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  1. Grace, that wasn't an attack. It sounds like your emotions are understandably frazzled right now and you just want SL to stay the same while things go crazy around you. You want a place you consider a refuge from RL to be there. It wasn't, and the upset you're feeling about the RL stress and danger is getting tangled up in this. Is that close to what's going on inside you? If it is, may I suggest another way to look at this? What in the situation can you actually influence or control? If you (or your friend/s) own land, you have control over it and don't have to worry about land
  2. In all my years in SL, I've only been hit on once by someone who was looking for a RL relationship. He was a chancer too, and pretty self-absorbed - it was all about his needs, even when he was trying to wrench personal information out of me. He was one of those who seemed to figure that if I was still talking with him, he stood a chance. He worked really hard to keep me talking to him too. That he was a chancer matters, because they play a numbers game. It will always feel like there are more of them because they start so many conversations. Just something to keep in mind. Given the
  3. Since this is all pretend, let it be known that my building alt has made a special amulet which renders all Progeny to be trapped in the Firestarter video from this day hence. Be free, Byte.
  4. To be frank, I got tired of the convolutions and excuses and lies men came up with when they were trying to get me to help them cheat on their RL or SL partners. Rather than get caught up in their twists and turns and complicated philosophies, my answer is now just this: there are limits as to how low a priority I'll let myself be in someone's life. I'm just not interested in being a hidden option for you. It will take too much from me.
  5. Given that SL is part of the internet and a chunk of people use the internet to bully others, and given that a high percentage of residents are from the U.S. and the U.S. is heavily polarised these days when it comes to just about everything, I don't think we should be too surprised that there is racism in SL. Or that there are plenty of places and people who value things like kindness and equality and treating each other decently. Whenever the first lot mess with your head, look for the second. There are probably more of us after all, even if we don't make as much noise.
  6. What's not nice about asking a simple, direct question when I saw similarities? Or putting an adorable kitten on the first page of a thread that could have become contentious? Now I'm wondering if you started the thread out of a quiet hope that it would kick off. Am I allowed to do that? The view you claim is "VERY unpopular" (your emphasis) is really quite common and yet you write as though you're very defensive about it. You also said on the first page that you hadn't given your opinion because it would take too long to write it and you didn't have time, then when you did you said it w
  7. You're not JoeDex, are you Chrismaky?
  8. I read it as humorous in tone, Rhonda. It does bring up a good point though - some avs will abuse an increase in attachment points and that needs to be taken into account if LL changes things.
  9. What kind of complexity numbers are you guys getting when you hit your attachment limit?
  10. Don't mind Alwin. He can be a dear. Or a grump. Usually a grump. Probably didn't notice that it was the same person posting both. The laptop you posted should be fine but see if you can't find one with similar specs for less money. As for draw distance - I change mine frequently, starting low and then moving up until I can see however much is needed for the environment. Indoors that's usually very low, will go up outdoors. A better computer and a better internet connection will help greatly, but IMO it's still worth paying some attention to what you're asking it to do.
  11. Was Claireschen offering you advice or supplementing the information you provided? I thought it was the latter, but then I do use low draw distances regularly (cause IMO why make it work harder than it needs to) so I appreciated learning about that trick. I don't use FS much but will for close-up local texture work. Anyway, thanks Claireschen.
  12. LAQ doesn't have an MP store, but there is a lovely group gift inworld (Camille) which might suit you. Don't be put off by the serious advert photo, it works on happy av faces too. Hopefully the group is still free to join. If search isn't giving you the store (LAQ Avatars), try the creator's profile (Mallory Cowen). Lumae seems to be moving again. She reinvents herself periodically and I don't know what kind of work she's doing now but her stores have often been favourites in the past. If you don't mind young, there are some good kawaii skin creators. Had a look in my inventory but
  13. I've never seen mention of this. It would be really useful so I'm going to reply in hopes of getting one of the forum regs to show up to tell me I'm wrong.
  14. Four LoD levels are required. The mesh uploading system has an auto-generate feature which can be used to make one, two, or three of the models automatically. Sometimes these are alright. Often they are less than optimal visually. They tend to be responsible for the messes we sometimes see as mesh collapses. A second option is to create the models in the 3d software. A third option is to use 'the file above' (the previous lod level). In that case, there is no change between those specific levels. ------- arton is one of two people most responsible for my managing to sc
  15. Maybe my previous understanding of it was better than I thought, at least until it was cough improved through the forum.
