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  1. I think every Belli back porch could use a striped Saltysaurus, don't you?! These are by Rachel Breaker. This is my sort of gallery/cafe/quest kind of place in Charity Ridge. Doesn't that sim name sort of sound like a haunted house movie? I will work on this in October. The only buzzkill for me is this really grungy exterior paint that you don't have any option to change. Or am I missing something?
  2. I think you have to get a group of people to keep ARing this as "targeted abuse meant to harass" and just keep doing that until you get a response. One AR from one person is not enough.
  3. OK, I didn't realize what the deal was with this game, which sounds like a GTFO for food...or something. So presumably you are buying the ingredients and crafting the items and then selling them? Sort of like the DFS game? I have seen BeYou as an Experience put in land by my tenants, and I had a guy with a big BeYou store aggressively ask me to sell my land several times in a sim already ruined by a GTFO, and I couldn't see the reason for adding another laggy, script-heavy store to a pond sim, but then, I realize systems like this like to look at the view others created without worrying a
  4. If you want to have a restaurant or cafe in SL and have it feel realistic, you need the food and drink to dispense into avatars' hands. So either you use the simpler format where you send something into their inventory, then they right-click on it in inventory and "add" to then have the simulation of eating or drinking, or else you use one of a variety of more complicated systems to put the item right into their hand, through the AvSitter script, or Rez Object on Touch Correctly with Temp-Attach or other variations. These can be picky and complicated to make. You can buy ready-made ones of cou
  5. Yes, I'm aware that the top vendor seller in SL has this function, and likely others do. While the MP sometimes returns this error, I think the MP also has an option to ban someone from a purchase. I find it a pernicious and small-minded feature that turns SL into a medieval fair based on class and connection, far from an open society, and far from a viable metaverse incubator. Instead, it becomes something like a bazaar in the khanate of Kokand in the 19th century where Alisher would not sell to Bahadur and turned his back to him and spat on the ground because their families were in a b
  6. I sent the OP a free prim counter. Did you? Don't assume you are the only one getting an answer in a thread. No one would ever have to push back on the forums unless there was *first* an aggressive or arrogant post to start with. So when you get your thoughts back in order, think about that.
  7. Climate change (they stopped calling it "global warming") is indeed real. At the UN, I would see how certain island nations were literally in danger of disappearing into the sea and suffering all kinds of loss of livelihoods and homes. In my own home on the East River, I saw how first one hurricane, then another undermined it, and then Hurricane Sandy forced us out of our homes for weeks. Some of us had to come back and live in those dark rat-infested towers when the waters receded because the relatives' homes we fled to were also inundated. There were literally people who tried to drive their
  8. Indeed I do! I still have the wedding invitation of a tenant who disappeared on the eve of the wedding and then later another avatar claimed that this person, who was supposedly pregnant in real life, was killed by a hit and run accident. I did a lot of Google searching and I also as a journalist had access to Nexis/Lexis and could not find a single news report about such an event, which would definitely merit at least a police blotter line if not a news story. The whole thing was extremely suspicious. Everyone thought I was terribly mean for questioning this story but lots of people questione
  9. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. The loss of SL loved ones is incredibly piercing, worse than RL in some ways. I remember ages ago, Amanda Dallin used to come to my Sutherland Dam meetings and comment on my blogs, always thoughtful and polite. Such people are to be treasured in SL. There is nothing anyone can do or say to assuage the pain except to keep you in their prayers. A song that might be of comfort.
  10. Quite possibly the best song of all time.
  11. I wonder why so much effort is put in here to insist and prove that your fellow SL resident who entertains you and provides you with a venue to be in and socialize does not need to be compensated, or can be compensated with peanuts. And yet those same people then complain that venues fail, people grow discouraged, and they leave SL and it is "dying". Such a disconnect! And this is what is meant by the entitlement generation.
  12. Yes, those photo-real giant boards are the worst. I ban them from my rentals unless we have some horrific build in the view from neighbours. The common courtesy is to put the clear on the outside, and put the texture on the inward side facing you. If you are obsessed about privacy on the Mainland, you're in the wrong place. And you can turn off "show avatars" to make yourself invisible. So why inflict this complete eyesore on the view? I think it's totally morally wrong. The Lindens are not interested in devising a policy about this, although of course they could, they can make rules "fo
  13. $1000 is for a musician, not a DJ, and playing their own songs they have written, and who makes a living or a good part of his or her living in SL. That's perfectly reasonable. It's US $4.00. I would pay that in a RL bar, and just because I'm in virtuality, I don't see why it cannot be paid in SL. And I think at least $100 or $250 for a DJ, because again, they often have to pay for a Shoutcast stream. I see DJs in this thread claiming they don't mind if people don't tip them, but that's because they're playing other people's music with a click of a button and it is not their RL living. I
