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  1. You can try updating your browser if you have not, clearing cache etc. Sometimes it could be heavy traffic on the site. I get logged out at times, not just on here but sometimes on marketplace too.
  2. Something went wrong with the cache? Which viewer are you using? I know that Linden Labs 'refresh' their servers. A glitch some time back caused me to lose quite a few things myself too. If you've lost items you've purchased, you should let the seller know so you could request a copy. If they are demos, you might be able to find them on marketplace if not in-world.
  3. Could it be a bug with your viewer? Try other viewer. Also, it could be that sl is lagging. I experienced the same issue once using firestorm, and I updated it thru a clean install which solved the issue for me.
  4. I think there could be a sub account created? I too read somewhere else that merchants can't report comments themselves. I saw OP's post on the listing, which I shall not reveal which exact listing it was, and it was concerning the skin being too pale in the sunlight. (Something along this line.) Imo, it's kind of weird that there are no bad reviews at all, wonder how the flagging system works.
  5. Oh wasn't aware of such a rule, but alright thanks!
  6. Thank you!! Great info and help. Much appreciated.
  7. Eh it's okay. My question was why is that though muting/blocking him is supposed to block those attacks, but that doesn't seem to do the trick
  8. Pretty sure you didn't read it properly. I was standing, not sitting
  9. There's a griefer who pushes people out of Inca Valley and it seems like even though I reported him for pushing me out of the sim for 3-4 times and muted him, he can still attack my avatar?
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