  16. Those squares look a lot like the creator forgot to use the 'smooth' function before uploading. That's a pretty serious oversight. I *thought* worn, rigged mesh stayed a highest LoD, and running at level 4 should force most things to stay at highest LoD anyway. But other than that, it sounds like LoD issues what with falling off at specific distances. There are four LoDs which click in at set distances. (More or less, because this is SL and there are always complicating factors.) If the same model is used for a couple of levels, then you won't see a change between them. Converse
  17. Apple changed the way they handle graphics several years ago (4 OS's) and LL refuses to adapt, so with every Mac update it gets more and more broken. You have a Radeon graphics card which is less of a problem. In everything you read on this, pay attention to what graphics card the person has. Like I have nVidia, which is beyond broken with Sierra and SL. :matte-motes-confused: I've always had lots of lag problems with Firestorm but other Mac users swear by it. Gavin Hird is the only TPV developer I've seen trying to help with the Sierra + SL problems, so his Kokua viewer is definitely one to
  18. entity0x wrote: LOL, this forum is like a bad game of 'telephone', as it seems people just respond before reading something correctly, use a bad analogy and it just breaks down... .... In other words, as stated before, "Maybe if it's not on the menu, it's not for dinner", means just go shop elsewhere; find what you want to buy, don't try to force or shame creators into doing anything. But yet you think it's ok for you to try to force and shame others into doing things like changing their off-site blog posts? That's what you've been doing here, whether you see it or not. Likewise with
  19. entity0x wrote: We're not selling game assets here, we're selling virtual furniture for people to put in their virtual Barbie houses, and that's it. In the end, noone owns a damn thing, and are just paying to support their favourite creators to make more cool stuff for them. If you want mod ability so bad, just make your own stuff, and stop telling other people how to make, market and sell theirs. Some questions: Do you really have that low an opinion of your customers and SL users in general? Do you not understand that SL used to be dominated by DIYers and still includes thriving a
  20. Tagging onto Pamela's post here because I agree with it and there's something I want to throw in to the conversation. Like her, I don't accept the either/or mindset. Part of this is because of the special nature of virtual worlds. If a customer modifies a creation, even perhaps going so far as to make obvious changes to textures, the original art is not lost. It might have become something else in that specific iteration, but the original art probably still exists in several other places in SL. (Like the customer's inventory if it's copy. :matte-motes-smile:) So a creator can pour her heart
  21. The bullet point heading is Anti-Competitive and Abusive Behaviour. The practice is abusing the marketplace system as it stands (using it for advertising whilst encouraging customers to shop in a way which means the seller doesn't pay LL the commission). Demanding that a commission be charged in-world as well seems a very strange solution to what is essentially one person's objection to the way the bullet points are titled.
  22. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: And as far as I can tell, the entire kid clothing market also sells with no-mod, so the argument that my business will hurt if someone else sells with those permissions isn't a valid one. Pussycat is telling you that the ENTIRE kids' clothing market lost her alt as a customer because something she needed wasn't available. Not just you, or your friend, or someone else; the entire market. This will be invisible to you and the rest of the kids' clothing market because it's not like she (and others in a similar-ish situation) would have bought lots of things from yo
  23. Adding this in to the database.... I have just discovered a wee icon at the top of my computer screen (it looks sort of like a stylised eye, or maybe not but I can't think of a better way to describe it). Clicking on it gives me the option to use either NVIDIA web driver or OS X native graphics driver. The tick is next to NVIDIA web driver, so it seems I did something which somehow switched that back and that might be why things are working so much better for me. Don't dare change it lest I bork something. At some point in my earlier search for a solution, I apparently managed to install the
  24. But I was replying to your attack on Penny. So if it was wrong for me to talk about you, then it was wrong for you to talk about Penny. Likewise it is also wrong for you to attack me as you've just done. Please be careful how you read my tone and that of others. It seems to me that you are ascribing emotions to us which aren't there. Certainly you are with me. Since you've read every word of Penny's blog, you must understand how strange it is to write something like "Penny thinks I should make it copy/mod so users can make it 20 stories tall if they want to!!" Can you at last chuckle at the
  25. entity0x wrote: Penny Patton wrote: Agreed. If someone wishes to sell no-mod that is their business. That said, if that is how they choose to run their business, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. However, it is my belief that many people choose to release no-mod due to some fundamental misunderstandings with regards to how SL works (see anyone who claims they only release no-mod to protect their content) or due to a belief that it will somehow negatively affect their salesand that's why I think this is a topic worth having a discussion about. Penny thinks I should make it copy/m
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