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  1. Thanks for the wattage notice i heard that before and will make sure the wattage supply is upgraded. So which viewer do you guys recommend then? I also tried the previous version of Firestorm, not only the latest BETA. Im not into building or editing in SL i just want it to run smooth when i pass landmarks.
  2. I am gonna replace the RADEON for a MSI GTX 960 GAMING 2GB tomorrow. I think its about time after 7 years
  3. If needed, which card do you recommend? Not too expensive, but it needs to handle SL easily.
  4. Thanks both! Correct i am running 64bit Windows 7. I did not update my driver yet, will do that first to see if it improves.
  5. Hello everyone, I used to play SL alot way back (2007 - 2010) now i want to start playing again, installed the new Firestorm viewer and logged in yesterday. Now here's the problem, almost everything around me is purple and is taking ages to load, it is probably my videocard that is not compatible anymore. My specs are, i7 processor, 12 g RAM memory, RADEON 4800 graphic card (old one) Can anyone confirm this? Then i will replace my graphic card. Thanks!
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