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  1. Alwin Alcott's post in SETTING BAN IN MARKETPLACE - HOW IS IT DONE? was marked as the answer   
    Very easy, block them inworld should do the magic trick.

    But... accusations about copybot are pretty serious, you háve to report that to LL, ánd file a DMCA if the ownership is theirs, if it isn't... you'r possibly out of luck to stop somebody copy it ( copy and copybot are two totally different things. The first is re create a item, the second is breaking the c/t/m settings of a original item)
    Simply blocking one person won't help it at all, any alt/throw away account can still buy the item and keep going on with the behaviour.
  2. Alwin Alcott's post in Change in Last Name was marked as the answer   
    situation has always been, also in the far past, we only have the offered list to choose from.
    Suggesting names yourself isn't giving any guarantee it will be available soon, or as we see in the rotation speed ... in the next years. 

    ways to suggest new names are in this post 
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