  14. Those are cool tunnels! Look forward to trying this out.
  15. The Lindens should keep GTFO out of Bellisseria. They have the power to do this, of course.
  16. Your belief that the GSA was superior was perhaps tied to the fact that it put your furniture store on top of search? That can happen. You don't know that they didn't put it back again. Since Apache works on the same philosophy, you don't know that they haven't kept that same philosophy -- likely they did. When there is a relatively small number of things to search for that dynamically update but not that much, GSA may not be the best solution. Techies are enamored with it, to be sure, but once again: it is not in the third party viewers. The old 1.23 Viewer search in all its gl
  17. I thought about doing that, and I'm not sure it's worth it. It's not likely to get picked, and if picked likely to get a bewildered or anodyne answer because the three Lindens in the leadership have never acknowledged this problem. Sometimes moving an issue up the chain to this sort of high-profile event is a way to bring new focus. Let me try redacting a version: "Are there any plans to fix search/places and search/ people on the regular SL viewer, broken since 2020, with thousands of returns, many irrelevant by contrast with its past expected cleaner functioning of years, and could thi
  18. This isn't the first time this point has been made and it's strange because I have never claimed they were different systems, and the sound and fury in reaction to this, like to all my posts, is simply misplaced entirely. I've merely made the distinction between them to emphasize the one inworld on the regular viewer, because so many people keep derailing and confusing the discussion to point out that on the TPVs, there are two different kinds and an option to use either, as you've just done again, because you keep pretending this isn't a major problem simply because it isn't for you.
  19. That's right. You don't know. So you don't know what they have. And they have been secretive about search and that's understandable, because it is gamed and they want to try to mitigate that. This isn't the first time you are making this point. And so I'll respond once again, that what prompted them to put in GSA back in the day was a belief that this was superior to the previous form of search they used -- and in fact it was not. And that's why the third-party viewers don't have it! So whatever they have now -- and for all you know it could be GSA again -- it wasn't as good as the third-party
  20. So let me say again: there is no "counting" that has to be done here. That you keep talking about counting linksets lets me know you're not getting the simple proposition here. No landlord is going to be right-clicking and counting individual items in an object or linksets. He is not going to be looking at linksets -- again. All of that is sheer folly, and would only be done if a dispute arises and you need to find the source of a problem. What the landlord does is LOOK AT THE ABOUT LAND MENU LIST OF NAMES WITH LI. As you yourself just said you do. I'm not the one
  21. I don't have a role play sim as such (although people can RP on these sims if they like), but I do have themed sims or sims with quests or hunts or hangouts. And I often see people land, and if I happen to be near the landing, they skedaddle out of there. And so sometimes as I see people landing and rezzing, I myself make haste to leave. Why? Because I think people don't like all the greeting and forced notecarding and such (I don't have any of that) and they dread having to be pressured by some venue owner. It's like a store, when you go to look at clothes, and the clerk h
  22. Again, this is about not just the web search, i.e. the external search on the web page of SL. It's about the inworld search in the viewer. Yes, I realize the term "web search" may mean to you both the external web and the internal viewer search, but just to be clear, both are affected. You can see the exact same behaviour on both with the same exact term searches. @Qie NiangaoHere is the original thread I started on this in December 2020 which copious documentation and multiple follow-ups. Yes, this was all given to Support in ticket form, with numerous replies and follow up an
  23. Re-read the OP's later comments. She noted that she enlarged the bathtub. That may have upped the land impact. And once again, yes, usually by linking mesh or convexed prim you can keep or lower your land impact but NOT ALWAYS. Are you in the land business? It does sometimes happen that in fact you increase them. I have handled zillions and zillions of prims, mesh, sculpties and I see what behaviour there is in world. Do you? I have numerous occasions when tenants swear they are not over their prim limit/land impact as stated in the lease, but the "about land" menu showed that they are.
  24. It's always amazing to see the animosity to landlords and the assumptions that they are crooks. AnnabelleApocalypse is simply wrong in her claims. The landlord need not be a crook if all he is doing is READING THE LAND MENU and seeing that in fact the impact is indeed more than the literal prims. The OP says she slightly enlarged this multi-piece bathtub -- that may have been enough to make it show more land impact than its original stated description. That's a well known fact about mesh, LI can increase sometimes dramatically when you enlarge the item. The difference between number of pr
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