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  1. I moved the skybox up to 8000, but when going there I realize its too high. So what happened with the skybox ? Is it gone, will I get the prims back ? Thanks
  2. Z51 would be on the third floor where my scripting sandbox is by the way. Maybe something happened there
  3. I went to the club with my alt and found myself logged on too and at the club, but I could not see myself anywhere so that might be the reason
  4. You are probably right, but why can I TP anywhere else without the same problem? LL was on my account to check, but found nothing wrong. They wanted me to ask the region owner to restart the region then let them know when it was done. I asked about it, but they dont wanna restart the region.
  5. But still its weird i can tp anywhere just fine. Is my region on some crappy server or what?
  6. I tried all that, but how come i can Tp anywhere else, just not my own region? I have about 8600 items
  7. I cant TP to my land using my main avatar, but I can TP everywhere else. With my alt. avatar I can TP to my land and everywhere else. Other users can also access my land. So what is the problem with my main avatar ? When I try to login to Home, it stops on loading region and stays forever. If I login to somewhere else and then try to TP to home/my land I get logged out and have to start over.
  8. I can login and tp everywhere except my own land, but when I use my alt I can tp to my own land. Just not with my main av. Where can I find the LL live chat ?
  9. I have now discovered that I can access it using my alt, but not with my main. So what can be the problem ? I have stripped the avatar all the way back to basic, no scripted stuff but still unable. Loggs out every time I try to TP there
  10. I have this problem too, but I cant access any land in the same region,. but others do
  11. still have a problem. Cannot access my own land
  12. What can be wrong when Im the only one who cannot access my region. I tried with both firestorm and the sl viewer, but when it comes to loading region it stops. If I logon to another location and they try to teleport to my region the viewer crashes.
  13. I cant logon and it says its doing a logout process, cant connect before 01/29 at 1:30 pacific time. What does that mean ?
  14. When I use the llWhisper the name of the object goes out on the local channel. Since I'm using this in a hud, is there a way for the avatars name to come up instead of the objects name ? Thanks
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