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  1. Rolig Loon's post in Can't acces adult rated stuff? was marked as the answer   
    Access what?
    If you want to access Adult items in Marketplace, you need to use the dropdown menu at thge top of the Marketplace page to indicate your selection preference.
    If you want to access Adult items in Search, you need to check the Maturity boxes in the upper left corner of that window.
    If you want to access many Adult areas in world, you need to be at least 30 days old in SL. You've been around in SL since 2011, so you meet that requirement, but many Adult landowners have other requirements, as Alwin said.  They may require that you have Payment Information On File, for example. Those are all restrictions to keep griefers out (at least the ones that are hard to trace).
    If none of those situations match your concern, submit a support case to get Linden Lab's help in sorting things out.
  2. Rolig Loon's post in No delivery and no respons was marked as the answer   
    I can do nothing but guess, since you didn't really say very much about the purchases.  If you ordered things in Marketplace, you should have copied all of the information about the sale from your Marketplace Order History and pasted it into a note to the merchant, requesting a redelivery..  Most merchants will do that unless the dances were no-copy. Even if you got no response, sending that complete information in a support case (not an Abuse Report, since there was no TOS violation involved), should have resulted in a redelivery.  If you send incomplete information, of course, there's no way to verify the purchase.
    If you bought the dances in world, you should have copied the purchase information from the Transaction History on your dashboard at secondlife.com >>> Account and, again, sent it to the merchant.  Sending it to Linden Lab in that case, however, wouldn't help, because the Lab is not involved with in-world purchases or deliveries. Those are entirely between a merchant and a customer. As with Marketplace purchases, most merchants will be glad to redeliver at item that has gone astray if you provide full information (and if the item is not no-copy). Unfortunately, if they won't, you are out of luck.
    For future reference, there are two situations in which deliveries commonly fail. First, if someone sends you an item while you are in Busy or Do Not Disturb mode, the item will be refused automatically and lost forever.  That's one of many reasons why I never use those options, myself. Second, if an in-world vendor sends you an item and you do not accept it while you are still in the same region, it will again be lost permanently. So, if you use a vendor in a shop and the vendor displays a little dialog box in the corner of your screen that asks whether you want to Keep or Discard the item, accept it right away. If you teleport away or log out, that's the same as clicking Discard.
  3. Rolig Loon's post in ALARM! ALL my Lindens got stolen! Do not accept A BOX called "Marketplace´s Direct Delivery [BOX] from giftdeliverymarkt! If you open the box you will get robbed all your Lindens! was marked as the answer   
    As others have said, the object does not steal -- technically.  It only takes L$ from your account if you give it permission to, and it can only do that if you rez the object and then click the box that asks for permission to debit your account.  So, technically, you told the object it was OK to take your L$.  Any transaction will be recorded in your Transaction History as a gift. The things to remember are:
    1. If you receive an object that seems suspicious, do not rez it.  It cannot harm you wile it is inventory, so just delete it without rezzing.
    2. If you rez an object and it asks for permission to debit your account, do NOT accept unless you know exactly who is asking and why.  If you're unsure, delete the object.
    3. If you have had to follow steps #1 or #2, submit an abuse report.  Include the name of the object's creator and previous owner, and where you received it.
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