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  1. Linden Labs please take notice! There are now many reports of "large gray box " attaching to a moving vehicle (boat,plane,or car). It becomes linked to the vehicle directly in front of the avatar pilot location. "Inspecting" the linked object show that the creator of the object is the Pilot/owner name , the name of the object is the Pilot/owner avatar name. This seems to happen upon sim crossing entry. It is happening in at least several different sims. I do suspect that this is some variation of the JIRA VWR-13338 explotation of the bug in permissions scripts. Pease p
  2. I disagree...new problems do occur all the time. Usually side effects from new bells and whistles or as a result of never ending weekly server software changes where all the over -paying sim Owners have become free beta software testers. I hope you are mistaken about Linden staff NOT reviewing the Technology forum post daily or weekly as it would in my opinion be totally irresponsible not to do so. The creator of this thread is not a newbie to SL as you can see from the number of past post. So refering this resident to the Knowledge Base is a bit misplaced advice in my opinion. I am sure you
  3. Yes....but for the ones who did not know about it already? Jira details are not normally shown to anyone but the jira creator....so why allow all the public to see this security breach related jira?
  4. Don't you think is pretty stupid to show the details if this Jira to any Griefer who wishes to explot this BUG ??? Unbelieveable !!! :matte-motes-sour:
  5. That slim line PC only has a 220 watt power supply. the original installed video card was a nvidia Gforce 210 or intel motherboard graphics. You may have only on board or may have both. This PC is not very suitable for present day SL requiriments......will only work in lower graphic settings. To up grade requires a new nvidia card and a bigger power supply of 400 or 500 watts which may be hard to find in a slimline size. Nvidia 550Ti is a good choice IF...it will fit inside your PC and you can find a 400+ watt power supply to fit.
  6. Also you probably have to click on Mouselook.....
  7. Go to a different sim..........clear your cache.........then relog.... into that new sim that you went to by chosing " log into last location". This will force reload of your avatar from the main Linden servers. It may take a minute or so to see your Avatar the first time as your cache is reloading. To play it safe , Dont relog into a Magnum type server as they are using server side appearance...at least not untill you clear up this problem. Do your re-log into a Main Agni type server. If you already put a different shape than your old one you can see if the old one is now b
  8. You really need a better nvidia video card for SL....the one you are trying to use is really not good enough to run SL correctly. SL requires much much greater video performance than any other graphic games you may have used. Also "silent videocard" really just means we did not even give you a cooling fan. Even if the card works it will soon overheat trying to do SL. Is this a laptop PC? Nvidia 550 or 650 would be the minium I would recommend for SL.
  9. HELP....Since last Tuesday server upgrade, Sculpt Studio ,(SL sculpt creation application), has stopped working. When I click on sculpty to create map, it stops at 100% but it does not open a webpage. A URL does not get sent to me. Apparently the last server upgrades have introduced a new bug preventing communication between viewers and sculpt studio server. I contacted the "Sweet Sculpties" group and they confirmed that Sculpt Studio stopped working after Tuesday 14 may 2013 update. Yes.I submitted a JIRA report :). Yes I sent IM to Sculpt Studio creator the Black Box ...
  10. Yes ..I did send IM to creator before posting here but no reply yet......
  11. HELP.....for the last 24 hours Sculpt Studio ,(SL sculpt creation application), has stopped working. When i click on sculpty to create map, it stops at 100% but IT DOES NOT OPEN A WEBPAGE. WEBPAGE url DOES NOT GET SENT TO ME. I dont know if sculpt studio server is down....OR if the Lindens have introduced a new bug in the latest server updates. Is anyone else seeing this problem?? My friend also has sculpt studio and her's has stopped working also. thanks...
  12. Greetings:) (You said ...."I'm also seeing normally-adjacent sims, N, E, W, and S, not rezzing before I reach the boundary") 2 questions.......What is your "view distance" set to? And.... What type of sim servers...agni or Magnum or Blue Steel or El Tigre or mixed combination?
