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  1. That's a bizarre but interesting idea. I could point out that not everything that is government funded has to be nationalized. The State Department and Congress fund various partners at home and abroad, as contractors or projects, so it could be in that format. There are historically, three relationships between the US government and LL/SL of which I know about; there are likely more. I won't count the State Department outreach office, an acronym that keeps changing, after USIA, whatever it was then - and it has a different name again now. So that office had a few avatars who would run v
  2. I feel that way, too. I have enough of a chore running my little business and trying to do things and make things in SL without also having to advertise it. Except for my son and his friends, when they were teenagers and went to the Teen Grid, I have never been able to interest a single RL family member or friend of colleague in SL. There are lots of reasons for this, and it's not just the bad press. 1. Some people don't avatarize well, just like some people get car sick. They don't like being some false, other, ethereal being. They don't want to be an elf or a furry or even a b
  3. I think you mean well, and I tend to agree with much of what you say, but I see confusion here about one basic thing: the idea that Second Life is separate from the Lindens, and that these Lindens are the "last line of defense" keeping SL what we know and love. But they aren't separate. SL is one of the products of LL. LL, as the original entity, has now been sold to a guy whose business has been in car parts and snacks -- and that's fine by me, that means "customer service" which we could use more of. They didn't change the name or fire the key employees and all that's good. But you need
  4. Thanks to the OP again for reminding us of this great song which is so very SL.
  5. You're welcome to find an example of me insisting that my notion of "right" prevail, go ahead, I'll wait. I fully treasure the "right to be wrong". I think it's vital in a free and open democratic society. Someone can make a hypothesis and promote it vigourously, and be proven wrong, and then may not back down and continue. You know, like Galileo. Or Nikolai Vavilov. Or, more recently, all the people who said maybe the lab theory should be investigated who were censored as anti-science loons in our time but who now have their day in court. So people can go on with that, but it is wor
  6. One of the things you can try to do with people with aggressive and persistent bad behaviour on the forums is to feed back to them what they say, because they seem to be oblivious of it, or impervious about it, and others also don't notice it, think it's not a pattern, or side with it due to their own agendas. The idea that something is "off-topic" or "outside this thread" or "not referenced in this thread" -- as if each thread is some mini-universe created anew with no other reference points -- is crucial to bad behaviour but all the more reason to try to collect the threads and summariz
  7. So let me get this straight. I don't look at ads, I don't care about this, and I see no reason to add one more script on my browser, as occasionally an ad might be interesting. So to continue to "be right," because that's what is paramount here for you, you're telling me I should sit for hours and pick over which sites I need to blacklist, entering them into this extension. Um, that would take longer than just ignoring the ad. It would give MORE attention to the ads. Honestly...
  8. Yeah, I know the difference between Austria and Australia, big guy. I've been to the former lots of times, but not the latter, and will likely never go, for lots of reasons. I merely thought you were from the former, not the latter, not that it matters. I totally get the incessant venom you have toward Americans and your belief that they are ignorant about geography and that's often the case. But it doesn't apply to me, for all sorts of reasons that are easily discoverable. PS you didn't have the facts about the guy in Utah. In any event, given the high percentage of Americans in SL, I w
  9. I don't want to block ads. Ads pay for the Internet. They create livelihoods for people. I'm quite capable of ignoring nearly all of them. Many of the ones pitched to me are something I've actually looked at, on a shopping site, so I don't mind a reminder to go back. PS what the Lindens have up here is not an ad, but a splash screen. Next? @Polenth There is an autoplaying video, yes. I wonder why I didn't notice this until the last few weeks. Was it always there? Yes, I hate autoplaying videos. This is why I never go to Business Insider, for example, willing
