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  1. Easiest way to get into build mode is right click an open space and select 'build.' Or alternatively ctrl+4. Edit mode is ctrl+3.
  2. This entire issue was already answered in the previous thread you made. The answer is the exact same. I don't understand the need for a whole extra thread on this.
  3. Probably best to ask this in the Destinations Forums, not the General Forums.
  4. Boredom in RL mostly, and something to do that wasn't studying all day every day.
  5. I mean, it’s not the only body that does that.
  6. Look in your inventory. At the top, look under the recents tab. Should be there.
  7. It'll be sent to you like the other notices with the option to Accept the item into your inventory.
  8. If you select the body from the list of purchases (even if its showing the original body version you bought), itll send the most recent version.
  9. The hands thing will stop if you are wearing the currently newest version. You'll receive a notice again once the next update comes out again though.
  10. It's an update. Accept it and wear the new one and you'll stop getting the messages.
  11. Interesting. I've never not had one returned to my Lost and Found eventually.
  12. If it was a non copy item, it'll eventually appear in your Lost and Found folder.
  13. Make sure you're trying to rez the object and not the folder.
  14. Rez it on the ground and and then move it into position. You can't rez on top of mesh items. You'll always get that error.
  15. What's wrong with them giving me something extra to do? Something that you wouldn't need to participate in if you don't feel the need to.
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