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  1. Ok, thx guys:) I will wrap a transparent sphere around it then. I think it won't even change the LI, since pathfinding objects always have 15 LI.
  2. Thank you Rolig:) I actually used a sphere. I just though there may be a better solution, like downloading the sculptie texture and editing it somehow.
  3. Hi, I bought a sculpt map from marketplace. It is a skull looking in Y direction. Since I want to use it for pathfinding, I need it to look in X direction. Rotating does not work, because once I add a pathfinding script, it will remove the rotation. Can I somehow fix that, for example by rotating the sculptie texture in GIMP maybe?
  4. Youtube is a great way to promote SL. So I am wondering why there is so few videos in the official Youtube channel, none of them tutorials or promotional videos. Tutorials really help people to learn new skills and promotional videos are a great way to showcase SL. Why not have a Lynda.com-style learning section on the SL-homepage with video tutorials to all kinds of topics? This would help newbies to get started and oldbies to learn new skills. How about a monthly video contest to a specific topic? Residents create videos and LL selects the best video for a L$ prize. This video is then used i
  5. 2. 95% of all people hate Windows. Please provide a working Linux Viewer again! 3. When will there be grid-wide experiences?
  6. Facebook is how people connect with friends and family in First Life. It is a great way to share what you do and where you are. Second Life has something similar, "my.secondlife.com". But its implementation is just very very bad. Most residents, especially Firestorm users, don't even know what it is and where to find it. I think it would be very beneficial to upgrade this to a full scale social network. People could use it to post pictures of their inworld adventures, post their location or announce events. Friends can comment and like posts. This servíce should be very visible inworld, for ex
  7. I want to use experience keys for a shooting game. Can I use the experience keys in different regions with different owners as long as I own the game objects? For example Level 1 is in Region A owned by me and Level 2 is in Region B owned by somebody else. The scripted objects in the game though are all owned by me. Would that work?
  8. The Lab recently broke the Linux Viewer and then basically stopped supporting the Linux platform. Why is it that Firestorm or Kokua can offer a working Linux Viewer, even in a 64 bit flavour, and the Lab cannot? Can't you pay them a little money, so they can help you with your Linux problems? But my actual question is about Linux support for Project Sansar. Will it be supported?
  9. Will Sansar be available for Linux? Most people I know have Linux systems, I hope you do not plan to exclude all of us from Sansar. Notice that the BRICS countries, among them Brazil, Russia and China currently push their own Linux based operating systems and have plans to ban Windows from their countries completely for security reasons (backdoors for US government). HiFi has a Linux version, so I really hope Sansar will have one as well from the beginning. Also, since the current official SL viewer for Linux is not working since the tools update, it might be good to not offer it for download
  10. Ok, I did not see that. I thought it was May 2015. I switched to Kokua now. Looks great.
  11. I tried all the viewers yesterday and like Catznip most so far, because it is close to the official viewer. And finally I have music in SL again. That was not working for months now. But still I am afrait that is no long term solution. The Lindens will add new features like Experiences and those might not work in Linux. So did anybody yet try Wine and got SL running? Or a virtual machine?
  12. Yes, I know. Firestorm works too currently, but I always used the official viewer (I know, I am the only one in SL;) and I am so used to it. Also I think long term the 3rd party viewers will break too for Linux when they take over the code from LL. So I am looking for a long term solution. My favorite would be using Wine, but I don't why it would not work.
  13. I am using 64 bit Linux Mint. The most recent Second Life viewer is not working for me. It crashes right when I start it. There is a bug report in the Jira, so I suppose I am not the only one. The Lindens basically broke the Linux Viewer completely and are not willing to fix it. So in my last attempt to somehow keep SL running and not canceling my account and having to close my business that I built in so many years, today I installed Wine and hoped that it would work with SL. I installed the main Wine package, then downloaded the Windows version of SL, right clicked it to install and it looke
  14. After relogging mesh objects and neighboring sims did still not show. But I cleared the cache and now everything seems to be back to normal.
  15. I am experiencing problems after the restart. It is night on the sim, eventhough it is set to day. There are no clouds. My parcel shows pathfinding, voice etc. inactive, eventhough it is not. I can't fly. In the address bar my previous location shows. Mesh objects do not render. Non-mesh seems to work fine. It was like that after the restart. I did relog, left the sim, waited for 1 hours, but still the same. The name of the sim is 'Shopping'.
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