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  1. First of all....Login with your ALT only. (I say this because you mentioned multiple viewers are enabled) Just log ALT in with a single viewer and all other applications closed. Test to see if this works. If you still get error "username and/or pw could not be verified" Then i suspect you are not entering the name or password correctly somehow......i.e pass words are case sensitive......user name or password misspelled . Use your ALT username and password to log in to the SL Forums webpage....to verify that the name and password are correct. if you can log your ALT in here(
  2. Hi, It's not really clear to me exactly what you want to do........ But if you Hold down the ALT key and left click on what you want the camera to focus on. Then keeping the ALT key pressed......use arrow keys,or page up/page down keys, or scroll wheel on mouse to move your Avatar camera to any desired position. This will work on any 3rd party viewer. dd
  3. Hi again,,,,,, You should at least get an email back saying case has been created, If not , submit another support ticket. You can also submit another case under "billing Support" There is a Toll free phone number for support also. If you are a landowner you can also use LIVE Chat support during Linden Labs business hours. Bobbie's sugestion above is a good one also......i've had to do that before. Good luck...
  4. Hi You need to submit a support case at this location. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  5. Greetings After it is linked...go back and set doorway part only ..."physics shape" to "none". this effectively makes only the door way phantom. dd
  6. Yes same issues when i tried to log in tonite at 9 pm SL time all gray avatar body and worn clothes. loging in from USA....South Florida. dd
  7. Very clever script method Miss Loon....I must remember this technique dd
  8. What?........ 365 ms ping? Is that a typo? If it's really 365 ms ...you need to find out why.. as any where in USA should be 100 ms or less to Sl servers. Check packet loss...should be 0.0 all the time 7.27mbps connection is not fast but should be ok Check your draw distance setting...as this has the biggest effect on Frame rate. The complexity of the region that your are visiting is the next biggest factor. If your avatar is facing an empty "Ocean" then your frame rate should increase dramatically even in the higher graphics modes (high or Ultra) dd
  9. This limited-time discount offer is available only for "(new)" memberships on the Quarterly billing plan. Discount will be applied to the first quarterly billing cycle only, and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price; price will return to USD 22.50, excluding VAT where applicable. To qualify, Second Life members must have an active Basic account or create a new Second Life account. Discount offer begins on Wednesday the 15th of October at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and expires on Monday the 3rd of November 2014 at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST). dd
  10. The truth is that SecondLife actually works best with the same or higher graphics performance than most "games" need. The intel 4400 graphics is actually part of the 4th generation intel haswell CPU. its not a seperate card or chip . It has no dedicated graphics memory. Its much better performance than older generation Intel integrated graphics But its still no where near as good as having a seperate GPU card or gpu Chip with dedicated gpu memory. Get a laptop with seperate Nvidia GPU chip. I would recommend a GT 650M or better. (the second number "5" is the performance level) 5 or hi
  11. wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlHTTPRequest (Paste the above url in your browser search bar)
  12. Greetings... Nvidia 720m is one of the Lowest performance graphics chips that Nvidia makes. You would have use SL in Low graphics mode in most situations especially if you use the Linden Viewer as it is more graphics intensive than the 3rd party viewers. There are many factors that determine the Frame rate you would get with this chip such as the enviroment where you are at in SL, (quantity of textures and and number of other Avatars), draw distance setting, graphics mode. If you want reasonable graphics for SL ...I would recommend Nvidia 750M as minium for a laptop. The value of
  13. As of 20:19 pdt 1 Oct unable to delete rezzed objects or rez objects from inventory, Blue error message says "Asset server did not respond in a timely fashion" this seems to effect all regions...i have tried in 3 different Sims...same issue. Wake up SL engineers......we have a problem tonite.(Main servers and Magnum serversare both experiencing same issue) dd
  14. Thanks Life Camino for for those ideas. Thanks to Miss Loon for your help....I'll get started on the divide and conquer script approach soon dd UPDATE: Miss Loon's suggestion works perfect....problem solved My list is strided with 4 elements each record so i broke it up like that. integer i; while (i < llGetListLength(history)) { llOwnerSay(llList2String(history,i) + llList2String(history,i+1) + llList2String(history,i+2) + llList2String(history,i+3)) ; i += 4; }
  15. My list seems to stop working after it has about 950 characters. Does anyone know the actual total numbers of Characters allowed in any list. Could not seem to find this answer in the scripting wiki. Thanks. Any good work arounds...if this is true?
