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  1. Thanks for your replies, Rather than over heat my laptop. I will leave the levels as they are and purchase better quality objects. jillam
  2. Why do some objects degrade in clarity when moving away from them a short distance? I see this only on some but not others. Can I change the object to see it better at a distance in edit if I have modify permissions? I know I can change draw distance but I want to change the object. Thanks
  3. I want to make a landscape texture surrounding the inside of a round skybox I rent. I tried to make a prim to texture but it has limits on size. what are my options? thanks
  4. Sam4more, I just put in another ticked to Linden Labs to solve the problem. Maybe they will understand that everyone that owns the huds and control balls are affected.
  5. Thanks for everyones reply and thier investigating the problem. We spent a fair amount of money for the hubs and Control balls. We should get some kind of answer from henmations. I dont see how someone can still be allowed to sell items that will not work. I hope Linden Labs looks into it and lets you know what they find Sam4more. Please let us all know when you hear back from them. Thank you all.
  6. Its not lag as I suspected at first. There is something wrong with the pages. I have had the problem about the same time as you. I will find out the problem and let you know. The hud and ball are good. The worked well until this problem. dont give up. keep them until i add to this post with more info.
  7. I have Henmations dance hud and dance ball but I cant use them. When I go to the configure page its not there. They are useless unless I can configure them. Does anyone know why the pages are down? I did contact customer support and Im waiting for a response. I thought maybe someone here would give me an answer faster. Thanks
  8. I tried to sit on the cube but it wouldnt allow it. Says there is no room to sit but I did use the camera to get inside and double clicked on the ground inside to teleport there and it worked. Thanks for the help.
  9. I bought a cuddle camp skybox and its enclosed. The seller wont reply to my messages. How do I get into the skybox?
  10. I bought a cuddle camp skybox and its enclosed. The seller wont reply to my messages. How do I get into the skybox?
  11. I understand the distance restriction for music in Skyboxes but I cant go more than a few meters when the radio cuts out or dims the music. Its not a bandwith problem. I have high speed. Why cant the distance be extended some?
  12. No, this has been going on long before the hospital. She cant go to sl in the hospital. She is out now anyway. I just want to find how to talk to the website administrator to see what the server logs say. Thanks
  13. No matter what she does this error comes up on the website. An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log. Who do I contact about this since the log is for the website administrator.
  14. No, she cannot get to her account at all. Any link to her account doesnt not word such as the one you sent. She is in the hospital at the moment so I cant give you the server message. I will send that info in a couple of days. thanks for the help.
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