A friend sent me the same link pretty much just before you did. It seems that it was the Firestorm AO that was the problem! I followed the steps in the link and deleted the appropriate folders. I've been logged in with firestorm for more 20 minutes now and haven't crashed! which i know isn't long, but previously Firestorm would crash after just a few seconds! Thank you everyone for all the help and suggestions! I'm actually kind of curious if anyone else had had this happen!?!
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