  10. Never mind.
  11. Oh, that's probably it. Great song! I love the fluffy boots on that one avatar.
  12. Because you said you were based in Austria. So if you are a native English speaker who has been transplanted to a non-English-speaking country, great. Even so, you have it wrong, precisely because correct speech isn't your goal, but harassment of someone you don't like. When that's your goal, it shows. Trailing off thoughts is not an omission, it's a suggestion. Different. And it's not considered such good speech -- which is why it bothered you, as a speech policeman. But it's common usage on forums where people think as they write, and that's more than fine! It's amazing that you ca
  13. I think it's helpful to remember why there are no 40+/- sims any more: they were abused and there is no big demand for them. I happen to have several sims with deep water and I love it, and it rents pretty well, but what's interesting to note -- over the years, very few tenants take advantage of this wonderful deep water and build a grotto or mermaid cave or space station or something cool. Most people ignore it. It's actually not in demand as I can tell you from practical experience. Some people sail, but it so happens that the 7 Linden Seas these areas are near are at a different level
  14. No, it has everything to do with help. I don't "hate" mesh; I have enormous amounts of mesh items in inventory, mainly buildings and furniture. I simply want to encourage a fellow sufferer to feel that he doesn't *have* to go and spend tens and even hundreds of real US dollars simply to look "normal". That a world where you have to do that, and where the array of default library avatars are so repulsive to people that they won't be caught dead in them, this has to be done. You have to speak up.
  15. Makhno committed atrocities, too, even though he battled the Bolsheviks whose atrocities were far worse. And it's not a victimless crime to steal, because you don't know the circumstances. The reasons why someone can't take care of their parcel are diverse, and especially now, could be related to the pandemic. I refuse to re-make my open societies and close them for exploiters and "communards" like you. Most people are decent and most people pay for their rentals and most people don't squat. That's why we have communities and civilization and not sandbox terror and griefing everywher
  16. No. It's wrong. It's stealing. And it harms communities. And people like you are found quickly enough by landlords who care, so you won't do this for long. I had a guy who rezzed an entire club, with a store with vendors and a redelivery terminal, and was happily partying with his friends in the sky and making bank off my cheap, vacant rental. I had another guy build a 10-story apartment building on a 2048 and fill it up with rentals to his friends. Group land is vulnerable to this sort of thing. They lasted a day or three. Found another capacious over-primmer who used a te
  17. Do you think more forums regulars will be following you out the door? Are there incentives we could provide?
  18. I have to say, this stuff is just way too daunting. And I personally don't like playing dress-up and don't buy clothes and hate all this stuff. So out of sheer desperation to have something to fit my 30L sneakers which I buy like twice a year, I got Slink feet. The feet look the most awful on the system avatar, as well as the hands, so I thought the outlay for those feet which I recall as under 500L, was justifiable. Then of course the avatar hands look even more awful. So I bought Slink hands and feet just to be able to put on rings. To be sure, this puts you into this daunting exercise
  19. Imagine if you have done this with a folder not of clothing, but things, and they number 400+. I wonder why the system doesn't have brakes on it to stop that because I have had it happen a number of times. Relogging cures it sometimes, but sometimes not. Then you have no choice but to sit on a non-laggy sim and detach the things one by one. Some won't detach for puzzling reasons. So you move to the next. Using "replace outfit" with another normal folder of clothing doesn't work. I don't know if the Lindens can help when this happens, you could try filing a ticket if you can't un
  20. Thank you. Those are the numbers. PS note that Mainland is 8000+ now due to Bellisseria, which the Lindens say isn't Mainland and their fans angrily defend this marketing proposition. "Not Mainland," as Desmond knows, is a powerful advertising draw. But it is Mainland. It is reachable by sea if not by land. It is part of a contiguous continental system.
  21. But the hypergrid isn't a contiguous layout. If you are teleporting or logging in to another grid as you go along, even if they are part of the same system, that doesn't count. I have trouble getting people to understand this, but my hospital chart, my work Slack, some teledoc, an email, these are all part of a virtual world. They are the Metaverse. Not a very fun one -- one that breaks down and is stupid and completely forgettable. No dragons or 3D wonders. But still meta, still verse, still virtual. So the 4..etc uploads already happened, and then some.
  22. You're not a native speaker of English, so I don't know why you're playing grammar cop here. In other languages besides English, Russian for example, the three dots or ellipses as they are called formally, don't signify omissions or the end of a quote, but something else -- a trailing off of thought ("off of" is not a legal expression but serviceable). A "leave it to the imagination" kind of signal. So it is used, and not only by non-native speakers. Because of this linguistic confusion, I always ditch it myself, in translations, although sometimes I have to keep it at the insistence of the au
  23. Yeah, I was saying in another thread I need "skip intro" or something because those eyes are regularly creeping me out, and I have lived here for 17 years and seen it all. And people say "oh, you don't have to land on that page". Except...if you have multiple accounts, you do, because you have to log out of one and log into another, LL is not advanced like even Yahoo which has "manage accounts" all on one page to bypass that. Why have multiple accounts. Because you use them for years to hold groups together, they all need a minimum of two avatars, and because you need multiple groups when
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