  16. A few questions first.... 1. Did your PC work well before in SL? and just now started having problems.?.....or it never worked well? 2. Does it work for a short while in SL ok and then stop ? ...or it never works? 3.What is your connection speed? 4. Are you using wireless connection? or eithernet cable connection to internet. 5. Have you tried turning your router/modem off and then powering it back on.. and and then re-starting PC? The forum helper experts can better analyze your problem if you answer these questions . Good luck
  17. hi What is the time between each repeat of "Object: 2" ? 1second or 2 seconds or less than 1 second? also...can you see this chat from any location on your region? and can other Avatars also see this chat? If only your avatar can see this chat...it probably means that the "runaway script" is using llOwnerSay("2"); If any Avatar can see this chat......then the "runaway script" is using llSay(0,"2"); or llShout(0,"2"); Even if the object is tranparent..........you should see a particle stream constantly circling the bad prim. Since you were able to restart your region....you are eith
  18. One word of caution...Be sure to check the power supply requiriments of any new video card . look to see How many Watts and amps your current pc power supply can supply can handle.. Many times when you want to put a higher performance graphics card...you also need to replace the PC power supply with a higher output power version. The PC makers generally tend to put the lowest possible power output power supply that they can get away with. Good luck with your upgrade dd
  19. Both of those PC you showed with links are terrible...overpriced and/or poor video graphics. Here is example of a nice gaming PC for $999 ,,,,you can find many more like this at this price range or even a bit lower. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=9085260&CatId=1886 Try to get a 4th generation Intel processor...I5 or I7 either will work fine for SL. Be sure to get Nvidia graphics with 2nd number of model number 5 or greater... 650 ,660,670...or 750 ,760 or 770 The 2nd number indicates performance level. If you like it to turn on fa
  20. Ok... Create an object/ (rez a prim) Set Prim type to Sphere. In the object edit menu choose the contents tab and left click on New Script. When new script window opens...copy and paste the following 2 lines into the Touch Event section. llSetBuoyancy(0.75); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); Save the script and close script window and edit window. Left click on ball . Play ball Note : in the prim edit window....you can choose the "features" tab and set prim Material to rubber to get a nice bouncy effect as mentioned before.
  21. Greetings Two things......first when you are NOT logged in,......preferences will show the IM to Email checkbox as grayed out and not checked.......But when you ARE logged in...that box will be editable and Checked. This is normal. Second.....The problem of not recieving IM to Emails started around July 1st...and i did file a Jira report on this issue. The lindens checked into it with me and several others that were seeing the same issue...and in all cases the issue was caused by our internet providers.....AT&T in my case....but also other internet providers. AT&T was
  22. Try this... After changing the desired value...move your cursor into ANY OTHER value box and left click. Then it should stick. dd
  23. Greetings.. The short answer is Yes...that PC will work just fine in SL (assuming you also have a good internet provider connection speed) dd
  24. To "rez"/create a new "prim" simply right click on the ground or floor and choose "create" from the pie menu. The cursor will change to a "majic wand".....left click on floor or ground and you will "rez"/ create a little box called a prim. Then follow the previous instructions i gave you. You need to be in a parcel /sim/region that you have "Create object " permissions.
  25. Marek.........Rez a new prim then right click on the new prim and choose "edit". Select the "contents" tab in the edit window. Cick the "new script" button. Close the edit window. move your cursor over the new prim..the cursor should change from an "arrow" to a "little hand" Did your cursor change to the "little hand"? While it is a "little hand" do a left click with your mouse. You should see the word "touched" in chat. Do you?? If this works....but other things you "touch"" dont work...then I suspect it is some kind of permissions issue.
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