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  1. Here's what the log says about that file you mentioned: This looks to me like a problem on LL's side: \SecondLifeViewer\\SLPlugin.exe 2021-05-03T19:51:30Z WARNING #Plugin# newview/llviewermedia.cpp(1776) LLViewerMediaImpl::newSourceFromMediaType : ONCE: plugin initialization failed for mime type: text/html 2021-05-03T19:51:30Z WARNING #Media# newview/llviewermedia.cpp(2585) LLViewerMediaImpl::navigateInternal : Couldn't navigate to: https://viewer-splash.secondlife.com/?channel=Second Life Release&grid=Agni&lang=en&login_content_version=2&os=Microsof
  2. Remember the uproar some time ago when there was talk of "getting rid of landmarks" and some fanboyz of course embraced this and cheered the Lindens and others of us were wondering what was going to happen to a zillion notecards with landmarks inside of them and product boxes with landmarks inside of them and so on. If you make a landmark now and it doesn't go into a "Landmarks" folder, that's terrible. People don't use bookmarks on browsers, that's obsolete. They type pages into Google search and pull them up that way or they just keep that tab open and it restores when they reboot. So w
  3. There are no HUDS. All attachments like scanners are removed. I realize that about Quicktime but since the advice was to reinstall Quicktime a few years ago, I tried that. I put in the exceptions. It didn't make any difference. I don't see how this is related to the AV when the error is about media. So I was thinking it's something about how the inworld browser is checked off or not (tried different things), media is on or off (tried all or none). It still persists.
  4. So this strange error is back (I had not experienced it before but it's been around in past years.) Yes, I reinstalled Quicktime. Yes, I did a total clean boot of SL's latest download. Yes, I cleared cache. Yes, I updated the latest AMD drivers. Awfully annoying, as each time you teleport anywhere it fires up this silly notice again. Turning off all media options doesn't seem to quell it.
  5. o Don't start with a full sim, it's too hard, and you will be stuck with a big tier bill, and starting out, won't get enough tenants to fill it. o Start with 8192 and see how it goes. o Remember 80% occupancy is already a dead loss for you and will start to put you out of business unless you like this hobby.
  6. Find abandoned land which is everywhere and cheaper than what companies sell often. It may not be waterfront or a prim location but think of it is as your starter lot until you get a better feeling for land and location. Fly around and find huge open areas with lots of abandoned land. Pick out 1024 or 4096 and send a ticket to the Lindens, they will sell it for $1/m.
  7. I don't allow walls, 2D hedges, photo-real boards etc -- they all look terrible. Put some 3D trees or hedges along the parcel borders. They need not be dense. You are trying to just create a certain sense of division. Privacy does not come from walls and fences. You uncheck "avatars can see me" and you are invisible. Doesn't get more private than that.
  8. I really started working at it this last week. But I keep staying at the same level because I get new things or unpack boxes. But I hope to make progress.
  9. I have been told by those in the know that those selling mesh bodies and mesh heads do nothing to make sure you can find and buy them on the MP because they want to drive you into their stores -- that way for one, they don't lose the tax to LL, and for two, they can usually get you to buy something more expensive. Understandable. I have found this to be the case. You simply cannot find the actual hands or feet of certain brands, only various add-ons by others piggy-backing on their brand. That's to make you come to the store.
  10. Years ago, Philip urged people to clean their inventories in the spring. I asked him if thousands of people suddenly deleting lots of stuff would disrupt the servers, and he thought about it and said "no," but then, I'm not sure. No one suffers from the problem of too many deletions now, it's more like bloated inventories and lost inventories. I've had some really bad patches of lost inventory, once totally 15,000 items, many original gatcha items with no-copy. It got so bad I couldn't even log on. The Lindens had to seize my account for a few days, and run scripts on it to remove corrupt
  11. Funny how this ad you worked up is more attractive looking than what the Lindens now have on the front page. But my tastes may have been modified by being in SL for 17 years.
  12. I did note a few weeks ago when Patch did an interview with an educator which you can find on YouTube that there was a Linden literally born that day named "Nix," and I remember thinking, "this is the outworld Linden avatar he will have with a business suit to meet the suits in RL". Of course he may be completely unrelated and Patch himself said nothing to confirm this. I personally am not bothered at all by the Lindens having a fairy and elves side and a RL business side. Why not? As Eric Rice once said when I complained about business taking over SL, "We can't have separate drinking fountain
  13. The Lindens have never gotten the front page right, what can you do, they make virtual worlds, not web sites. On the other hand, those fancy new "immersive" web sites today that you can't scroll on normally (meant for touch pad or mouse top scroll which ordinary people who aren't gamers don't really use) drive me crazy, just had to work on one for months on end in RL. I think LL has to find that happy medium between complicated hipster high tech web site winning accolades from their peers, which norms can't really scroll through and low-end bare-bones site that will load in develop
  14. It's funny how some people don't think a very public thank you is needed here, despite some thread somewhere with 1000 pages where it might have mentioned, and yet those same people aren't bothered by obvious bids to increase post counts and popularity with topics like "rain or shine".
  15. I was looking for this scarf I wanted to give my daughter and I thought to myself, "I need to put that on transfer." Then I had a piece of fabric and I thought, "This needs to go 70% transparent". It's that turning a corner in a perfect square that lets me know I've been on too long, however.
  16. This is very sad news. I'm sorry for your loss. Robin made a wonderful contribution to SL and had many creative ideas implemented skillfully. I often went to her store to get both basic and fancy tea sets and such and played her gatchas, always hoping to get the Owl cookie jar. She always had displays at events different than other people, I remember at Christmas particularly. May her memory be a blessing.
  17. All the smiling they have that I've seen on talk shows and such look like grimaces and the Uncanny Valley. If you want to see your avatar smile, take a selfie and see him smile/grimace automatically. I think they haven't gotten it right, and it isn't a priority, and likely will not be any time soon.
  18. As someone who complained regularly and often in any venue I could about this, I do want to express my gratitude to the Lindens who diligently kept working on this project because it is vital to the virtual world. No, it isn't perfect, and some zoom levels can be slow in loading. But they do all work now -- in recent weeks it was only some zoom levels that work but now they all do. And there are always people for whom it doesn't work and who have quibbles. But the main outlines of it work -- it shows the tiles. You can see where to point-to-point teleport. You go there. The buil
  19. I have tried all different things over the years and to this day I make sure I have multiple methods because some things don't work at certain times or one thing stops working or whatever. I go to various night clubs or music venues and if they have open ad boards I put ads there, they do get some clicks. If there is some outrageous fee for the ad, I give it a pass, it is seldom worth it. There are hangouts like "The Shelter" that have ad boards to help cover their tier. I have recently started placing an ad in a furniture store. They are the only furniture store I have ever se
  20. I'm making my way through all of Hopkirk and related authors in the pandemic. https://www.amazon.com/Spy-Who-Disappeared-Mission-Russian/dp/0575047852
  21. Hi, Reed, Can you comment on how this new fee will impact the value of the Linden which has been artificially kept at about 240-241 for more than a year, and throughout SL's history has varied considerably. Will you continue to keep it at US $4.00/1,000 Linden dollars? Everyone who buys or sells on the LindEx knows that it is not truly a "market" institution, despite some small fluctuations daily, as it is artificially kept at this rate by infusions of Lindens. Also, Linden Lab used to supply information about the percentage of the concurrency (which is now 30,000-40,000 on aver
  22. I guess you don't know about the Cult of the True Linden. And yes, it involves Altruima Linden.
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