  13. Yes ....Maestro Linden has told us it was a error in how interest list were being handled.
  14. "rare edge-cases" ?? you've got to be kidding. You call totally borking up sim crossings for all vehicles a rare edge case? Yes..i know its mostly fixed now.. but it was not a rare edge-case when ruined sl vehicle enjoyment for 2 to 3 months.
  15. Contrary to what LL cheerleaders might tell you.....The Linden Staff does read resident post in the Forums ..Especially the Technology forum and server deployments......So your posting your frustrations here is fine. Just no long RANTS.. Since the jira policy changed to hide any bug postings from the sl residents...This forum remains the only place for the residents to share sl bug issues. Yes its still necessary and helpful to file a Jira report on NEW issues/bugs.......But it hardly seems worth the effort to file Jira reports on bugs that have existed for months that both resident
  16. Thanks for reporting this Damien. Very interesting observation Can you post some FPS differences.........for the exact same situation.......make sure you are looking in the exact same direction and same avatar position as this can drastically effect the FPS numbers. same view distance setting also. and of course same graphics setting (ultra?)
  17. One possibility is that your gpu/graphics card is overheating ....this can cause the gpu to automatically cut back the graphics performance drastically to the point where you crash in SL. Open the pc case inspect to make sure all fans are working and clean out any dust clogging the air vents. Also it would be helpful for you to post the specs of the PC and graphics that you are using. This info is shown under the HELP ....about ..... tab
  18. It seems to me that this bug needs to be fixed onthe SERVER side !....... Otherwise all 3rd party viewers will continue to have thiis problem and only the official Linden viewer will work without this bug, Perhaps this is a another subtle method of forcing all residents to use only the official Linden viewer. It seems to me that the Lindens caused this bug on the server side with this new interest interest list method...so it needs to be fixed on the server side. Any comments from the Linden staff would be appreciated.......
  19. HI all. There is even an easier fix......open edit .... Preferences,,,,,Graphics.........toggle "atmospheric shaders" off and back on. thats it... Of course it only good for that log on..........but it does not always happen on every log in anyway..
  20. You can use lsl function llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD,0) in your script. this will the return name of notecard . (actually gives name of notecard 0 only but if only 1 notecard in prim contents this simple method will work) if you have several notecards in contents you will need to first determine how many note cards.by using llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_NOTECARD) Then do a loop to gather all the notecard names Look in SL scripting portal under LSL INVENTORY to get more ideas.
  21. Greetings all, I wanted to point out that the "missing prim " bug can and does also effect Hud attached objects such as buttons. If you touch the position where the attached hud button is supposed to be......it will do what ever the button is supposed to do.......but when you dont see the button visible..and are not aware of this missing prim issue...you think you lost it is it is broken or detached. and Yes ....right clicking on the position where the button should be located will make it visible again. This is why that resident could not see the button to enter credit card information
  22. I agree,,,,this bug with a few random prims Not rezzing until you "right click " on them has been around for a year or more.......but since interest list changes..it happens a lot more often and effects more prims. There seems to be no pattern to it...the only thing repeatable is "right clicking" on the place where the prim should be always makes it rez instantly. So in am guessing that it actually is rezzed....but not loaded into your viewer unless you right click where the prim should be. My special thanks to Maesto and Andrew for fixing bug 1814 ( total loss of cam view du
  23. IF you are Sim owner or Estate Manager...you can use the World...region/estate window.....choose debug... .select " Get Top Scripts"...... click 2 times on top left box called "Time" This will now show a list of all active scripts and/or Avatars running in that region in order of how much time it uses, name of script , and owner of script. A typical avatar will use anywhere from 0.05 ms to 0.2 ms. A really heavy scripted /laggy Avatar can be 1.0 to 2.0 ms!!! So if you see a scripted object that is using more than 0.10 ms.......I would consider that a laggy scripted object as its usin
  24. Please correct me if im wrong.....but I think you accidently stated that backwards? Probably you ment to say .... Just because the Lindens do not respond to a bug does not mean it is NOT being worked on wow...a triple negative to make it read correct...
  25. I am guessing you have been using a really old viewer all this time and recently put a newer version. Anyway...try Shift + ESC I always liked using only ESC myself too but that that got changed a long time ago.....
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