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  1. Many Thanks for the Feedback. Sorry, but i looking NOT for the tip toe sneaker, Only the Sneaker from the Picture
  2. Will the original creator give you any of those names? I don´t know, i have not ask Have you tried the demo, btw? You might like them less when you try them on, so it's worth checking. Yes i have the demo for flat feet and i love the sneakers, but i don´t like the tip toe sneakers
  3. thanks for feedback. that is the side of the creater of the shoe, but no longer sells the shoe he had sold him only 10 x in full perm, there is nothing more to him (googletranslate)
  4. Hello @ All :-) Can anyone help? In which shop I can find the shoe on the picture ? I love this shoe  Many Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english Greetings Lu
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