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how can i change my age?

i entered the wrong age when i entered in. i am really 19 years old, but of course me being stupid, i clicked the wrong date without realising. How can i fix this?

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You will need to open a support ticket and probably be required to send documented proof of your age.  


PS  We get this one pretty often and no one actually believes your excuse.  Waiting for someone to be more inventive than that!

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You can't except filing a support ticket and hope you don't get into trouble:

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It's hard to believe that anyone doesn't know his own birthday, so be prepared for Linden Lab to be very skeptical.  File a support ticket at  Use the menu option Account Issue >> Account creation Issues. Expect LL to request photocopies of official documents with your real birthdate on them.

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Putting "13" in your username may not have been a rocket-scientist move either, you being "19" and all.

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At least you manage to express yourself better than most people with this "problem'.

Please understand our skepticism.  What most people with this complaint really mean is, "I'm under 18 and I entered my RIGHT age.  Now I want to lie about it so I can get into Adult areas."

I have one piece of advice for you:   Don't.

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I know how you feel. I forget that I was born in 19__ ALL the time...

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