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  1. Hi Judith Merry Xmas:) There are many different factors that can determine your sim crossing experience while flying sl aircraft I fly every day in a varity of sims private islands,mainland , and Blake sea region....and yes sim crossings can be a little crazy sometimes. But this is "normal" behavior i.e nothing has gone wrong in the last few server updates. Keyboard Control is always lost during a sim crossing its just a question of for how long...it varies. Some things you can do to make it as painless as possible: 1. Slow down before crossing 2 Avoid being in a turn wh
  2. Thanks to Darien and Amethyst Both of your thoughts/experiences are good to know for future reference.
  3. Two possibilities come to mind...... 1. You have linked those prims to an object that is already set to Phantom so all become phantom. 2. If a prim is overhanging the edge of a region, the part of the prim that is hanging over will behave as though it is set to phantom. i.e you will fall through. BTW....after you figure out the actual cause...be sure to post follow up here in forums to say how you resolved this problem.
  4. 495060...Do you happen to be wearing a scripted slave collar ? I have seen this happen with one of the scripts in a slave collar that does the animations and it gets stuck. Removing the collar first ,,,then doing stop all animations should stop it. And after reset all scripts in the collar or the ones associated with animations. I have seen "open collar" get stuck like this. Another thing to try is wearing the swimming AO again after reseting all scripts in it...to see if it will get unstuck. Good luck
  5. Thank you Nalates I think this is the best explaination of what I am observing. "the viewer not being able to accurately measure ping ... The statistics window method of measuring "what we normally call Ping time" is simply not the same kind of measurment as is normally done using a Ping Time application/command. In a static mode the two methods may be nearly the same.
  6. Lately I have noticed that my indicated Ping time in statistics window varies wildly depending on the direction my avatar is facing. I do understand that FPS does change significently depending on the direction the avatar is facing. This is normal as it is actually depending on how many different textures the avatar is seeing in that direction. For example facing the "ocean" will give the highest FPS readings as there are very few textures to view in that direction and conversly; facing a complex highly textured part of the region will indicate much lower FPS....this is e
  7. Maestro...Yes ,,,,you are correct .. this bug is only effecting vehicles/airplanes that are MESH or have mesh parts I went back to those 2 sims tonite and found that NON-Mesh Airplanes were able to pass through these same regions with no problems. i also tested several other airplanes with Mesh parts and all of them exhibited the "your vehicle returned because parcel is full". Maestro , Does this mesh vehicle region crossing issue have a seperate issue tracking bug number? reference: The other unfixed bug related to 'parcel full' and vehicles, only has an internal issue, and
  8. i experiencd this yesterday.in sim called Foxboro when passing over a 512 parcel called Dax's place and also the same problem occurs at an adjecent sim called Duggan when i pass over that Big black castle next to Linden Highway at a parcel called Small World. Both of these parcels are adjecent to the Linden Highway . The vehicle (Airplane) i am flying is stops and freezes when attempting to pass over those nearly full parcels. And of course.because your vehicle wont move...as soon as you stand up the airplane gets returned to your lost and found folder due to parcel full. A Vehi
  9. Maestro/ Andrew.......We still have the problem of vehicles with sitting avatars being stopped and the vehicle retuned due to crossing a parcel that is full. I believe this is called BUG tracker issue SVC-22 which shows as acknowledged but no one is assigned to work on it. This bug is at least 3 years old.......what is the reason no one is working on this? SVC-22 Vehicles crossing region borders aren't always treated as vehicles and can get incorrectly returned if the destination parcel is no-entry or parcel-full When an Avatar is sitting in flying airplane vehicle at 100 meters e
  10. Flew all over honah lee area and adjecent Blake sea on Sunday evening with only "normal" sim crossing lag jerks. All sims visible My view distance set to 256/ultra mode/cool viewer
  11. Neither of the sims you named (Jones Locker > Indian) are listed when doing a map search. Probably you gave incorrect sim names. Bay city is a Linden region of about 24 + sims... i flew all over these regions on sunday night with only "normal" sim crossing lag/jerks etc. All sims visible. My draw distance is 256/ ultra mode/cool viewer
  12. I have the same graphics card. I run full Ultra mode and 256 draw distance and get 30 to 100 fps depending on region texture complexity and number other avatars. Its a good graphics card for SL. I dont see any of your textures always reloading issues. I have HTTP texture loading turned on/checked. p,s. I always use cool viewer
  13. What is the name shown on the map of those regions/sims that you can Not see?
  14. Rolig, leprekhaun Yes i admit I did overstate ( no pun intended ) what i was trying to say. My intent was only to try and prevent new scripters from getting in the bad habit of using state changes in the flow of every script they write. I do agree there is a time and place where state changes do make sense. Personally I create 1000's of scripts and rarely find it necessary to use state changes ; but yes i am sure there are times when the state change flow could make sense.
  15. It looks to me like a typo error on this line of the script ? llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POS_LOCAL,v+( * rotSwing)*r, PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,rotSwing*r]);
  16. The reason touch event did not work in the begining of the event tutorial was because the default state immediately sent the flow to the Dance State. Events are only triggered in the State you are currently in. This is the reason that good scripters always try avoid doing any state changes.......state changes are not needed in any script. It does take a bit more skill to not use any state changes but once you learn to do without state changes your scripts will run much more efficiently and have far fewer bugs. keep up the good work xigaro....its nice to see you trying to help new sc
  17. Each sim resides on 1 core of a server micro-processor card located at Linden labs facility. Probably about 4 to 8 sims on each server micro-processor card. Perhaps 16 homestead sims on 1 server microprocessor card. You said you already know details of how SSB works so i wont say more.
  18. Hi Lydia Can you give some details of these issues you are experiencing in the last couple of weeks? For Example...Are you having slow rez , slow or failed teleports, or chart lag on a private islands or on a Mainland region? or both? What type of sim servers main/agni.....magnum...blue steel ? If you can tell me the exact names of some of these regions you are using........I will be happy to run some test myself in those regions. Also can you tell me what country you are logging in from as there have been some issues with transalantic connections during some hours. In the
  19. Lydia, I am in SL every day of the week for several hours...scripting, building, flying, boating, auto racing . Usually after 9PM PST time. I have not experienced any of the issues that you are currently reporting. I am estate manager of 2 private islands and also own 1/2 of a mainland sim. I use ultra mode and view distance of 256 meters. I7 pc and nvidia gt 550TI graphics. Viewer = cool viewer for last 6 years I am however located in the USA........perhaps you are located out of the usa? I have noticed lots of post in the forums lately about bottlenecks on internet lines to second
  20. Sounds like a viewer issue still. Try a different Viewer. Try "Cool Viewer " CoolVLViewer-
  21. Thanks Andrew for letting us know a possible fix is coming soon.
  22. Qie, Thanks for taking time to explain Yes "Breedables" can use up server resources especially if poorly scripted. Residents put rhese cutesy things out that have scripts/physics running 24/7 eating up sim server resources while the owner may only visit the sim once a week or once a month.
  23. Hi again Qie, Thanks for your information...as I was not aware of network issues with KFM. Can you elaborate a bit on those effects please? Also you mentioned removing the KFM script did not stop the object from continuing to take network time or at least that was my understanding of what you wrote. Help me understand that if you have time. Thanks The reason i was asking is I have a submarine target that uses KFM when it gets hit with a bullet or torpedo which turns on the KFM to dive the submarine and later re-surfacein a new location. Then the KFM is stopped until the
  24. Qie, Gwyneth's old post/blog actually had a lot of useful information if only she had left out the ARC nazi rants and the Jewish family dinner stories it would have been even better general comment: Also wanted to mention that the idea that excessive or poorly written scripts dont cause lag is relative to what your activity in SL happens to be. (i.e. the idea that scripts only slow down script execution and dont actually cause lag is what i am refering too) If your activity is racing cars or doing air to air combat for example....the slowing down of script execution is going to
  25. Here is a test you can do...that may help to analyze this issue and some simple advice. Before doing a Live performance, visit that region /sim where the performance will be done and open the VIEW, Statistics window and scroll down to the section called "Time" and click on TIME to open Time details. look for 2 parameters called "Script time" and "Spare time" . If the sim/region has more than 10 ms of Script Time and less than 10 ms of Spare time.....you can be certain that if you bring 30 Avatars to this region during the performance...it will be very laggy. Ideally you wan
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